Friday, 13 July 2012

A Gift For A Friend

As soon as I saw this little kokeshi girl I wanted to make her and although I new I wouldn't be able to do the pattern justice I wanted to try and make her for a friend of mine who's home was partially destroyed by fire.  Most of her mementos and treasured possessions were ruined in the fire so I wanted to give her little bit of something to start her collection going again.
I love amigurumi but I find it very tedious to do, all the counting of stitches and then the sewing up and then trying to get all the different parts placed just right.  The bit I find hardest is making features, I can never get them right and I end up pulling them out and starting again and again. I have great respect for all of you clever crocheters who turn out neat and perfect amigurumi time and time again.

didn't get her quite right but my friend loved her just the same

If you would like to try making this little Kokeshi girl you can buy the  pattern here


  1. She came out really cute Linda - and her face embroidery is perfect. :)

    Sorry to hear of your friends home fire. I hope her insurance will pay quickly so she can start to rebuild.

  2. Thanks Debi, yes she has been very lucky the insurance company have been great it's gong to take a while to restore everything but luckily no one was hurt :)

  3. But what have you got wrong....she looks perfect to me...gorgeous little thing!!! I think her face looks lovely but I agree with you about the difficulty where embroidering faces are concerned and its so important because those features if they aren't right can destroy the image of a character you have crocheted totally. I'm not good at that at all.I also agree with you about how fiddly it is too do amigurumi I get so impatient with it but I really admire some of the creations crocheters turn out.

    very glad to hear your friend is ok...what an awful experience.

    Amanda :-)

  4. That is soooo sweet - I love it. You are clever xx

    1. Thank you Mrs Thrifty, I have been having a peep at your work, t's beautiful too.:)

  5. This doll is so cute, Linda! I am sure your firend will love it. I think it is perfect.
    ♥ Ana BC

  6. is so sweet! You did a great job! I know your friend will love you for that!


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