Monday, 7 October 2013

The Monday Smile

Hope you have all had a great weekend!  hope these will help to start your week with a smile. :)

Vicious Circle

The boss calls his secretary and says: "Get ready for the weekend, We are going
on a business trip."

The secretary calls husband and says: "Me & my boss are going on a business trip for 2 days so take care of yourself"

The husband calls his girlfriend and says:"My wife is going on a business
trip come home we can have fun"

The girlfriend calls the boy to whom she gives tuition: "No tuition this

The boy calls his grand father: "Grandpa at last we can spend this weekend together." 

Grandpa (The boss) calls his secretary & says:"Business trip is cancelled. I'm going to spend weekend with my grandson".

The secretary calls husband: "I won't be going" The husband calls his
" I am sorry My wife is not going " .

The girlfriend calls boy:"You have tuition"

Boy calls his grandpa & says: "Sorry grandpa I've classes" . . . . . . .

The grandpa calls secretary .....

Thank you Annabel for sharing :)

Have a great week!



  1. Thank you Linda, I always look forward to your Monday Smile.
    Sally xxx

  2. great vicious circles you have going on here, made me chuckle :-)

  3. I was going to say "What a vicious circle" but 'Linda Dawn' already did, so .. .. the mind boggles as to where this is going, and thanks for the laugh!
    Joy x


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