Tuesday 19 August 2014

Bubbles Baby Blanket

What is your most favourite thing to make? mine has got to be blankets and afghans, the problem is they can take a while to make...

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unless you make a baby blanket, making baby blankets gives you the opportunity to try out new patterns and stitches and because they don't take long you won't get bored with it and hide it away for months on end which I have a tendency to do with larger blankets..

and hopefully you will find one you really like which I have with this one, I have used this pattern many times.

It's easy, works up very quickly, has a beautiful textured finish, there's no obvious holes where a little one might trap their fingers and best of all you don't need an edging unless you want to of course.

I used variegated Dk baby wool for this little blanket which I bought from Aldi a while back, I wish I had bought more! it used 200  grams which was just enough to make  a preemie sized blanket measuring 24"x20".

 You can find the pattern here the pattern uses two strands of yarn but I used only one strand for mine which I think is less bulky and more suitable for a frail preemie baby. 

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  1. Sweet....
    Have a great day !

  2. Thanks for the pattern. I have saved it for the future. I had to laugh at the bit that says it works up in 3 hours!!!

  3. Que manta mais fofa!
    Parabéns pelo trabalho e pela escolha das cores! Perfeita!
    Beijos e um linda dia,

  4. I love making afghans and blankets also. Thanks for the link.

  5. A beautiful blanket. I love the bonbon colors.


  6. I really like that blanket Linda - the blue and pink yarn is pretty. Have a good day. :)

  7. I love that yarn! The baby blanket is so sweeeet! Love it, and I know it was fun to make.

  8. It's really pretty, Linda. I'm currently in the market for a baby blanket pattern myself, for a friend's baby, so I appreciate your sharing this one.

  9. My favorite thing to make is dishcloths and doilies. :) Dishcloths are like miniature baby blankets. Ha! But I tend to use the same pattern over and over. :) Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  10. I love making doilies. But with doilies I have to check the pattern regularly. So what I love about making baby blankets is that it's the same stitches/pattern over and over. I can watch a movie and crochet at the same time.
    Your baby blanket is gorgeous. The yarn is very pretty, but also the stitch is lovely too.

  11. Darling baby pattern and that yarn is so perfect. I agree about making baby things. The bigger the project the longer it takes and often boredom sets in and the next thing you know you have to force yourself to finish it, but baby things are much easier to deal with. Thanks for sharing.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  12. This baby blanket is darling. The colours and pattern are so pretty!

  13. It is lovely and the colours of the variegated yarn work really well don't they! xx

  14. Love this little blanket - so pretty - and great yarn choice.

  15. Beautiful,so sweet!!

  16. Its so sweet! and the yarn just makes it. :)

  17. Very pretty Linda and that yarn is perfect for it. Love the stitch. My favorite thing to make is shawls I do not wear.

  18. It looks so soft and pretty. I like that yarn and the stitch pattern too! :)


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