Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Smiles.

I know it's supposed to be Sunday Smiles but in all fairness It's not all smiles this week so please bear with me.  My broadband connection has been excruciatingly slow this week and it has taken forever to load up my blog and your blogs, infact blogger has been slow for weeks, sometimes I can't see all your pictures and it's sooo frustrating.

The worst thing is when I leave you a comment and press send and a box comes up asking me to sign in! I'm already signed in for goodness sake! and then when I've done that the comment I have left you has disappeared, so I don't know if you have received it or not, so if you have two comments from me nearly the same you know why and if you have no comments well please let me tell you it's there flying in cyberspace somewhere phew ....sorry I had to get that off my chest, is anyone else having problems? are you finding blogger slow too.

Anyway enough of the moaning at least for now. :)
I started going to the gym a couple of months back for the simple reason I felt tired and sluggish, no wonder really I hadn't done much exercise for a long time and I had a couple of spare tires around my middle, that's where my chocolate goes and on my tummy of course, where does your go?
Anyway there is nowhere to leave your stuff in the gym really so I needed a solution and this is it, A bottle holder with a little pocket on the side for my membership card and I can fasten my keys to it too.  I used the cotton which has been languishing in my stash since my stepping back in time trip  
If you can crochet you can easily make one of these but if anyone wants the pattern just say and I will gladly write it out.
I find the gym very boring but I have lost one of my tires and I do feel much fitter so I will persist. Do any of you use a gym and what do you think, do you like it, is it helping?

Do you ever watch those sale channels? I don't usually but a couple of weeks ago early one Sunday morning I found myself watching this fella who was selling a paint spraying system, in no time at all he had spray painted a fence, some decking, garden table and chairs, then he moved indoors and painted walls and furniture.  Everything looked wonderful and he made it look so easy, so I was completely taken in and ordered one there and then because my whole house needs redecorating and garden fences need painting too.  
They are so clever these sales people they suck you right in.  

Anyway it arrived in a huge box I took it out and tried to understand all the instructions but I'm really useless at understanding long drawn out explanations  and have to try to figure as I go, it took me two weeks to actually use it.  I thought it was safe to use it on my garden furniture so I put it on the lawn with a huge sheet under it here is the result.

I am pleased with the result but it takes ages to prepare everything and minutes to actually do the job, then ages to clear away.  I felt the paint came out too quickly and it seems to use a lot, but it only needed one coat.  So I'm not convinced it's worth the money yet, I think it will be fine for the garden but maybe not for the house, so watch this space.
Maybe you have one of these yourself, please let me know if you do and any tips would be most appreciated. 

My newly painted garden furniture was put to good use this week

We had our monthly Loving Hands meeting and sat and nibbled, chatted and crafted it was such a pleasant afternoon.  The ladies brought lots of beautiful finished projects too which I will show you another time because I think I have kept you all long enough but just before I go....

The stars in my garden this week

Lady Hamilton
Another one from my David Austin collection, I love it's colour, beauty and fragrance, however the blooms are short lived and will only live a day in the vase then it's pretty head will droop and the beautiful petals will scatter themselves all over your table.  It's still worth it, even for a day, I love to have a single cut rose on my table don't you?

I hope you have all had a lovely warm and beautiful week and that this next one is even better. :)

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  1. I've had the same problem leaving comments. I have to log out and back in again for them to work.

  2. We don't have a gym in the entire county, so to use one I'd have to drive 70 miles. Not happening. But we live in the mountains and there is lots of outdoor activities to keep us moving, so we tend to hike, fish, geo-cache, swim, etc. for our workouts. The kids and I are having a great time getting out whenever we can this summer. In the winter, a gym would be nice. Sigh.

  3. Linda, when I was reading blogs earlier this week, everything was loading so slow, pictures took forever. I finally just stopped reading as I was so frustrated. Love your water bottle holder and the way your furniture turned out.

  4. Some of my comments have been lost too, and just today Blogger is loading extremely slowly for me. The furniture looks great! I love your bottle holder too, very clever. Hope you have a good week. :)

  5. Cute water bottle carrier, and your painter gadget buying made me laugh. They do suck you in, don't they? Your outdoor furniture looks great though! I absolutely love the color of your roses. I do also love a single rose in a vase. It makes me smile every time I walk by it.

