Wednesday 27 March 2013

It's Not Too Late!

I know how busy mums can get and sometime's you don't have the time to make something special  for your little one's or even have time to go out and buy a new outfit, that's why I love this.

A cute little chick appliqué, it takes no time at all to make and would look so cute sewn onto a little cardigan, dress or pants, turning an ordinary outfit into a special Easter one.

Whoops that little chick has jumped right out of his shell, he would look so cute on a little Easter bonnet or beanie. 
This little appliqué took a staggering 5 grams of wool, that's 2 for the chick and 3 for the egg.
you can find the pattern here 


  1. These little chicks are so sweet! Working hard at the stash busting ;D I have a few knitted plans with some Easter eggs, but as you say ... time is short!! Wendy

  2. At this rate your stash will be gone in no time! :)

    Very cute project.

  3. Very cute Linda!
    Happy Wednesday, Hugs....Shari!

  4. These are soooooo cute!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Very, very cute! Great for stash busting :) Elisabeth x

  6. That's a great idea. You can wear a little chick that can also be pulled out played with. Just adorable, Linda!


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