Saturday 31 August 2013

Preemie Hats and a big Thank You!

Thank you for all your sweet comments about my claim to fame!, I love to read them it's the knowing that you enjoy reading my blog that makes blogging so worthwhile. 

One of my friends has just become a grandma and although I am very thrilled for her I can't help but feel just a teeny bit jealous too.
My friends grandchild was born prematurely weighing in just below four pounds and I felt duty bound to make some little hats for her, I enjoyed it so much, I had forgotten just how much I loved making premature baby things. Then Debi announced her intentions of starting her Guardian Grandma's Group I just had to join, I may not be a granny but now at least I am an honorary one!  

So you know me, it's never a case of get on and just do it, I have to study and analyse it too, for me that's part of the fun you see.  So at the moment Preemie baby hats are under scrutiny.  I am seeking out and making every hat I can find,  the first one's to go under the microscope are these.

Preemie Hats 1

A free pattern from Red Heart
One of the things that makes it challenging is adapting the pattern to suit the type of yarn you are using,  I am using my stash baby yarn for these so a little bit of improvisation is needed but nothing that one can't handle.
The good thing about this pattern is that it gives you a crochet and knitted version, these are the knitted ones.  Very easy and straight forward and you can add your own little touches if you wish.  The pattern is written for DPNS and I am useless at using these! believe me I have tried countless times, I ALWAYS drop loops and it takes me forever! however, I did try with the little green one, the tension is awful, you can see each needle change and it took me ages to make to make but.... it is passable and I'm sure a little baby won't mind too much.  The other two I made very quickly on two needles.

I found the crochet version easy enough and very quick to make but I don't like the turn back edge. as seen in the purple/white one, I like the front/back post crochet stitch it gives a bit of stretch to keep the hat in place, but it is a bulky stitch anyway so I think think turning it back would be too bulky for a fragile little babies head. So the two rows less and then make the edging and don't turn it back, still cute and more functional I think.

So I think the Owl obsession has now turned into a preemie baby hat obsession! Keep watching because there will be more preemie things and not just hats either, I am definitely in the preemie clothing making mode just now. :)

Why don't you give then a try, join Debi's group or donate to your local SCBU.  I also make preemie things for Preemies UK who supply hand made Preemie clothing to SCBU'S throughout the UK.
See if you can challenge yourself, see how long it takes you to make a hat and then try to beat your record, also......
Great Stash-busters for those little bits of soft yarn!

Phew, caught the Summer link party just in the nick of time, today is the last day!

Hope everyone is having a great week-end!


  1. I missed Wednesday's post so I am going to congratulate you now. That is fantastic news, and your sweet hats are amazing Linda. You do great things with your knitting and that is a blessing.

  2. They're adorable Linda. Thank you so much for crocheting them and for mentioning the group. :)

  3. Lovely hats and so quick to make. One of my best purchases has been a very short circular needle. It's easier to use than dpns which I only use for the last few rows when there are only a few stitches left.

  4. Sweet little preemie hats Linda. I have joined in too!
    And well done on your fame ...... you deserve it. X

  5. Very cute hats :-) I saw this pattern but haven't tried it yet.

  6. Beautiful...beautiful,beautiful...Love the knitted ones.....gorgeous!

  7. I think your hats are so lovely. I can see no fault with any of them, they all look perfect to me.

    Sally xxx

  8. I love all the hats, Linda. They are so cute. I also started to make stash hats and scarves...I am already in the "autumn mood" ;-) And it is time to start making baby hats for the hospital...thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Hello Linda, all your preemie hats are sooooooooooooooooo very pretty...and I love all the wonderful colors. Hugs Judy

  10. Hi, your hats are so adorable. You did a great job making them. I saw it on Oombawka Design link & share Wed.
    Julie from

  11. What lovely wee hats :) Thank you for linking up at Link & Share Wednesdays! Rhondda

  12. Hello Linda, DO you have a crochet pattern for preemie hats?? I would love to try and make some. Thanks Hugs Judy

  13. Thank you for all your lovely comments everyone. :)

  14. Sweet little hats to warm little heads.

    A bit disappointed your little owl frenzy is over though - I saw this and immediately thought your feathered friends may need a little help keeping warm as the weather cools.

    Enjoy indulging your inner granny.

  15. Congratulations! Your link was one of the most clicked from Link & Share Wednesdays!! Rhondda


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