Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April Stash-buster review.

Hello fellow stash-busters and welcome to the April review!  Thank you all for getting into the spirit of things and making this challenge so much fun.  Have you seen all the beautiful projects that have been made this month? if not why not visit the April stash-buster  link party now, there is so much talent and inspiration amongst you all. 

Hurry! you have just today to add all those April projects, the collection will end at 10 pm this evening.

Here are the projects that got the most clicks in March

Kathy's Cushion

Julia's Blanket

Tammy's Owls

Erin's Baby hat and tie

The ladies of loving hands have been busy again this month, here are just some of the beautiful things they have made for various charities.

Pat A


The stash-buster challenge is on going and it's never too late to join just leave Ana or myself a comment and we will add you to the list.  There are 125 of us stash-busting so far.

If you are counting please leave me your totals in the comment section here and I will update them for you.

My totals for this month are 683 grams and I have to confess I did buy some yarn, but it was for a couple of special projects I have in mind.

Upcoming in May 
I have a new crocheting book I want to show you and I'm dying to make some of the lovely projects out of it.

I'm also going to try to make something for myself with some of the yarn I have bought.

I have started working on my blanket again...yes that's right the one that I was supposed to complete last November!...remember this.

also lots of stash-busting idea's

What are your stash-busting plans for May?

I am going on a trip up to Scotland with some friends later this week, so for the rest of this week I will be catching up with all your blogs and updating your stash-busting totals....so I will see you guys when I get back....be good while I'm gone! haha

Look out for the new May Link Party it will start bright and early on Tuesday 7th May!

Check out how much stash has been busted here!


  1. Lovely projects from the stashed yarn! Good going :) Have a wonderful trip, Linda! Enjoy, come back and DO crochet something for yourself :)
    Best wishes,

  2. Have a nice and safe trip. I have a few plans for stash-busting in May, but we will see what I can do. I used up about about 530 gramms in April. That's not that much. ;-)

    1. Thank you and 530 is great it doesn't matter how much stash you bust every single gram counts :)

  3. Wow! What great donations! :) Charity crocheting is my stash busting list for May too.

  4. Have a nice trip, Linda! Lovely stash busting projects!

  5. Have a safe trip.

  6. So many fantastic projects, Linda. :-)

    Scotland! How fun!!! Have a good trip.

  7. Hello Linda, Have a very lovely trip to Scotland. Hugs Judy


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