Friday 8 November 2013

Which Do You Prefer?

Knit or Crochet? it seems to me that there are a lot of would be knitters out there.  I know we all love crochet but I see that the knitting is creeping in more and more.  Some of you who can't knit are wanting to knit and I have to say I have done more knitting of late than I have in a good long while.  See if these hats can help you make up your mind.

Knitted Version

Made with Aran weight Yarn it took 50 grams and it was so easy to make.  I finished it in a couple of hours, the sewing up of ends and making and placing the pompom took nearly as long as making the hat.  Find the pattern here  I will definitely make it again because 

you can play around with different pattern stitches for the body of the hat and make it your own like I did with this one.

Crochet Version

Made with the same Yarn and I made the same size it took 86 grams of yarn and took me much longer to make than the knitted version and that surprised me because usually crochet is faster than knitting, probably it was because it was all in sc. You can find the pattern here 

My Verdict
Knitted version
  • Was quicker to make and I could watch TV while I knitted away.
  • Took less yarn.
  • Is super stretchy and soft.
Crochet version
  • I didn't like the cuff part, it seemed to take forever to do and I had to watch what I was doing as it was sc in the back loop only.
  • The finished hat looked much wider than the knitted version but didn't stretch that much.
  • It had a much denser texture so wasn't as soft as the knitted one.
In this case then the knitted version wins hands down for me. the crochet hat was lovely too though and will do just as good a job as the knitted one.  It shows therefore that there is a good case for knitting and I would urge you would be knitters to give it a go.

So is it knit or crochet for you? :)

How about a knitting Challenge for the New Year?

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  1. Hello Linda

    I rather like this comparison you have made here between crochet and knitting. I've never wanted to learn to knit although I was taught the rudiments of knitting way way back but have always felt more comfortable with crochet. I rather put that down to laziness as I presume I could knit if I really tried. I must say I do like to see how you have compared which is faster in this case and also the quality of each make. It gives food for thought!!!!
    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I personally prefer to crochet, I can knit but sometimes I find it frustrating, especially the ripping back and finding your stitches again. Some makes prefer knitted, as with your two hats, I agree that I prefer the knitted one. However if I was transferring the knitted version to crochet I would use a different stitch to sc, as sc has no give at all. I would probably work the cuff in crochet vertical rib stitch (back and front post stitches) which would give it a bit more stretch. Also your hook size can determine how much give is in the finished piece. hats need to be negative ease so it's important to get the sizing right, especially in crochet as the give in the fabric is limited.

  3. Beautiful in both versions !
    Have a nice day and weekend !

  4. Hi Linda, I only know basic knitting but I am definitely learning soon. Some things look better knitted than crocheted and viceversa. I would think they complement each other. My mum is learning to knit socks with 5 needles so I just want to learn that too !

  5. Hello Linda, I agree I like the knitted version too.. It is amazing how different they look.. If I had the energy I would learn how to knit.. Hugs Judy

  6. I crocheted long before I knew how to knit. What turned me on to knitting was a pair of socks displayed at a yarn store. Crocheted socks just don't cut it. So I learned to knit, and now I knit almost exclusively. The only crocheting I do is for doilies and blanket edgings.

  7. Both of the little hats are cute. There's definitely a difference, but I'm gonna have to stick with crochet. :)

  8. I'd have to say knitting is my favourite in most things. But I do love granny square blankets & cushions!! Even this morning I was wondering if I could knit something similar to a crocheted granny square. Your hats look so cheery, but I like the knitted one best too ;) And what's this about a knitting challenge in the New Year?! I'm listening .... Wendy x

  9. Well, you know in my case you are preaching to the converted!! I was almost born with knitting needles in my hands. I have to make myself crochet something every couple of months otherwise I would forget the little I have managed to learn. I agree crochet is much quicker for scarves and blankets. It can also look very pretty for baby clothes, but probably not the way I would do it!!

  10. It is like you read my mind, Linda! I have the same dilemma.
    I guess I prefer crochet for some things, and knit for others. I like to jump from one to the other, becasue I enjoy both. Regarding hats, I agree that the knit ones feel softer, but the crochet ones look cute too.
    It is good to know both crafts ;-)

  11. I feel there are pros and cons on both sides of the fence (you can see I like a bet each way), and both of your hats are lovely Linda! I grew up with knitting but have been hooked on crochet since starting a couple of years or so ago, nevertheless it's hard (for me) to beat a well knit garment, although I haven't yet attempted a crochet cardigan - having been unable to find a pattern I like. But, I have found crochet much easier when it comes to mistakes and you only have one stitch to pick up rather than a needle full after frogging! For me the jury is still out and I feel there's definitely room to fully enjoy both! Very interesting and tantalising post Linda - made me think! Hugs, Joy x

  12. Used to knit more than crochet. But hand injuries and arthritis now make it difficult to knit so it's crochet for me :-)

  13. Knitting... my dream.. I like the knitted hat's look, it really looks soft and stretchy. Crochet things can be stiff at times. May be you could start some knitting for beginners party... like offer some simple to make projects for people like me :) Happy weekend, Linda!

  14. I like both versions. The crocheted had is probabely more sturdy and warmer. I like knitting and crocheting. I learnt knitting first (a neighbour taught me when I was 5) and started crocheting in second grad two years later.

  15. I did a similar experiment a while ago with puppets, and found knitting took less wool than the sc (don't we call it dc in the uk) version of a puppet. The crochet puppet took far longer, but that may be just me as I am a more experienced knitter. Maybe I should try and design a 'granny square' puppet. That would be quicker. Anyone out there up for that challenge???

  16. Me personally I love the knitted one! Lately I just love the way knit looks compared to crochet on somethings and that is why I've been trying to teach myself "how to knit". Thanks for posting this little post comparing the two. This just encourages me to try knit again and again until I get it!
    xx, Shari

  17. I love both crafts but for me clothes are knitted and blankies are crocheted.
    Love both of yours though x


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