Tuesday 14 October 2014

DishCloth Advise Please! and a Doily

Making dishcloths is something I have never really thought about, there always seemed to be something more urgent that needed doing, but have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed a mindless project, one  that could be done while you are company. Something that would allow you to engage in conversation but at the same time enable your hands to do their thing with the hook and yarn without having to think about it too much ? well that's where I was last week. I have lots of things on the go but all my current projects require quiet and no distractions.

I then remembered Merediths lovely dishcloths, you know we don't seem to make them here,  but I remembered a face cloth which I had made a while back but had never actually used and was languishing in the drawer so out it came and I put it to the dishcloth test and washed my dishes with it.

It worked a treat and so out came a ball of Lily Sugar n cream solids in a lovely shade of green and I spent a pleasant evening with my family chatting and mindlessly crocheting away at my dishcloth and at the end of the evening it was complete, everyone was suitably impressed and gave the appropriate comments but I think they think poor mother is losing it bit because dishcloths are usually bought here or we use a bit of old towel or something.

Pattern here
I was so pleased with the result I thought it would be a good idea to introduce my family and friends to the world of crocheted dishcloths this Christmas but first I wanted to give my new green dishcloth a trial run.

The Verdict

I found it too bulky, but maybe that's because it's new to me, maybe it would be better made in a finer yarn say Dk. 

The colour ran...does that mean if I make one in multiple colours the colours will run into each other and even worse into other things if I put it into the washing machine?

So please all you dishcloth experts please tell me

What is your favourite dishcloth yarn?

Does the colour just run when the dishcloth is new?

How do you wash them do you just throw them into the washing machine, I was thinking maybe wash just dish cloths together on their own but if the colours all run into each other I would hate to think what colour they will be when they came out.

Do you think I'm crazy ?
 ( you can ignore the last one because I know the answer anyway)

Moving on ... 
As you all know I have projects all over the place and I really didn't need this but that Pammy Sue can be so persuasive, she is making the most beautiful HUGE! doily and has invited us to make one along with her, well at first I declined but then I remembered my daughter moving into her new home and her large round coffee table and I thought this doily would look lovely on there.  She likes bright coloured accessories because her decor is bland, she was talking about buying a fuchsia rug and I thought a fuchsia doily would complement it, even better I had some fuchsia thread.

This is where I am so far, I'm onto round 13, then an awful thought struck me she hasn't even bought the rug yet! what if she buy's a different colour one that will clash with fuchsia? and so it's on hold.... I may just finish it anyway it would look good on my bedroom drawers but that means I would need to make two one for each set of drawers and then another for my daughter so that would mean making three,,,,still thinking..?? 

Still talking about fuschia...
Remember that rose bud last week?

well look at it now

It's so huge and beautiful with the most heavenly scent ever. Hope you all have a great week.! 

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  1. Hi Linda - that doily is gorgeous, and your daughter is bound to love it. I crochet dish cloths, and always use cotton yarn. Lidl sometimes sell it, but theirs is rather thin, so I use double thread. I always use pastel colours, as darker ones run, or our local wool shop stocks 'dish cloth yarn' which is white or ecru. You're right that they're unusual in the UK - I first had some as a gift from a friend abroad. Since then, I've been 'hooked'. Have a great week, Chris x

  2. Nice work ! I should try dishclothes. I saw what Merediths makes and now yours... so I'll probably try !! thanks for sharing ! Enjoy and have a lovely day ! see you

  3. Always beautiful creations !!!! I can't help you with the dishcloth....never done one...
    Have a nice day !

  4. I have no advice on the dishcloths. The only thing I can think of is what you already thought of - a thinner cotton to work with.
    Your doily is looking beautiful. :)

  5. The dishcloths look lovely! The doily also. I made my first dishcloth 18 months ago and it is still going strong. I was it in washing machine. The dye ran the first time, but then it was ok,. I sometimes zap it in microwave to kill germs. I use dk and find it the right thickness. I have made a white and turquoise one and the dyes didn't run. You could do what I did last Christmas if you are worried about the dye, I made them out of ecru cotton and paired them with fancy natural soaps tied up with raffia. Made a few converts!

