Friday, 29 March 2013

Stash-buster March review

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the March review can you believe we have been stash-busting for three months that's quarter of the year gone already! There are 118 of us stash-busting so far! 

I have been so impressed with all the lovely projects you have all been making.

Just some of the lovely things made by the ladies of Loving Hands

Thank you so much for linking up all your lovely makes in the Stash-buster Link Party, I hope you are all enjoying it as much as Ana and myself. It's fun to click on those lovely pictures and visit you all to find out how you have made your projects.

  • Hurry! you have just until Sunday to link up those March projects because this party will end at 10pm on 31st March.
  • The April Party will start on Tuesday the 2nd April at 10am.
  • For those who are keeping count please leave me your March totals here in the comment section.
  • For those who would like to join the Stash-Buster Challenge read all about it here and just leave me a comment.  

As for myself I have busted just 300 grams of wool this month, I know it doesn't seem like much but I am happy enough, after all I did complete a big project this month, the lovely 
Tunisian Afghan!

I am also busy with five projects at the moment, I'm hoping to complete them all in April and more besides.  Lets see how far I can shrink this little lot!

See you soon and have a great holiday weekend! 


  1. Wonderful, Linda. Congratulations to the Loving Hands ladies. Great progress! Also looking forward to see your surprise projects for April. The March blanket was amazing :-)

  2. Linda the link party is the best idea for this stash busting! I love clicking through the photos and visiting others to leave a comment on their projects. There are so many talented people you have brought together ... I just love the stash busting as it keeps me thinking of new projects! Take care, Wendy

  3. Such very lovely things. I am so enjoying sharing your pictures. Regards Linda


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