Tuesday 31 January 2023

The First Month

 The first month of the year has been a very busy one, I haven't even had time to post or visit you lovely people so I'm making time just to check in and say hi. 

I have been busy with my involvement with my local u3a we have a lot of issues to deal with at the moment one of them being my term on the committee is coming to an end along with six other committee members and trying to get people to come onto the committee is proving to be a challenge.  I will still stay on as communications officer and manage their website and as group coordinator as you don't need to be on the committee in order to do those roles. However if someone would like to take them over I wouldn't stand in their way.  It's a shame that people don't like to get involved in the running of things but enjoy the facilities and numerous groups that are on offer. If we don't have a committee then unfortunately we will have to close down but fingers crossed it won't come to that we have until April to get more committee members on board. 

I have been crafting none stop throughout January with lots of projects on the go I started this at the beginning of the year and hope to complete a section a month...


I finished January yesterday just in time for the start of the new month and I'm now choosing colours for February, I'm thinking lots of pink and red because of valentines and maybe some yellow and purple because of the Spring bulbs that I hope will soon begin to appear.

You can find the pre printed fabric here to purchase on Stitchdoodles

I did complete the Festive Forrest embroidery and will show you once I have it framed.

Then just to keep things interesting along with the sewing I have been making these..

These little owls are requested by NHAPThey place one in a little bag along with a message and are left outside for someone to find in the hope that it will put a smile on someones face and also to bring awareness of NHAP and the work that it does, I have just been to my sewing group today and they are going to make some fabric ones too.

As if that wasn't enough we are going to decorate our Mariner again, regular readers of my blog will remember this back in 2019, can you believe that display was left intact throughout the whole of the summer, people loved it and came from miles around just to see it.  It had a mention in our local press as well.  We felt that we needed to spread a little joy again in these depressing times so watch this space as all kinds of beach themed objects begin to emerge. 

I hope you have all had a lovely start to the new year, I'm going to have a pop around to see what you have all been up to. 😊


  1. Busy with lovely crafts !
    Love the "year of doodles" ! What a amazing idea !
    Cute owls ;)
    Have a lovely evening !

  2. Your year of doodles will be a lovely project to work on this year. I shall look forward to seeing it filled in over the coming months.
    Who could not love those owls. I'm sure they will make lots of people smile when they find one and I hope it makes more people aware of the work NHAP does.

  3. It sounds like you've been very busy lately Linda. I love those cute owls you made. I hope you enjoy the week Linda.

  4. I am starting my 1st wheel for 2023, I am designing mine each month, sadly we did not do much in January and I'm finding it hard to fill the section.

  5. How lovely to stop by your lovely place and see what you have been up to, Linda. I hope new members join the u3a group. Love your Doodles pretty and those owls are so cute. Goodness me, January is done and dusted. Happy creating throughout February.

  6. Hi Linda, I miss you.
    It will be nice seeing your progress on a year of doodles embroidery along the year.
    Those are cute owls. I am sure they will bring joy to someone in need.
    Happy February!

  7. You've had a busy start to the year with all your crafting, it's nice to have plenty of things on the go. I've always found that committee places are hard to fill, it always seems to be the same people on each of the committees. Those little owls are so cute, what a lovely idea, I'm sure they'll put smiles on people's faces.

  8. Welcome back Linda - I missed your blog, it's been ages! My word, you are so busy. What a wonderful lot of projects you are doing. I love your owls and also your embroidery. I am looking forward to seeing the marina when it's been yarnbombed xxx

  9. I've been on many boards in the past, usually as recording secretary -- it is always difficult to get people more involved when it comes to the running of groups and organizations. The doodle year is really cute and those owls are adorable. Always good to be busy doing lovely crafty things. Happy February.

  10. You certainly keep busy.

    I do like those owls ...
    So nice that you will be decorating the Mariner again...
    I do hope you will be successful in getting some new committee members on board...

    Have a happy February.

    All the best Jan

  11. Hopefully, the threat of the group possible closing will motivate some members to step forward to keep it going. You're very generous for offering to serve even after rolling off the board. That Year of Doodles stitch looks like fun. Can't wait to see your Festive Forest framed. And how cute are those owls?!?

  12. I like your year of stitches. What a clever idea! I'm off to investigate the site.

  13. I long remember how I volunteered for the local PTA and then became Treasurer and President over and over again as nobody came forward. I had a brief respite when my children were in middle school, but I spent 6 years as a PTA officer when they were in high school. It was so hard to get volunteers to come forward when my youngest child graduated. Many people want the rewards without the work that goes into it. I hope you find new committee members soon. I love your Year of Doodles. I will look forward to seeing how you stitch each month.

  14. Your little owls are so sweet!

  15. That year of doodle project looks like a lot of fun. Love the little bird! Gail at the Cozy quilter

  16. I love your embroidery project - how fun to stitch a piece each month!
    And the owls are delightful... they did bring a smile to my face!

  17. Great stitching project, I love the little owls.

  18. What a gorgeous embroidery project you are doing.

  19. The Year of Doodles embroidery is a lovely project, and I am looking forward to seeing your colour choices throughout the year. The owls are so cute! They will definitely brighten someone's day.
    You have enjoyed a very productive month. Xx

  20. You have had a busy month! The embroidery is adorable, and so are the owls. I hope that people will step up to meet the needs of the committee. Happy February to you!

  21. You've been very busy! I love The Year of Doodles embroidery project. It is such a unique and fun year long project to work on. Thank you for linking up at our weekly Link Party! You are being featured at our Wednesday
    Party #489 this week. Here’s the direct link to the post in case you’d like to share your feature:
    Hope to see you again next week! Rhondda

  22. Hi dear, the month has been busy for you. The embroidery is lovely. Enjoy February


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