Friday 26 April 2013

Something for the weekend

Baby Hats 3

Making something so quick and easy always makes me happy, I like to put aside my bigger projects and make something small just so that I can feel that I am actually achieving something.

Then I can get back to those long term projects with more enthusiasm.

I'm alternating with Knit and crochet so it's knitted hats this time.

The pattern for these hats can be found here and are from new born size up to two years.
They took just 20g of yarn each.

From the stash of little bits

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Lovely hats, Linda! I need to knit some too...I will check this pattern (thanks for the link)

  2. nos pasa lo mismo, hacer algo pequeño y terminarlo enseguida nos satisface... son hermosos estos gorros, un abrazo y buen fin de semana...

  3. That's a coincidence. I'm knitting a toddler's hat with the same type of raised purl row effect. I especially like your multicoloured wool.

  4. I think my favourite thing to knit is a baby hat - such satisfyingly quick results. These are so cute. :)

  5. Ok, that is have tempted me enough. I saw the crochet ones and will try my hand at them. I sure have the baby yarn for several at least;-)

    Enjoy your weekend dear lady.
    blessings, jill

  6. Ohhh my Gosh !....they are adorable.....I want to learn knitting just baby hats .....I guess that was made with "circular "....right or wrong?....Oh my Gosh them.....Happy weekend! :)

  7. Love the hats, wish I could knit on dpns. Just found your blog & am loving it, especially the knitting, humour, stash busting, saving ends of wool,& making for charity, well - all of it really! x

  8. Thank you everyone, I have to own up here though, these are made on two needles, I can't get away with dpns or circular, I think they are just as nice as the back seam hardly shows. :)

  9. here here linda Im a 2 needle knitter and these are right up my street I love them - I am really hooked on baby hats and these are perfect xx

  10. It's good to mix things up sometimes, if you get a bit tired of doing longer projects. Cute little hats!

  11. very very cute hats, Linda! I'm in love with your projects for kids!

  12. could you please tell me where to find the cute hat you made at the top of the page. I went to the link you offered and it took me to a cat hat and several others but not that one. thank you Linda

    1. It looks like the pattern has been taken down Linda but it's just a basic baby hat you could use this pattern and work a purl row every fifth round to get the same affect. :)


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