Friday, 13 February 2015

Friday Catch Up and Happy Valentines!

Don't these weeks fly over here we are Friday again already, I would just like thank each and every one of you for all for the kind and supportive comments I received about my health issues  you are all so lovely it makes me feel as if I'm not alone in this, it was great to hear about the experiences of those who have been down this path or have friends or relatives who have experienced it too.  

I'm still waiting for scan appointments every time the postman comes my heart skips a beat could this be it? just wish it was all over and done with, when you are at the hospital they make out that it's urgent and should be dealt with as soon as possible and then you have to wait forever for appointments.

On to sweeter things it's valentines day tomorrow and there's still time to quickly hook up a few of these...

Sweet Lacy Hearts
Sweet Lacy Flowers Hearts

Honestly you can make them very quickly, just click on the name to find the easy pattern.

Mini Rings Progress

This week we worked rounds 26 -29
Using stylecraft special chunky, round 26 - shade 1023 raspberry, round 27 - shade 1061 plum, round 28 shade 1241 fondant, round 29 - shade 1061

It's now measuring 29 inches across. It's looking a bit wobbly but I'm not worried it will flatten out as it progresses.

Round 28 the cross stitch was tricky until I got the hang of it, I have done this stitch before but now I realise I haven't been doing it correctly, once you know the correct technique it's easy so I have made a small picture tutorial here mostly for myself to look back on because I have a terrible memory and if I don't do a thing often I tend to forget it but maybe some of you would like to try it out too it gives a lovely effect.
Using US terms...

miss one stitch and dc in next stitch, pull work forward as in picture 3

yarn over hook and keeping yarn at right side of hook insert hook from front to back into missed stitch and then work a dc as shown.

Easy when you know how.

The mini rings cal is hosted by Kate you can read all about it and see everyones progress here 

The first part of the  Mystery Afghan CAL has been revealed this week and the first clue is very easy granny squares, a whole 20 of them, Some people have expressed disappointment that it's not more challenging but I have a feeling it will get better as it progresses. I love making granny squares myself and I'm itching to take part in this can you tell I'm weakening haha

Last weekend I was glad I was able to catch up a bit and managed to make those cute hats in my previous post and I even made some healthy snack bars

I took some to work, this plate was full to start with, they taste really yummy everyone loved them and you can't feel guilty eating them because every single ingredient is good for you I will be making more.

What are you all up to this weekend? my list is as follows...

Make square number three for the moogly CAL
Finish off my first project from the crochet blocks CAL
Knit at least one hat
Tidy my stash
Make Jamies meatballs and spaghetti come and have some everyone is invited!

Whatever you are doing have a great romantic loving weekend. :) xx

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  1. What lovely makes - Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. What a busy week! Hope you get your appointments through quickly, the waiting is always the worst bit! xx

  3. Praying for better health for you soon, Linda. Your little hearts are so cute! And your mini rings looks terrific! Thank you SO MUCH for doing a picture tutorial for the cross stitch; I just couldn't get mine to look right. I've been making my stitches differently, too; trying it using your tutorial was awkward at first, but it's because of how I'm used to yarning over. I'm going to do the round with your tutorial so it's correct. Thank you! I don't have time for that CAL either, but I'm tempted. Have a great weekend :-)

  4. How did I miss the post about your health? I think it was when my family was visiting. I am so sorry you have been though all of this. My thoughts and healing prayers are being sent your way Linda. I hope things are looking up and your get positive results soon. Love the crochet, it really is looking amazing.

    Happy Valentine's Day,

  5. Your hearts are so pretty!! All of your other cal's and other things sound as though they are coming along well. It is probably good to start the squares one with something straightforward and in quantity because you can always sneak in a few here and there! Hope you have a good weekend and that your appointments come soon! xx

  6. Wow! I didn't realise that circle was 29" across. It could be a table cloth for a round table.

  7. You have been busy. Love the lacy hearts and those snacks look delicious. x

  8. I missed your post about your health issues. I hope it will all turn out ok and perhaps you won't have to have the surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you are able to have a peaceful weekend and get some rest. Doctors sure know how to bring on the stress. Take care, Heather

  9. So cute hearts!
    Happy weekend.:*

  10. had to back track about what you posted about your health problems. So sorry you have been having problems and hope all turns out well. I would tell you not to worry but I know that is easily said by someone who isn't in your shoes. Have been there in the past though and understand how hard the waiting can be. Your little hearts are cute. I have not made one thing for Valentine's Day but did buy my little grandson a small box of candy with Sponge Bob on the top of the heart shaped box. Your circular crochet is getting big and so colorful. Keeping you in my prayers for a good out come.
    Susanne :)

  11. Hi Ms. Linda,nice to be here,love all your hearts,so pretty ,lovely colors...I just made 1 have a them all.

  12. I do hope all goes well for you. The hearts are adorable as is the CAL. Happy Valentine's day

  13. I love the lacy hearts! Your cal is so beautiful and well done you in keeping up. When I get to my cal I will probably need to study your instructions! Thanks for sharing them. The snack bars look yummy, and I sure hope that your appointment arrives soon.

  14. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  15. Lovely hearts ! Beautiful mandala !!!
    Have a Happy Valentine's day ! And Sunday !

  16. A lovely Valentine's post, hope you are keeping your spirits up and not feeling too bad.Thanks for joining in with Happy Friday once again! x

  17. I so adore the colours in your round crochet and your little hearts are so cute, I especially like the lacy look around the edges.

    Jan x

  18. Lovely hearts and your mini rings CAL is going great!! :)
    Hope your medical concerns are addressed soon and that everything should be fine.

  19. Oh Linda I am so sorry to read that you have a worrying health problem. I do hope you will have good news very soon. Your hearts are gorgeous-I love making hearts in fabric, paper, crochet, just so cute and uplifting I will have to have a go at you lovely lacy ones. Take care and best wishes Alison xx

  20. What pretty little hearts they are and your mini rings cal is coming along very nicely. I do hope your health problems will be sorted soon. I went through my fair share last year so can imagine how you are feeling. Take care of yourself and keep smiling :)

  21. Your hearts are so sweet, I hope you're feeling better soon.

  22. Hang in there, Linda. I hope your appointment comes soon.

    Adorable hearts, and your mini rings gets prettier every week!

  23. The hearts are so pretty always admire all you ladies that crochet as never mastered. Hope you feel better soon as health problems can be so debilitating.


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