Friday, 20 July 2012

A Collection Of Unusual Shapes

I bet that you all thought that I had given up on the Beyond The Square Challenge because it's so long since I have posted any motifs but no not at all I am still beavering away in the background turning out these little beauties and still enjoying the making of them.  I may be a little behind some of you but I will catch up eventually.
I always like trying something different so the unusual shapes found in the last chapter of the book I found, are mostly fun to do.
I used King Cole Smooth DK for these motifs, I love this yarn because it has the appearance of cotton and it also has a nice sheen, however it does split easily so it is a bit of a pain to crochet with.

Motif #126

I kept my eyes on the chart for this one concentrating on the pattern and didn't really notice how the motif was developing until it was finished and it was a nice surprise because I love it. This type of yarn gives a firm but soft finish it's lovely.  I think you could join this shape but you would have to combine it with small squares.

Motif 128

A five sided motif, lovely but I haven't a clue how you would join these, I suppose you could make a few of them and try putting them together to see what shape you would get, a motif puzzle... mmm

Motif #131
Easy to do and very pretty, I think these could be joined to make a blanket or shawl.

Motif #132

Another five sided motif, this was quite interesting to make, it's made up of six individual motifs, each one is attached to the center one as you go, a bit fiddly but I like the finished result.

Motif #133

Sometimes there's nothing you can say, you just have to look and enjoy.

Motif #134
I love this heart and I just wish you could pick it up and feel the texture and weight of this yarn it's just perfect for this motif soft and sensuous, it's a heart to be given to a lover. 

Motif #138
You know you can make these motifs and sometimes there's not a lot you can say about them but...I can say a lot about this one, it took ages to make there's eight rounds!  I have to admit the reason it took me so long was the puff stitch.  I am useless at doing this stitch.  I know some of you make whole blankets with this stitch and I take my hat off to you and gaze upon you with awe.  I can never remember how many times I've pulled up a loop or put the yarn over so I have to count as I go then when I have the required number of loops on my hook...can I pull the yarn way! it gets stuck halfway through, I try coaxing it through, pulling it gently, then pulling it hard, I try making the loops looser, but nine times out of ten I end up taking it all off the hook and trying again and again and again.. you get the picture.  I think now you can understand why it took me a whole evening to complete this..BUT complete it I did and was it worth it? well I certainly think so because I think it's one of the most beautiful motifs in the book.  I intend to frame this one not just because it's lovely but because it was the 50th motif I made!! YES! I'm  half way through the challenge.

Motif #141

Nice and easy using Sc and Dc, this one just flows. Each side measures the same too so you could easily join it to make a bigger project.

So there you have it my collection of unusual shapes, I hope you enjoyed looking at them and that you have been inspired to make some yourself.  I love looking at all the motifs everyone has been making in this challenge it's amazing just how many different variations there are by just using different yarns and hook sizes.  It's also interesting to have your feed back, suggestions and idea's on what can be made with these motifs so please leave me plenty of comments.  
I'm not sure what my next collection will be but there is a little seed growing so watch this space. 

Progress 50 out of 100


  1. Hi dear friend Linda, I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Come and take a look!
    All best wishes...:))

  2. Keep crocheting and posting! Love the unusual!

  3. I am loving them all. I left you a little something on my go check it out when you have a minute!

  4. Nice collection of motifs. And congratulations on reaching the half-way, right at mid-year. I am having the same dilemma of what to do with them. I am considering using my triangles as banners...but the rest, I don´t know yet... Maybe they could all be joined free-form...

  5. What a great collection for a freeform afghan or shawl!! I cant wait to start. Who needs sleep anyway??? :)

    1. Thank you for all the lovely comments, please keep them coming :)

  6. Oh, I've missed this post while I was on vacation - Congratulation on reaching the 50! (But I bet you've made lots more in the meantime, right?)

    Can't wait to see the next collection!


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