Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pottering and Ponderings

A big thank you to Shari and Beck for giving me' this award, it's very much appreciated and I'm honored to receive it.
Please take a look at their lovely blogs if you haven't already they are well worth a visit.

While pottering in the garden today, I have been pondering about how to do this.  I can tell you one thing about myself and that is I talk to myself, even argue sometimes especially while I’m pottering in the garden.  There hasn’t been much of that going on just lately because of the weather so I had a longer than usual potter and ponder and chat to myself this morning to make up for lost time haha.

Now I’m bending the rules and I hope by doing that I’m not offending anyone, but the way I see it these awards are just for fun anyway.  My take on the situation is this,  I think there are so many beautiful blogs out there that every one of them should have one of each award that is going.  Writing a blog and trying to inspire and keep people interested is hard work sometimes, not to say very time consuming.  I know we do it because we enjoy it and it’s great to inspire and have feedback from other bloggers as well as visiting their blogs and seeing what they have been up too, I like to think of us all as friends who love to visit one another.
 Now for this award I’m not going to pass it on just yet, the reason being most of you have it already and probably those that don’t, prefer not to accept awards anyway. So if anyone would like this award or would like to receive it again please leave me a comment and I will announce who it is I’m awarding it to, remember I can award it to up to 15 bloggers so please don’t be shy, there may be new bloggers out there who I haven’t met yet, or some I've missed,please speak up leave a comment so that I can visit your blog and let others know about you.

To finish off a glimpse of my end of July garden, enjoy the sunshine everyone (while it lasts)
Luv ya x

Look who I had to rescue from Broc, sooo cute he was hiding under a bush.

Naughty Broc !!!

Why do the birds always go for the fat balls? hey you lot the seed is more nutritious! do they listen ? no way.


  1. I agree with you that everyone deserves an award that's why I don't want one. Love your flowers! What did you do with your 'visitor'? It was a hedgehog, wasn't it?

    1. yes it was a hedgehog Charlotte he is a resident in my garden, I never know he's there until Broc comes to visit hunts him out and barks like mad at him. I let hedgy out into the bushes once my visitor had left :)

  2. Hi dear Linda, I thank to you that all your crochets are wonderful..:)) And I am happy that I have a good blogging friend as you..:))
    And also I like your flowers so so much.. I wish you very happy days with your family and all your loves..:))
    Best wishes..

  3. Hello Linda

    congratulations on your award. I very much like your idea about the awards as I always feel a little cautious about nominating awards to other blogs as I do not want to offend anyone else. yours is a good idea!
    Love these floral pictures and so very glad the sunshine is present in the UK at last.
    Aww poor hedgehog he looks really sleepy!!!

    many thanks for your comments on my latest post.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thank you Amanda and you are welcome, I'm glad you like my idea:)

  4. Just saying Hi from a new follower :) I found you via Loving Hands. I don't want any awards, but I would like to say I love your garden and your crochet ( I knit but my crochet is very basic!) Enjoy the sun whilst we have it.
    Best wishes Julie

  5. Hi welcome to my blog and thank you for becoming a follower, I'm off to visit your blog right now :)


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