Friday 7 June 2013

Something for the weekend

Baby Hats 5

If you want to do some brain training I would highly recommend lacy knitting.  The pattern for these little hats is very easy but you do have to concentrate.  I can't tell you how long it took me to get into the rhythm of the pattern and how many times I had to pull them back but once I had it I loved it and I love the result.

I have got quite lazy in my crafty makings, choosing simple patterns just so I don't have to think too much about what I'm doing... my mind does tend to wander all over the place while I'm crafting I think that's why I found these a little challenging. 

You seasoned knitters will be shaking your heads I know but I do feel a small sense of achievement it's been a long time since I knit anything lacy and it has given me the urge to do some more, after all it's good for the brain :)

Size 3 months.
Dk yarn and it took 25 grams for each hat
4 mm needles 

Find the pattern for these lovely little hats here

Made from the stash of little bits.

 Have a great weekend! 


  1. Oh those are SO pretty! I love the purple one. I would love to be able to do some lacy knitting one day. xoxo

  2. These are gorgeous. I am definitely going to make some of these. Thanks for the pattern link.

  3. but Linda they are really pretty.....brain intense or not they look lovely!

    Where are you going to in Spain for your hols????

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  4. So sweet! I am afraid lace is far beyond my knitting skills, hopefully someday I will take a deep breath and try to knit one of these for my little girl, they are lovely!

  5. These are soooooo pretty Linda, hope you don't mind but these are now in the to-do pile so thanks for sharing and as always lovely to see your wonderful work xxx

    1. Of course I don't mind Jaqueline, that's why I put them on here so you guys can share :)

  6. Yes, I think lacy knitting is a challenge, precisely because of the concentration needed. I have to be in the mood ofr it. But the result is definitely beautiful :-)

  7. Those are so sweet! I wish I could lacy knit, will have to learn that some day :)

  8. Very pretty and the two colors together are so nice. I will likely never knit like that so it's really fun to see your projects.

  9. Hello Linda, The baby hats are all very pretty.. Love them. Hugs judy

  10. These are pretty. Very impressed that you persisted.


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