Friday, 20 February 2015

Five on Friday

I hope that you have all had a great week mine has been quite a good one.

I'm feeling really great since I cut out all the eating of chocolate, cakes and biscuits, I have been leaning more towards fruit and nutty nibbles and do you know what I'm enjoying it, I'm hoping that when I do eventually have my MRI scan those pesky gallstones will have melted away haha not likely I know but one can hope. I also started a new exercise class this week it's called step fit and it's so much fun have you tried it?

My mini rings progress for this week

This week we worked rows 30 and 31 however I did row 32 too because it was curling really badly after row 31 probably because there are no increases in these two rows to compensate for the increase in size, I even contemplated pulling it back and adding an extra chain increase in row 31.  I decided to stretch the work instead by giving each chain space a little tug, it was still curling so I decided to work row 32 to see if that would help and it did, there is still a slight curl but it will even out with the next rows. 

Round 30 - Stylecraft special chunky inshade 1425 Emperor
Rounds 31, 32 - sirdar bonus chunky in shade 884 neon

I had a fun time trying to tidy my stash this week, it was great emptying bags and bags of yarn onto the bed, it took me absolutely ages to get it into some sort of order but can you remember my Ikea visit? I was quite taken with the cube storage system, I loved the little boxes that fit inside and so when my friend went to Ikea herself last week I asked her to get me some.  I realised I had lots of unutilised space on top of my wardrobe, so I cleared all of the rubbish sorry I forgot to take a picture of the before but take my word for it, it was unsightly. Here it is now

each box is filled to the brim with yarn, first two are full balls of DK yarn the middle one is Aran and the other two are baby yarn, please don't think for one minute that thats the whole of my stash I could fill another five boxes and there would still be some left over.

This is just some of the stuff I took down from the top of the wardrobe!

Another great thing that happened this week remember this....

well here it is now

It took Eddie ages to get it finished because the weather has been against him, also it's harder putting an old fence up than starting from scratch with a new one, a lot of the wood had rotted and needed replacing probably because my neighbours hadn't bothered painting their side of the fence, that makes me so angry but they don't care probably because they weren't paying for it.  

Once the weather is better I'm going to paint it again and I'll ask the neighbours if I can paint their side too, I'm just glad it's up again and I asked Eddie to put extra posts to give it extra support so hopefully it won't blow down again.

I have decided to do the  Mystery Afghan CAL you must have known I would buckle and give in, I can't resist a CAL. Clue 2 has been revealed already so I have some catching up to do the first clue is 20 granny squares....

I have done eight so far, clue 2 is layering on top of the granny squares that's what made me decide to go for it because I haven't done anything like this before I think it's going to be very interesting'

My colours are pale lemon, blue, white and green, I had to buy the green but the other is from my stash of Dk, I'm hoping to be all caught up by Tuesday ready for clue 3 is anyone else doing this? I would love to see your progress.

This wasn't really intended but once I wrote this post I realised that there are five things so I'm joining Amy with her Five on Friday feature do pop along and see her new Five on Friday Link Up.

Have a great weekend! 

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. So much accomplished. Our fence is down. And our dude gate was smashed during the high winds a couple of weeks ago. We must get round to them! Will look forward to seeing the mystery afghan grow too. Love chunky style craft yarn also. Always feel my crochet grows quickly with it

  2. Five pretty great things there Linda! I really like your new storage boxes, they are very pretty aren't they, just the thing for some of your stash. Your rings of change is coming along well too isn't it. I hope for you that the gallstones will have disappeared, as that would be a great thing! Thank you for joining in! xx

  3. So glad you're feeling better, Linda; I had gallstones a long time ago and they're no fun. The blanket looks terrific; thanks for the warning about the curl. Your new stash organization looks great! I love cube storage. And I like your new CAL squares; after much deliberation, I'm going to sit this one out. I'm having a lot of trouble with the Moogly squares and trying not to quit that. I don't need another CAL right now. But I'll be cheering for you and admiring your progress :-)

  4. Hi linda, I love your rings just gorgeous - sorting your stash must have been fun and your boxes are very pretty - hoping the gallstones are improving don't like to think if you poorly xx
    I read with excitement that you are doing the CAL mystery in DK, I've been putting off doing it as I don't have enough Aran, but then I'm not sure I have enough of each colour to do DK I have only odd balls - and a lit of them , I'm desperate to start so you may have just encouraged me like you I loved the layering and tried just one to see if I could do it
    Hugs xx

  5. Five great things, I love all the crochet and the storage boxes are soo pretty

  6. Congrats on getting your stash organized. That's a biggie. Your new fence look great! Have fun with the CAL. I'll enjoy watching yours come together. I'm feeling anti-social these days. I saw Amy's Five on Friday this morning and considered it, but I didn't want to commit. What's wrong with me? That's a retorical question. Don't answer. lol.

