Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A Trip To The Spa

Hi everyone hope your week is going well, as you can see I have been playing around with my heading, well it's Summer now right?... I look out of the window and try to convince myself, the new heading is supposed to make you feel cool and calm while you are reading my posts...has it succeeded ?

I hope you are all enjoying making the String Tote's and thank you for all the positive comments! I know some of you have made one or more already and the one's I've seen look really great!, I will have a String tote gallery soon to show them off it will be fun to see all the different variations, so those of you who are making them please show me your pictures when they are finished and don't forget to link them to the party if they are stash-busters.

My daughter and I had a lovely time while we were away and I'm sure she is feeling much better for it.  I was ill on the day after we came back, I think I must have caught a tummy bug and it wasn't very nice at all :(   I'm pleased to say I have now recovered and am dying to show you some pictures of our little trip.


We were so lucky the weather was beautiful, we stopped off at Whitby first on our way to the hotel and had fish and chips, eating fish and chips is a must if you are visiting Whitby they always taste better from there for some reason.
The Hotel was lovely, we had a balcony which caught the afternoon sun, we just sat there soaking it all up admiring the beautiful gardens.

The Hotel Gardens.
The view from our balcony

Of course I had to have my crochet with me can you see what I'm making?

We did manage to tear ourselves away and have a wander through the gardens.

We walked over this little bridge

and look what we found around the corner.

We could have stayed in this beautiful garden all afternoon but the Spa beckoned and we spent hours in there swimming in the pool and luxuriating in the hot tub bliss...
The next day was lovely too, I think it does you good to be pampered once in a while.

Then on the way back we called into this lovely little garden centre just off the beaten 

track for a coffee, we were sitting right next to the river in the lovely warm sunshine, when suddenly this little visitor stopped by for a chat and a hopeful nibble.

he soon waddled away when he saw we hadn't got any goodies.

Caught in the act, my daughter snapped me when I wasn't looking!

Well I did say I wasn't going to buy any plants, but they were pretty and didn't cost that much and I had to have souvenirs of this lovely little place don't you agree? 
I potted them up as soon as I got back and when they are looking beautiful I will post a photo to show you all.


  1. The heading is lovely and fresh. It took me ages to sort out mine, so I don't think I'll change it yet!!

  2. What a beautiful get-away! :-)

  3. It is always good to be pampered. So gla dyou had a great time and that both of you are feeling better.

  4. What lovely photos - I am glad you enjoyed your 'get away' with your daughter.

  5. WOW! Wonderful vacations, Linda! Thanks for sharing the photos. Those places ara amazing. I am glad you had the chance to go there and enjoy it with your daughter :-)

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, Linda :) Those gardens are amazing!

    And you new blog heading is very pretty.

  7. Thank you for re-igniting my wonderful Whitby childhood memories Linda! You are so right fish and chips are certainly in a class of their own there!
    I can hear the sound of the seagulls too!
    Ali x

    1. Oh yes Ali there are plenty of seagulls! :)

  8. Loved so much all those gardens..and bushes with pink flower son the river bank :)
    I am glad you had nice relaxing time with your daughter! We always shall pumper ourselves at times.

  9. It's really nice to unwind every once in a while. Love the cool pictures you took during your vacation in Whitby. It's been a year since this post and I hope you're doing some of that well deserved rest and relaxation again. Stay beautiful, Linda!

    George Chambers @ Amani MedSpa


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