Friday, 13 March 2015

Mini Rings and A crooked Spire

This week seems to have gone so fast I don't seem to have had a minute, thank goodness the weekend is here.

If you remember I went away last weekend to visit Chesterfield and Bakewell, two lovely villages in the Peak District here in England.  I'm afraid the weather wasn't too good so I really wasn't inspired to take many photo's but one I had to take was of this thirteenth century church with a crooked Spire.

 I thought my eyes had gone funny at first when I saw this from the coach window, you can read more about it here.

I had taken my mystery cal squares along with me to work on while we were travelling in the coach but when I looked into my work bag I found the squares, crochet hook, scissors and darning needle but no yarn!! can you imagine how I felt? I was so angry with myself and I sulked all the way the Chesterfield.

As soon as we got there I went on a yarn shop hunt and....

success! I love you Chesterfield! I needed lemon yarn can you see it on the shelf up there? it wasn't the exact same shade but because of the nature of these squares it's really not going to matter I mean to say can you tell? have a look here.  

The guy in the shop wasn't overly friendly so I took these pictures outside the shop so he couldn't see hehe.

The next day we went to visit Bakewell it's the home of the Bakewell pudding, my friend had to buy one to try at home but I resisted, don't you think I'm good :)

Again awful rainy weather 

 I love these quaint streets.

the swans and ducks didn't seem to mind the rain

What do you think of these?, I hadn't seen anything like this before but apparently it's supposed to be a symbol of your love and commitment for somebody you fasten a padlock onto the bridge and throw a key into the river you can read more about it here. I personally think they are an eyesore and spoil the look of the bridge and it seems I'm not alone.

Mini Rings of Change Progress

I was hoping to finish the Mini rings this week there were only four rounds to go but I didn't factor in just how long it takes to get a round done now that it's so large...

so I only managed rounds 39 and 40.  
Apparently there is a mistake in round 40 and I have worked too many trebles, Kate has warned us about it but it came too late for me I had done the round already and it took me ages so there is no way I'm going to frog it I will adapt the next round, it will work you'll see.

Round 39 - Stylecraft special chunky in shade 1023 raspberry
Round 40 - Stylecraft special chunky in shade 1241 fondant

The mini rings cal is hosted by Kate you can read all about it and see everyones progress here 

Have a great weekend!

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. That looks like an interesting trip, despite the weather. As for love locks, I read somewhere that they are removed as soon as they appear on London bridges, so I have never actually seen any. What's wrong with a good old-fashioned bouquet of roses?

  2. Looks you had a nice time. I like to explore new towns and historic sites. Your CAL project is very pretty, I really like your colors. Have a nice weekend. Heather

  3. Great pictures, Linda! That spire is funky. Forgetting the yarn on a trip sounds like something I would do; I'm glad you found some that will work. Your mini rings looks great, extra stitches and all. I know you'll be able to modify the next round. The last one might be a little tricky, but Tama left round 42 off hers and it looks great. Just a thought; I'm looking forward to seeing you make it work.

  4. What a beautiful trip my dear friend and I love that you found the yarn store ( great picture btw). And the mini ring is just gorgeous. Beautiful colors.

  5. I'm intriqued by this mystery cal, what is it?

  6. Looks like you had a nice time. Your mini rings is beautiful:)

  7. I am so glad you had a mini trip away with a friend, if there was a yarn store visit included that is all the better.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Beautiful, interesting trip, great pictures.
    Mini ring is awesome!
    Have a nice weekend.:*

  9. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Linda! My favorite is the one of the small street ♥. Your mystery cal is growing beautifully, what an eye candy! Happy weekend :-)
    Nata xxx

  10. Beautiful pictures !!!
    And your ring is gorgeous !!!!
    Have a great weekend !

  11. I love the colors in your mini ring Linda. It is looking so pretty. I still have touched mine. Love the pictures from your trip.


  12. Shame about the rain but it looks like you had a few sunny spells. How annoying to leave your yarn behind! I can imagine how you felt. Your mini rings project looks really good and I know what you mean about each round taking longer. It's obvious really but it always catches you out :)


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