Tuesday 8 October 2013

Saying Goodbye to Odoh.

It has been a pretty stressful week in the Craftycorner household these last couple of weeks.  It all began when a friend asked me to make her a gift for a little baby girl. I was happy to oblige because as you know making things for little babies is my most favourite thing to do, she only wanted something small so I made her this little hat.

She was very pleased with it of course but said she needed something more, a cute little toy would be nice she said.  So reluctantly I suggested 

Odah.  She was enchanted with Odah and took her away with the little hat to put into a pretty gift bag for her friends baby girl.

Now you know what's coming don't you? Poor Odoh was distraught! there has been no consoling him he has missed Odah so much.  So it was a  relief when I heard that one of my friends has became a grandmother to baby Sam and so....

Another baby hat was made this time in blue

I did consult Odoh first and his depression left him immediately, the thought of being gifted to baby Sam appealed to him so much, a lovely little new born baby to play with.  

So all's well that ends well except....I'm missing Odoh and Odah terribly :( ... but at least I know that they have gone to a good home :)

Baby Hats 7
Thank you Marianna for the lovely simple pattern, it knits up in no time and always looks sweet in whatever yarn you use, you can find the pattern here

You can read Odoh's Story here if you are a little confused and haven't read it already. 

24 grams of yarn busted.


  1. Hello Linda, how nice of you to part with your much loved Odoh and Odah, I'm sure both will be much loved in their new homes and the hats are just simply darling. I'm going to catch up on Odoh's story now, catch you later x

  2. Your lovely owl friends will be so happy when they are loved an played with by sweet little baby hands. You are so sweet to give them away.
    Hugs to you Linda, and make yourself a few more.

  3. Super cute hats! I love how the yarn color changes shades. And it is a great idea to pair them with the baby owls for a special gift :-)

  4. How touching this post is Linda - and how lovely of you to 'adopt out' your lovely little owls; maybe you need another couple for yourself now?
    Joy x


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