Wednesday 9 July 2014

Scrappy scarf

I think everyone should have a scrappy scarf project on the go why?....

  1. It's one of those easy just pick up and put down projects you can do when you are watching TV, reading, chatting to friends.
  2. It's a great stash buster.
  3. It's a great way to practise your knitting if you are a beginner, straight forward easy garter stitch.
  4. No joining of ends just tie and trim for a lovely fringed edge.
  5. It will keep someone warm this coming winter, donate it to your favourite charity or give it to someone you care about.
  6. If you are enjoying making it and don't want to stop, continue and make a lovely warm shawl, and if at this stage you still haven't satisfied your scrappy making cravings continue on to make a lap rug/blanket  just cast off when you have the size you want.

How I made mine
Two long circular knitting needles size 4mm 
Dk scraps

Cast on 300 stitches
knit to end of row  cut yarn leaving a long tail
join new yarn leaving long tail knit to end of row cut yarn leaving long tail
continue like this until your scarf is the width you want.

My scarf measures  
length 60 inches
width 5 inches
Yarn 100   grams

  • If you would like a scarf with a uniform colour use the same shade on every alternate row, or every two or three rows, or two rows of the same shade, have fun play and experiment.
  • Worried in case you don't have enough of a particular colour to complete a row? Try this... weigh your ball of yarn before and after you have worked a row to give you the number of grams you have used.  Or if you can bear it pull out the last row and use this yarn as a yardstick to measure your little scraps. you could have a little stack of measured balls all sitting in a basket waiting to play.
  • Tie your fringes each time they have a friend, if you leave it to the end they can get confused and tangled.
  • To determine the number of stitches you need to begin, decide how long you want your scarf, cast on 25 stitches (or more for fine yarn) and work a  four inch swatch in garter stitch, measure the number of stitches it takes for four inches then you will know how many you need for your required length.

Have fun.:)

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  1. Great tips Linda! Your scarf looks great, I hope that you enjoy wearing it. xx

  2. Your scarf is really beautiful !!!!!
    Have a nice day !

  3. Pretty colors in your scarf. Thank you for sharing your pattern. Hope your week is going well. Heather

  4. OOOh Love it Linda - fab and beautifully simple idea!
    Therapeutic stashbusting!!
    Ali x

  5. What great tips Linda-I wouldn't call it a scrappy scarf though-it's gorgeous! The colours remind me of the sea here in Cornwall...beautifully blended, always changing-it will be perfect for Autumn, Alison xx

  6. It's very nice Linda - love the colors. :)

  7. It's lovely Linda! I was thinking on making a scarf myself today since I am between big projects. Thanks for sharing how you made yours!
    xx Shari

  8. Hi Linda, you have some excellent tips here for using up your small bits of stash and I must say your scarf looks fabulous, you would never think it was made up of odds and ends by looking at it. A great post my dear friend xx

  9. Beautiful scarf!!

  10. Ooh, my favourite colours are all in this scarf. If I am making a scrappy scarf I simply do a Russian join if I run out of yarn mid-row. It makes a nice strong join even with acrylic.

  11. It's a lovely scarf Linda, gorgeous colours and beautifully done, and your tips are good ones too. Thank you! xoJoy

  12. It's lovely, Linda. Thank you for all the helpful suggestions.

  13. What a great idea! The finished scarf is so lovely xx

  14. Love it, Linda! I definitely have to give it a try...thanks for sharing the instructions ♥ Ana BC

  15. Once again you are brilliant, I love the scarf. I did make a shawl this way once with gorgeous purlpe yarn.
    Hugs to you,

  16. What a wonderful, wonderful scarf, Linda! ♥ So simple but so pretty. You've inspired me. I have some wool oddments from a blanket, I think I will start this scarf with them just this evening ♥- Thanks!
    Nata xxx


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