Friday, 18 September 2015

Five on Friday

Well hello it seems like a long time since I blogged and I suppose it is, there is quite a lot going on both at home and at work at the moment so I have been just a bit preoccupied and trying to actually gather my thoughts to do a blog post has been quite beyond me so I thought I would join in with Amy's Five on Friday to give a little update on what's been going on....

I Enjoyed..
 A weeks holiday in benidorm with my family, it went so fast it now seems like I was never there, unfortunately it rained quite a bit in fact nearly every day! but it was still warm, the hotel was lovely as was the food and I enjoyed long walks along the promenade nearly every day, here are just a few of the many photo's I took...

Our hotel was so beautiful at night it changed colour from blue to all the colours of the rainbow and can be seen for miles.

Sunrise as seen from my balcony

Lots of yummy desserts all the food was amazing but it's the desserts we like to see
right? :)

My family enjoyed them too.

I also partook in a cocktail or two.

Regular coffee stops.
Dressing up for the rain.

I will be back. :) 

Worried about...
Things at work are in quite a bit of turmoil at the moment, my Unit is under inspection and it may have to close down if it's decided that it's not cost effective, it makes me so angry to think that everything is about money and making profit these days, not about the great service that we provide to the clients in our care.

If they do decide to close us down I haven't a clue where the people in our care would receive the treatment they need as we are the only facility like it in our area, also the staff will be moved to other units and if that happens I will retire, for now my colleague and myself have dropped a day at work each so that there is just one nurse working at any given time as they are claiming that we are over staffed.  

I wish that these pen pushers at the top would just come and spend a day with us and see how well they would manage to cope with the reduced number of staff that we are having to work with.
They just don't have a clue about what goes on in the real world, sorry rant over but it does make me angry that so many essential services are being fazed out due to lack of funding. 

Terrified about!....
Just before I went on holiday I had a lot of pain and swelling at the left side of my face, my upper left wisdom tooth has finally decided to put in an appearance, unfortunately it's growing into my cheek! 

After a course of antibiotics and a consultation at the dental clinic I now have an appointment for removal of TWO! impacted wisdom teeth the one on the upper left and one on the upper right.  I hate going to the dentist so you can imagine how I'm feeling about this I have opted to have sedation.. well wouldn't you!? and how on earth am I supposed to eat when both sides of my mouth are going under attack.  All of this is going to happen at the end of the month so I'm trying to put it out of my mind until then.

Not Much Time For...
Crafty things I'm so way behind with everything especially all the CALs I'm working on, all I can manage at the moment is a little work on my scrappy blanket and I enjoyed knitting this little hat with some stash yarn I've had for years do you recognise it? it's yarn I had left over from these.

It's an easy little beanie and should fit a child about 4-6 years, if you would like the pattern just say and I can put it up in another post. :)

Happy about...
Cutting this hedge 

and after

This a job that gets more and more difficult every year and I'm always pleased when it's done.

So thats it for now I hope you all have a great weekend, I'm hoping to make a square for the moogly CAL I'm so behind and I have found a little baby jacket I'm just itching to start what are your weekend plans?   

see you soon. xxx

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  1. Hi Linda, Glad to know you had a lovely family time:)
    Sorry about your health issues, I understand the wisdom tooth problem very well. I had three removed so far but only one at a time. Wisdom comes with pain, now I am wisdomless, ignorant happy child:) Hope your painful time pass quickly like a bad dream and you are happy again

  2. Hi Linda,
    It's so nice to hear from you. Your trip looks amazing and I love looking at the photos.
    You sound like you have so much going on right now. I do hope it works out with work and you teeth.
    Take care and be well.
    Julie xo

  3. Hello, Linda. Great to see you back in Blogland. At least it never rains here. I think the sedation will really help at the dentist's. But I am slightly amazed that they are doing both sides of the mouth at once. That's one way to lose weight!

