Monday 12 August 2013

Meet Odoh's family

I thought you might like to meet Odoh's brothers and sisters!






I don't know if you noticed but Odele and Oyah are twins, it's amazing that they were born with feet that show, just cos you can't see feet on the others it doesn't mean they don't have any, they do but they are hidden in their feathers
All of these cute owls were made with Dk yarn and a 4 mm hook except for the twins they were made with cotton 4ply and a 2.50 mm hook
As you may have guessed I love these cute owls and to be honest I can't stop making them.
 Thank you Lorene at Cre8tion Crochet for the great pattern

I think it only right at this point to introduce you to Odoh's cousins




There were a couple of others but they flew off before I could get them I think they were a bit camera shy. Ora and Ojo are made with 4ply cotton and are ideal for bag charms or key rings.  The others are made in Dk yarn, I'm sure you all recognise these owls 
you can find them at Bunny Mummy, thank you Jaquie for the pattern/tutorial.

Then in flew these little cuties I think they just wanted to see what was going on!

Obie,Otto and their sister Olalla

They tell me they are made with 4ply cotton and like to hang on bags and key rings too, Otto says it's great fun to hang in the car. I suppose they would be cute anywhere really.
You can find the pattern for these here.

Now just when I thought I had finished I heard a little voice shout 'hey what about us!' I
looked around and found this pair
Oberon and Oheo

Oberon is made with Dk cotton and Oheo with 4ply cotton and you can find the pattern here 
Now you may be wondering why so many owls well you try it, go ahead and try if you dare, I can guarantee once you have started you won't be able to stop! Most of these owls will be going to Siblings together you can read all about this great charity here.

I think it's amazing how well they get on together.

No fighting or anything!

So is that it then? have I satisfied my owl making cravings,, I think it's about time I made a little family for Odah don't you? 

Have you noticed all owls names seem to begin with the letter O, how strange :)
Which one is your favourite?

You can read Odoh's Story here if you haven't already

Each one a stash-buster.


  1. Beautiful!!!
    Cute and happy family!

  2. OMG!! what an adorable little family! Has anyone ever told you, you are a very fast crocheter??

  3. Well Linda they are just fab, siblings together are going to love them and how nice that they are a family and going to this charity!
    I have to say I love them all but if I had to pick one its Ojo! xxx

  4. They look amazing. I love the photo of them all in the tree, they look all happy and content.
    Sally x

  5. Wow, you have been busy! I think Siblings Together is the perfect destination for your owls. The children will love them.

  6. Oh Oh Oh! Linda what an owlfully amazing flock or should I say hootiful parliament!
    Fabulous families and I'm sure they will bring much joy in their new nests!
    Ali x

  7. Oh my gosh, they are all so cute and look so cute sitting in that "tree." Did we get a little obsessed with the pattern, sweetie? LOL! I wish I had the patience to do multiples of things. I'm usually over it after one! I think my fav is the one in the second picture with the pastels. CUTE!

  8. Not the second picture...the last picture.

  9. Was für eine entzückende Familie 1
    Sie sind zu beneiden.
    Liebe Grüße

  10. Linda, you are amazingly creative and so fast!!! These owls are so cute. I love every one of them.

  11. They're all so adorable...and I love all the names especially Orlando! xx

  12. What a great source of inspiration and smiles...thanks so much. They're adorable!!

  13. Adorable collection! and each has its own personality. Love them all, Linda

  14. Aha now I see what you have been up to Linda. Very, very cute. Ora is my favorite...she looks surprised! What a great charitable project, sure to put a smile on anyone's face. :-)

  15. So cute! And what an expanding family ... these owls seem to be multiplying faster than rabbits!! Are you running out of "O" names yet? Wendy

  16. O' my goodness! This was such a funny post I was laughing out loud at my desk! You are so right, they are all so cute and I love all the "O" names. You are so creative!


  17. Thank you for all the sweet comments everyone, I'm glad that you all enjoyed meeting Odoh's family :)

  18. They are simply OWLicious! I love them all, but especially Oanna. How sweet of you to send your feathery children to people who will love and appreciate them :-)

  19. I love owls and I love how you did a whole family :-) Very cute!

  20. I love how you introduced all of your tiny owls :) They are sooooo cute!

  21. They are adorable! Agree that their family get together looks so lovely on the tree :) How many of them in total?

  22. It is so hard to pick a favorite - they are all just delightful!! But I do tend to like pink a lot.


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