Monday 18 March 2013

The Monday Smile

Good Morning and Happy Monday you lovely people, I hope that you have all had a lovely week-end and have some great plans for the week ahead.
My week-end was brilliant ...why?  because I have actually managed to finish one of my blanket wips!  

Which one do you think it is?.... go on have a guess

Could it be the Afghan Sampler which I blogged about here

Or maybe this one which I have now been making on and off for just over a year, blogged here

Then again it could be this

All will be revealed very soon :)

Now what do you think about this?

Canadian Speed Control! 
Speed control being used in Canada .
How 's this for effective speed control? 

I don't know about you, but this would certainly slow me down! People slow down and actually try to "straddle" the hole. 

This is an actual speed control device that is currently in use. It is MUCH cheaper than speed cameras, radar guns, police officers, etc.

Pretty clever -- especially when they move them around every day.
Isn't Art Wonderful?

Here in England we don't need Art we have the real thing !



  1. oo cant wait to see what youve finished - whatever it is I know its going to be fantastic - those colours youve shown in your pics are so great - as for the art I thought at first they "were" english roads!

  2. Looks like my local roads! I like the new top to your blog by the way.

  3. My guess is the granny square afghan. The otherr projects are lovely too. There is such a feeling of accomplishment associated with putting the final touches on a blanket, especially one that's been taking a rest!

    No need for the artwork here either, We have enough of the real things too.

  4. Linda, that street art is really amazing. I think you finished the sampler, but what ever you have finished I look forward to seeing it.
    Have a great day,

  5. We have some real holes like that in our village too. Well done on your WIPS and it is lovely to be connected x

  6. sneaking thing.....Your going to make wonder all day...which one! Funny about the streets....made me laugh out loud!!! I believe we have the worst highways ever in Louisiana. Pot holes everywhere you turn but as soon as you cross over into the State of's smooth sailing. Make us wonder where out tax money goes!
    Have a lovey week,
    Hugs, Shari

  7. I am so excited to see which one you finished. Funny speed control. SO many clever folks out there.

  8. I am guessing it is the Sampler...
    I had to smile when finding out how many blankets in progress you have. Now I don´t feel that I am crazy by having so many WIPs. And what a sweet coincidence...later today I will be posting about my first stash-buster blanket :-) Looking forward to seeing yours...

  9. Love the speed bumps! Hey, I can't seem to link my projects to the party. How-to for me please. Thanks.

    1. Hi Dari look at the comments on the party posts I have explained how to Jaqueline :)

  10. wow ...Mrs. Linda...that is amazing how Government do to prevent future accidents and plus and perhaps saving some money....,Your WIP-s afghan it is difficult to know having so many lovely ideas and combinations.I bit it will be a great one.Happy week.

    :0) Luna

  11. Love the speed control devices - here in Wisconsin we have the real thing too, especially at this time of year when the ground starts to unfreeze. :)

  12. oh my gosh, how funny! I think that is so creative!

  13. I am new to crochet and to your blog. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts and seeing the crochet projects. I am now a follower and look forward to more.


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