  4. I wish all the work and at the dentist....
    Love the pictures in Benidorm !
    Have a nice weekend !

  5. Greetings Linda. It looks like you had a lovely time in Spain with your family. I do wish you the best with the dentist. The little hat you made is adorable. Take care, Pat xx

  6. Sounds like you've had a lot of stress lately and I'm sorry for that. Maybe you're getting it all over with at once. I absolutely HATE the dentist and anything to do with going there so I feel for ya, sister! I always opt for the sedation. YES PLEASE!! It'll be over with before you know it. It doesn't take long to heal and you'll be chomping on both sides again very soon after. In the meantime, enjoy a few ice cream milkshakes! Your hedge looks beautiful.

  7. Hi - I have just popped over from Amy's blog. Lovely photos of your holiday. I think I would have tried to eat all those cakes and (obviously made my self sick). I have a terrible sweet tooth. Sorry to hear about your wisdom tooth and hope all goes well at work. Joan at

  8. I'm glad you managed to get away, it seems you have a lot on your plate (I saw ALL those desserts!!!) I shall be thinking of you at the end of the month and wishing you well. As to cuts in our services, please do not start me on that, it's just so very very sad and worrying indeed.

  9. So glad you had such a great holiday, but very sorry to hear about the tooth situation. I hope that it is all sorted and you are OK again soon. I hope that the work situation works out well too. I am sending good thoughts your way!!! The hedge looks great doesn't it, but gosh they are a lot of work aren't they! Thank you for joining Five on Friday. I hope that you have a great weekend!!! Sorry to be late visiting, we have been away and just got back today. xx

  10. Looks like an amazing holiday, the deserts look delicious. Good luck with the dentist, I would have to opt for sedation too. Funding is the crux of most of the problems in this country at the moment, fingers crossed your job will be safe.

  11. I hope you're doing okay, Linda. It sounds like you have a lot going on. I can't blame you for choosing sedation, I would probably do the same. I don't like doctors or dentists; I think I'd rather be sedated for medical stuff too, actually. Your holiday looks wonderful, I really like the nighttime photo of the buildings. Take care and have a good weekend.

  12. My MIL was in her 90's when she had to have a wisdom tooth removed! Hope yours goes smoothly. So sorry about the work issues, not fun at all is it? Love this photos of your time with your family. Try to rest and relax, I know that is hard to do right now.

  13. Oh Linda, I do hope the powers that be decide to keep your facility going! I too feel for the people that you care for, and you can only wonder if they will no longer seek out their required medical help when the one place they've been going to for probably years is shut down. This angers me too! Not to mention you seem to really enjoy your work with the seniors, and it would a loss for you as well.

    Your holiday spot does look fantastic, and I'm sure it helped to get away from the worries at home! I've been to Barcelona and just loved it, and I hope one day to go back and tour through more of Spain. That's a nice shot of your family together ... so nice that you had a holiday together (I can't even imagine holidaying with any of my family!).

    Your hedge is so cool ... what a chore to get it trimmed right round the top! Good for you to still do that! It looks like the entrance to a little magical world ;)

    My daughter had four wisdom teeth out in February ... they sedated her, and she was perfectly fine and happy when she awoke. I had four impacted teeth removed when I was her age, but was not sedated (ugh!). So you'll be fine and comfortable and you'll miss the whole thing in oblivion. My daughter is the WORST one for stuff like this (almost fainted right there in the office when the dentist was first explaining the procedure!). If she managed it so comfortably, I know you'll do fine ;)
    Take care Linda

  14. Hi Linda
    So sorry to hear about your wisdom teeth. I am scared stiff of the dentist and in fact a terrible coward where pain is concerned. However I had two wisdom teeth out and it was a breeze. I was sedated of course and had to be on liquids for a few days afterwards but the relief of having it over and done with helped weather the unpleasantness of those couple of days. I hope you it goes easy for you! My car is back in the mechanics and I am crossing my fingers that it is not going to be a major job!!! I am really annoyed I couldn't get over to Benidorm to see you but I hope there will be a next time.

    Take care now

    Amanda xx

  15. Looks like you had a great holiday. I thought the dentist would only work on one side of your mouth at any given time. Could be difficult to have both sides sore.


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