Friday 23 August 2013

Cute Baby Cardigan and yet another Owl!

One of the lovely ladies that attends the Day Unit where I work asked me if I would knit a baby cardigan for a friends daughter who is having a baby.  I was pleased to do it because Judy has donated lots of wool in the past and is always very interested in what I'm making for charity.

She wanted something white and traditional, which I always think looks good on new born babies anyway.  Judy is now 85 and used to knit and crochet prolifically herself but unfortunately she is unable to now because of Arthritis.

The pattern I used for this little jacket was published in 1995, I found it amongst my hundreds of patterns which I can never bring myself to throw away. If you would like to make one yourself you can buy the pattern here it can be made from size 14 to 22.

It was very easy to knit but the finishing was a chore, I hate the sewing of button bands and trying to get the buttons evenly placed, then the sewing of sleeves, trying to make a neat flat seam that won't rub a delicate babies skin.  But once it's all done, washed and had a rinse in fabric conditioner and is smelling fresh and feels soft and cuddly, then I love it and feel it was worth all the work involved.

I love the simple pattern detail it makes all the difference I think.

I do hope Judy likes it and it meets her exacting standards after all she is an expert, I have seen her work and her knitting tension and attention to detail is amazing.

  • Do you prefer traditional white and pastel colours for a baby, or do you like a modern bright coloured approach?
  • What do you like most the making or the finishing off?.
Did you spot the little owl in the first picture... I know what you are thinking, has she not had enough of the owl making? I honestly thought that I had, I really though I had gotten them out of my system but then I came across this pattern and one thing led to another and before I new it another owl was born.

Meet Orman as you can see he is a key chain Owl, he was the easiest to make so far, or maybe I have made so many owls now I can do them in my sleep!
Find the pattern here

100 grams of stash busted.

Have a great weekend !


  1. So nice and cute !! It feels soft even just looking at it.
    I wished I could knit. once day maybe !


  2. My son and his wife are expecting their first baby any day now, and I knitted some little cardigans. Having not picked up a knitting for a long, long time I forgot how I enjoyed the making of the cardi's, but there was nothing I liked about sewing it up. Like you setting in the sleeves and trying to get them flat was a Grrrrrr.
    Trying to make the seams so they wouldn't be to bulky, especially under his little arms. No, I didn't like the putting together at all.

    Yes I like the whites and baby blues, not into the bright colours that seem to be in at the moment. Although I did knit him a cardigan in a lovely denim blue. That looked quite nice.

    Yours looks perfect and I think your friend is going to be over the moon.

    Sally xxx

  3. This is cute! Too bad I'm not good with knitting.

  4. It's so sweet and lovely! I love the traditionsl white and pastel colours for baby, so I really like this one. Nice design, and beautifully knitted.
    Love the owl keychain too, very cute :)

  5. Very well knitted. I must admit I prefer white and pastels on a baby. But if I am knitting for overseas I use brighter colours. I like the making and sewing up equally. I find hand sewing very relaxing.

  6. I love the sweater, and white is so perfect. The detail along the button bands is very pretty. But I have to say your owl caught my eye right away, now I think I need a key chain owl, I do have to visit the craft store today.......

  7. I'm gobsmacked. I've just had an email from Saga magazine to say my blog is appearing in their next magazine. Your blog will also get a mention. It is just our 2 blogs that have been reviewed in the craft category. What an honour! I'd better write a nice welcome to all my new readers!!!

  8. The little sweater looks so nice. I'm sure Judy will love it - your work is perfect. The little owl is cute too. :)

  9. I think both modern and traditional colours have their place if used in the right way. I don't like seaming much so I tend to knit in the round where possible and use top own patterns for cardies.
    What yarn did you use for the beautiful white cardigan?

  10. Very cute :-) You always make such lovely garments; that's one thing I can't make yet. I prefer brighter colors for babies but always end up making things in pastels because that's what most other people like. And I definitely like the making better than the finishing and adding of details!
    Blessings :-)

  11. The cardigan is SO lovely, Linda. And you can keep making more owls, because we love them and they are so cute ;-)

  12. Does ANYONE like the finishing off more than the making? If so they are a rarity! :)

    What a sweet cardigan - that detailing is perfect and I like the nice wide ribbing at the neck too. It looks so cosy.

  13. Hi, Linda! I am glad to see your new creation again :) Lovely jacket, any baby will be feeling so cozy wearing it! Have a wonderful day! Anna

  14. Olá Linda

    O casaquinho está lindo!



  15. wow....what a lovely did a great job...Love it !

    Happy Sunday !


  16. I love simple little cardigans for babies too ... white especially. I think it's nicer to have a bit of pattern in the knitting rather than having bright colours. Your cardigan is so sweet, and I'm sure Judy will be very pleased with it. And nothing wrong with making more owls!! Wendy

  17. The cardigan is lovely, Linda, and the owl is adorable.

  18. I don't like the finishing either. Hate weaving in the ends and sewing on buttons. Your little cardigan turned out so sweet!

  19. Thank you for your lovely comments everyone, it looks like most of us prefer the pastel shades and we don't like the finishing off, probably that's why we all have so many UFO's :)

  20. Hi Linda,
    What a beautiful cardigan! You did a lovely job with it :) and I love the owl keychain!

    For me I like traditional white - for 'good' and for play/fun I go with bright colours ;)

    Thank you for linking up at "Link & Share Wednesdays",

  21. Hi, I love the beautiful sweater you made and the owl key chain. You did a great job with making both. I saw it on oombawka design link party.
    Julie from


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