  6. I had the same problems for a few weeks, but it seems to be improving now. So frustrating not to know where your comments have got to!

    What a very beautiful rose. And regarding gyms - I have belonged to one in the past, but got tired of driving there to exercise. Now I exercise from home - riding or walking. But congratulations on losing one of your tyres! I'm sure the other one will be gone soon.


  7. I am not having problems with commenting or with blogger at the moment, it must be very frustrating for you. Well done on persevering with the gym, I have never been myself, my problem is more with putting weight on than taking it off.
    That's a lovely photo of you all in the garden, busy doing what you all love the most.
    Have a great week Linda xx

  8. How very frustrating the internet can be. Love the rose! I have one called Lady Hillingdon.... such regal names which entirely suit them. The bottle holder looks great and so useful xx

  9. I'm sorry you're having internet problems, Linda …. I hardly dare tempt providence by saying it's been okay for me last few days but I was having a slight problem with messages disappearing …… sometimes now I will copy my typed message before 'publishing' and then I still have it if something goes wrong and only need to paste it then for my re-try. Does that make sense?
    You did a lovely job with your furniture, it looks very smart, and so nice to see the ladies gathered and enjoying their crafts and each other. I love your bottle holder too - great idea to add a pocket for your card and keys too. And I love your rose as well, that is the most wonderful colour! Have a lovely week m'dear, and I hope your internet connection quickens up and behaves itself for you. xoJoy

  10. The perfect place to crochet and chatter !!!
    Have fun week !

  11. I haven't experienced any problems with blogger. Sorry to hear you did have problems. Your garden table and chairs look lovely! Very evenly painted if so to say!

  12. Good Afternoon Linda, Interestingly enough, I had the same problem this afternoon. I have left a few comments for friends, but to be honest, I am not sure if they have been received, so fingers crossed you receive this one.
    Unless you had told me, I would have had no idea you had such a problem with your new painting 'gizmo' as your table and chairs look fabulous. Like you I don't usually watch the selling channels.... but every now and again I think, I'll take a peek and the last time I did, without meaning to, I bought some zumba cd's. The people who were 'zumbering' (sorry I know that isn't a correct word, but it fits) made it look so easy. So I ordered a set.... well if you could have seen me, in my kitchen, you would have howled with laughter.... consequently they are back in their boxes waiting for one of my daughters to try them..... at least you made good use of your 'gizmo'.
    Your Lady Hamilton rose is beautiful. I love the peachy colour and there is nothing like a rose with a beautiful fragrance.
    Best Wishes to you.

  13. Congrats on your discipline to go to the gym. And the bottle carrier is super cute. I need to do some exercise myself! Love your garden table...I wish I could join you there ;-)

  14. I have the same problem.:/
    Wondreful bottle holder!!!
    Friends and roses <3!
    Happy week,greeting.:*

  15. Poor Linda! I feel your pain; I've been having the same problems with Blogger too. Frustrating! Hopefully it'll be better soon.
    Pretty bottle holder :-) I need to start exercising and lose some baby weight, but with one car in the family I can't get to a gym. I've been looking into exercising at home. Congrats on your progress so far!
    The garden furniture looks very nice. I've tried one of those power rollers before, and it does use a lot of paint. I prefer just hand painting walls and furniture.
    Beautiful roses as always :-) Have a great week.

  16. I've had that same problem with blogger too, very annoying!
    Your bottle holder is very cute! I joined a gym a couple of months ago and I really enjoy it. I'm going 3 times a week and my fitness levels have improved. The treadmill and cross trainer I use have interactive screens and there are videos of different cities, national parks etc. I love it, it's like going travelling :)

  17. Sorry to hear about your problems with blogger. It's not that bad here, but sometimes I get error messages when having left a comment and after refreshing the site however the comment is there. But it only happens here and there, not often. - Your bottle holder is very pretty! Nice yarn.- The garden furniture looks great! I like dark wooden furniture. This spray sounds good but I can imagine that it would be very expensive using it for e.g. a whole room. - Thanks for sharing the beautiful rose pics!
    Greetings and have a fabulous week!
    Nata xxx


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