Sunday, 3 August 2014

This and that on a Sunday

Hello all you lovely people I hope that you have all had a great week and that you had lots to smile about.  Here is a little peep at just some of the things that made me smile this week......

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the Flower show pictures I'm so pleased that you enjoyed them, this is what I bought it doesn't seem like much but they cost me plenty.

Cute little buttons
Mr Bee and Mrs Ladybird
Licorice for a friend who is rather partial
Two Poppy Plants (hoping they will survive.)
A full sized quilt this is the pillowcase to give you an idea.  I feel that I should have been able to make one for myself rather than buying one but as yet I haven't mastered the art of quilt making, maybe one day :)

Together at last
I don't usually blog that much about my personal life but I'm fit to burst so it has to be said. My daughter got married in Syria over two years ago she lives in the UK and has been trying to get a visa for her husband to come over here and live since then.  It would take me hours to tell you all the problems she has encountered along the way and always with the constant fear that hubby would be injured or killed with the trouble that's going on over there but I'm so pleased to tell you that he is here at last and now they can start their lives together.

I made some red currant jelly with my red currants, I had a huge crop this year, I always think they look so pretty like red jewels glistening in the sun.

A big thank you to Judy who donated this yarn for me to use for charity projects, Judy is one of the lovely ladies who attend the Day Unit where I work, she also loves to help and is making a lovely scarf at the moment which I will show you when finished. 

and finally

Watching the butterflies on my budlea

Have the best of weeks. :)

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  1. Happy Sunday Mrs the jam how it looks...but don't know what " currant " is ,they look like cherries , nice color.Just keep your daughter in paryers,....God always good.Also love your yarns and colors....wondering what is coming next with those beautiful yarns.....;)

  2. What beautiful things you bought!! I especially love the ladybird and the bee. I am so glad for your daughter that she and your son in law can be together at last. I hope that they have long, happy and fulfilling lives together. xx

  3. Yay! Thrice Yay! Such happy news x

  4. Love all the news you shared with us in this post. So glad your son-in-law is now united with your daughter. I suppose there was tons of red tape and all sorts of issues to arrange his coming from a troubled place. Love the buttons and the bee and ladybug. Your flowers are fantastic. I use to have a butterfly bush but it died and it was such a pretty thing, reminded me so much of a lilac bush. the butterflies loved it and it smelled heavenly. Hope you have a great week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. The tick joke made me laugh out loud!

  6. Some lovely buys from your visit to the Flower Show, I love the bee and ladybird, I feel they will be quite a conversation starter for visitors to your garden.
    Great news for your daughter, she must be so relieved to have her husband by her side at last, blessings to them both.
    Your crop of red currants looks enormous and they also look lush, I have never tried red currant jelly but I'm sure you will enjoy the fruits of your labour.
    The buddleia bush is not named the butterfly plant for nothing, it's attracts beautiful butterflies like a moth to a flame, enjoy them dear Linda.
    Have a good week xx

  7. You've had a busy Sunday Linda and what lovely news! The tick warning made me laugh though ...... I had a little picture in my mind xx

  8. So pleased for your daughter and son in law...fabulous news! The quilt looks very pretty. I keep meaning to buy some poppies..they're so beautiful. X

  9. Cute buttons!! The red currants look so fresh. Nice to know that the trouble for your daughter is over and they are happily united:)

  10. Excellent Linda!!! really pleased to hear your son-in-law is finally in the Uk. Can one feel happy for people they don't know?? I say YES one can!!! I feel super happy for them and for you of course :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  11. Hi again Linda. I saw where you posted on my blog that I was a "no reply blogger". Not quite sure about all that because I have been blogging for some time (3 years this Dec.) and that might have come up once before but I brushed it off. Now I am wondering if I need to fix a setting? and if others have run into that problem but didn't want to mention it? I have been getting comments all along so never thought there might be a problem. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this. I went into the "help" for the blog but one might as well go into a maze of headaches. Any help is appreciated. Where exactly does that "no reply" show up anyways?
    Susanne (

  12. Hi Susanne when you leave me a comment I receive it not only here on my blog but also as an email. I like to answer everyone's comments by replying by email rather than on here because not everyone has time to check back here. If I hover my mouse over your name in my email account it comes up as noreplyblogger which means if I answer your email it will go no where because there's no email address.
    How to fix it..... click on design at the top right of your blog, then click on the little arrow top right beside your name, a drop down menu will appear click on settings. then edit and then enter the email address you would like replies to your comments to be sent to. hope this helps
    Being a no reply blogger does not mean that people will not be able to leave you comments on your blog, or not be able to read your comments, it just means that they will be unable to reply to you by email. :)

  13. I am delighted that at last your daughter and SIL are together and am wishing them a bright and loving future together! Everything else falls into insignificance when one's family members are going through heartaches and I'm so happy that now you can just enjoy their happiness together Linda! Thank you for sharing the wonderful news! Thank you also for sharing your lovely buys - love those buttons - and happenings and am wishing you a relaxing and fulfilling week! xoJoy
    PS LOVE the tick warning and will be aware and prepared :):):)

  14. What beautiful cheery finds Linda-love the cute buttons. Your jam looks delicious-will be lovely on a fresh scone! So glad your son-in-law is here safely, that must be such a relief xx

  15. I'm so happy for your daughter and son-in-law. How wonderful! I love that picture of them, they could not be happier. These are all great finds, your quilt set must be beautiful! I laughed at the tick warning; it seems like something I would fall for and be very embarrassed. :)

  16. How wonderful that your daughter and her husband are together at last. I can imagine the setbacks and troubles they encountered. I have a very old friend whose own daughter went through the same anguish when she married outside of the country. It took years, but her husband too was finally admitted to Canada (in a snowstorm!! poor guy), but they've been so happy ever since. You got some lovely things from the show. Love red currant jelly, almost as much as blackcurrant jam. Enjoy your weekend Linda (sorry a bit late in catching up with you). Take care, Wendy x

  17. So glad to hear that your son-in-law was finally able to make it out. May they be blessed with a wonderful, happy life. Best wishes, Tammy


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