Friday, 27 February 2015

Five on Friday

Hello all you lovely people I hope that you have all had a good week, time to relax now and chill over the weekend, this a bit of a rushed post today because I'm all of a flutter, will tell you why right at the end but first

1. Mini Rings Progress

This week I worked rounds 33-35 so that I can move on to the next colour with round 36.
Using stylecraft special chunky 
Round 33 -  shade 1061 Plum
Rounds 34 - 35 shade 1064 Meadow
The picture was taken on a very dull day and the colours look..well dull, they are much nicer in real life.

The mini rings of change Cal is hosted by Kate and you can find out all about it here

2. Snowdrops

I found some snowdrops hidden under my lavender bushes, I had to actually go out and search for them, I knew they were there somewhere it's such a shame that they are hidden like this, I must transplant them for next Spring, I love snowdrops.

3. New Books
My boyfriend is an avid reader I mean he really loves books all four walls in his spare room have been shelved from floor to ceiling and they literally groan with the weight of the books standing on them in fact there are books on top of books, he can't get rid of a book even if he's read it dozens of times.  One day there will be no room for him in his home the books will take over! and so everytime he see's a craft book he has to buy it for me, this time he bought me these...

I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I do like to choose my own knitting/crochet books because not everything appeals to me and most of these books have the same stuff in them anyway, I will make use of the first one but not the second and it upsets me to think that he has wasted his money.  Do you think that I'm awful? I have tried to be diplomatic and say don't buy me any craft books because I might have them already or check with me first but it falls on deaf ears he says he likes to surprise me, I am an ungrateful bitch go on you can say it haha.

4. Stash Busting

Just a reminder for all of you stash busters it's the end of the month but you still have time to link up all your February stash busting projects the February party will close Saturday midnight.  For those who are counting please leave me your totals and thank you to those of you who have done already I will be updating at the weekend.

The March stash link Party will be up and running on Sunday and I will be showing all your January favourites

5. The Appointment

Yes the dreaded appointment came through at least one of them anyway, I have to go for the MRI scan today at 5pm.  I only got to know yesterday so they certainly haven't given me much notice maybe just as well this way I won't have too long to dwell on it. I'm a little claustrophobic so I'm hoping that I can tolerate lying inside a metal cylinder for half an hour wish me luck!

Just adding this here, thank you for all your good wishes, MRI went fine now just waiting for results and next scan. :) 
Have a great weekend!

Joining with Amy for her five on Friday

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  1. Good luck with the scan. Think of beautiful things and 30 minutes will fly past.

  2. Four great things - one, not so much for you sadly. I do hope that the appointment goes well today, I will keep you in my thoughts at 5pm. As you said, at least there has not been a lot of time to dwell on it, and actually, not that long a wait really which is good too. Try and think happy thoughts of crafting and different colour combinations for your next crocheted squares. Actually, trying to work out where the blanket cal is heading might be a good one, that could go anywhere and working that out would take way more than half an hour! I totally get your concerns though, and really do wish you well. Hugs and all good thoughts. Thank you too for joining in. Hugs. xx

  3. Thinking of you today at your MRI, sending positive non claustrophobic happy vibes your way.

  4. Good luck for your MRI scan! Gorgeous snowdrops and keep the boyfriend if he brings you gifts like that. Take care x

  5. Gorgeous !!!
    Have a great weekend !

  6. Good Afternoon Linda, It is lovely to be able to catch up with you again, but I am so sorry to hear you are unwell. I am looking at the time and it is 4.15pm so it is not long to go now before your scan is over and done with. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your healthy eating regime has got rid of those pesky gall stones and that you will not need any treatment.
    The snowdrops in your garden are so pretty, they are one of my favourite spring flowers and I love to see them in gardens as I pass by..... it makes me realise that spring is not too far away.
    I am sending positive thoughts to you.
    With warmest wishes.

  7. Mini Rings looks great. Hang in there - the MRI is to bad.


  8. Great Mini Rings, Linda :-) Can you believe we're in the home stretch? Such pretty snowdrops! LOL I LOVE how honest you are about the craft books! I'm the same way; I'm very specific about my craft books and supplies. Tim's learned it's best not to surprise me. Sending you lots of hugs and prayers and well wishes for the scan today.

  9. Sending you a hug - the scan is now over! Onwards and upwards. X

  10. I hope that all is well, take care...
    Books and snowdrops <3!

  11. Hope you got on ok today, spooky thing is my hubby was having an MRI at 5pm as well .... Ahhh lovely boyfriend buying craft books but yes I agree with you and no your not ungrateful hubby sometimes buys knitting bits and pieces especially 4mm needles ... I now have quite a few pairs !!! But not everything is what I would pick myself xx take care xxx

  12. Good luck with the scan, I think you'll derseve a crafty treat after that,
    Clare xx

  13. I don't think you are 'awful' or ungrateful when your boyfriend buys you books you can't always use. I would be the same. I like to be able to make use of things people buy me and don't like to waste things. Persevere though, my husband used to do things like this but he now understands where I'm coming from :) It's only taken 30 years!!!!

  14. Good luck with the MRI. I hope it is ALL GOOD. Love your snowdrops. Here in C hicago they are snowed under

  15. Good Luck and thanks ofr always visiting my blog with a cheery smile. I have loved looking round yours. Jo x

  16. Oh Linda, I'm reading this well past your 5 o'clock appt., and I hope everything went well. I too am slightly claustrophobic and have had a cat scan done a couple of times, so understand your anxiety. I hope you were thinking of your pretty snowdrops and your spring garden :) Take care,

  17. Your Mini Rings Cal is beautiful! Hope the MRI went well. Fingers crossed that all is well.

  18. Gorgeous mini ring. The colours are spectacular. Such a worrying time for you. Thinking of you, Linda, as you walk through this difficult time in your life. Hugs xx

  19. Beautiful crochet as always. Wishing you well with the MRI scan. My mum had one recently and she dozed off! I don't think you're bad with the books. I used to buy every book I found about patchwork and quilting but we've so many books I'm now selling some of them on Amazon....maybe something you could try? It's pretty easy and you don't pay any fees unless you sell something. The rest I give to the charity shops. Take care, Maggie xx

  20. Hi Linda, I'm just catching up on your posts. I'm so glad your MRI went well. It must have been stressful for you but it's over now and you're okay. I love crafty books and only have a small library of them but I'm sure there are people who would enjoy buying your extra ones. I love your rings crochet, it's looking beautiful. Take care and have a good week.


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