  7. Your mini ring looks great. Love your colors. I'm not caught up with mine yet. I will be doing the mystery CAL but I haven't started it yet.


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  9. Wow it sounds like you had a good week Linda. I'm so glad you are feeling better. It's always nice to clean out and organize the yarn stash. I enjoyed your 5 things today. Enjoy the weekend.

  10. That was a busy week. I agree it was definitely not the ideal weather for fixing fences or doing anything else in the garden. Roll on spring. It has been a cold winter this year.

  11. Hello and good morning!
    I am loving your bright and cheerful crochet! and wow you have had a busy week I love it when all those pesky little jobs are completed, makes for a nice sense of achievement?
    just found your blog and following along too
    bestest Daisy j x

  12. Just come over to your blog through the lovely Tammy, looks like my kind of place to be so shall be visiting again.
    I also have neighbours who do not paint their side of the fence and it does make a difference to the lenght of time it lasts doesn't it/

  13. Mini ring great progress, looks beautiful!
    Very nice storage boxes!
    Have a lovely weekend, enjoy.:*

  14. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The food we consume certainly does have a big impact on our health. I only eat dark chocolate and usually only a small piece with some green tea as a snack. The only baked goods I eat are those I made at home since I know what I am putting into them and only use vegan recipes now. I tried to tidy up my tv room the other day where all my craft supplies are stored. What a disaster that was. Why are there always things that you don't have a place for? I wound up throwing them all together into a basket. It's nice to at least feel like some things are in order. I still have yarn all over the place though. Your CAL is coming along beautifully. I'm enjoying seeing the colors everyone is using. Take care, Tammy

  15. Glad to know that you are feeling better now. Your mini rings is looking colorful and pretty :)
    Nice to see the lovely boxes lined up with yarn treasure:) That reminds me of messy to classy link that I still haven't open for this month. I am a bad host:( I know you haven't taken the before picture but still, if interested, you may link this boxes picture. How would you know which yarn is in which box ?
    Nice to see your fence up again. I agree it's annoying when you have something shared with irresponsible neighbours.

  16. Its great to have a tidy up isn't it. I finally unpacked a box of clothes that had been moved from one corner of the bedroom to another over the past 2 months since we moved. It felt good to get it out of the way. Your crochet rings are so pretty. Good luck with the afghan project.

  17. I would have a struggle giving up chocolate, well done for doing that! I do love the crochet that you're working on, the colours are lovely.

  18. Glad you are feeling good and eating right. Love the new storage system, so pretty and functional. Love all your crochet my friend.

    Good luck with the CAL.

  19. A lovely five! I especially love your squares, these are so therapeutic aren't they?! I hope your fence stays up this time. Take care x

  20. I love organizing, but you would hardly know it if you saw my sewing/crafty room right now. It is a great feeling to be able to know where something is located and not have to waste half your day searching. Your CAL is really growing, the circle is lovely. I bet you are so relieved to have the fence repaired and back in its place. I also see where your snow is melted away and that is always a relief too just knowing warmer weather is right around the corner. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such nice comments.
    Susanne :)

  21. Your mini rings CAL is looking really pretty.

    I've been tempted by the mystery CAL, but just don't have the time :(
    Hope you have lots of fun though

  22. What nice five on friday you picked, the mini ring is fab love all the colours, and look forward to next monthx

  23. Bravo for cutting out the chocolate and sweet things! I think I'd find that tough. I really like your storage boxes, pretty and organised! Visiting from Amy's xx

  24. What a great storage idea! I could do with doing the same ..... Love the colours in your mini rings!
    Jacqui xx


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