  6. I've never made a dishcloth but how about making one with cotton string? It would have a good texture and wash easily and shouldn't be too bulky if you use a fairly loose pattern. Just a thought :)

  7. Your dishcloths look great Linda! I make my dishcloths and LOVE them. I make them from a pattern that looks like a doily and is knit in the round. The pattern calls for mercerized cotton, but I used 4-ply cheap cotton. The thicker yarn makes the dishcloth huge, but I do a lot of handwashing and really like the large size (I don't have very delicate hands). The colours bleached out of the dishcloths quite a lot, but I never had trouble with it bleeding onto other clothes in the washing machine. Wendy

  8. The doily looks very nice, Linda. I like the color.
    I make a lot of dishcloths. I usually use Lily Sugar and Cream or Bernat; both are worsted weight. The darker colors can run sometimes. I wash them in cold water in the washing machine with the rest of the towels and washcloths. We love using them for face washing more than dish washing. Drying can take a little while; the best way I've found is to hang them on a hook or over a towel rack. But despite a few negatives, I prefer hand crocheted washcloths to store bought.

  9. Crocheted dishcloths are something that are only just gaining popularity in Australia as well. I first tried some a few years back and now I use them all the time. I use whatever cotton yarn I can get hold of.... preferably 8ply (dk) seems to work really well. I do love the sugar n cream cotton yarn (unfortunately very expensive to get hold of & not easy to get here in Australia).... it does make a thicker one. The other thing with dishcloths is the type of pattern you use....... for normal hand washing up and such, I now just tend to make approx. 25 or so chain then I do rows of treble with perhaps a couple of double crochet rows in between.... I find these seem to work well. I've not had problems with the colour running before. All my dishcloths get thrown into the washing machine! hope this helps

  10. I have never made dishcloths Linda, my sister makes them all the time and she gifted me one for my birthday. It is a blue and white striped knitted one and it is in a soft DK , anyway I found it on her Raverly page http://www.ravelry.com/projects/aunt-maud-knits/double-bump-dishcloth if you want to take a look at the yarn. It really is a lovely yarn and it hasn't run at all when I used it.

    Doily making, that's different for you. I think the best thing about doily making is that you can stop at any size pretty much. I do love the fuchsia and a complementary bright colour for fuchsia is orange!

    The rose is so pretty, isn't mother nature marvellous xx

  11. Your doily is looking beautiful :) I love this color.
    I don't make or use dishcloths. It's not popular here. We generally use a scrubber to wash and colorfast cotton kitchen towels to wipe it dry. If the he color runs for a dishcloth, then definitely it's not good for kitchen items.
    But your dishcloth looks pretty :) it can be used as a table mat too.

  12. Dishcloths definitely. I made one in soft crochet cotton with a bee motif, last year for my best friend. She loves bees. Gave it with a lovely bar of soap. Job done and well received.
    Jacqui xx

  13. Linda, I don't think I have ever had my dish cloths color to run. I do know there is a trick with fabric and embroidery floss where you use vinegar to "set" the color red, but I would have to research it on google to get the exact instructions. I use my knitted/crocheted cloths and also find them a bit too bulky, but that is because I prefer a lighter cloth. Still, I will use them and for me I am all about bleaching my towels and wash cloths so in the end they are no longer the original color they started out as. They look faded and eventually they become worn with the start of a small hole, grrrrr. I figure nothing lasts forever and they would fall apart sooner or later. I really think it would be more of a crime to make them, tuck them away in a drawer never to see daylight again. The doily is coming along. I'm sure your daughter will love getting it. Still planning on doing the slipper instructions. Today I roam around favorite blogs in between loads of laundry. Hope all is well.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. Alas I cannot offer any advice on the crochet dish cloth front, I have not heard of a crochet dish cloth....but then I don't get out much:) Wonderful idea though. Your doily is lovely and that rose of yours....just beautiful!

  15. Oh dear, so many questions, so many worries, you sound as though your mind is very occupied. I don't have any answers, but I like what you have made and hope that you can work it all out! xx

  16. I am glad you asked...because I have always wondered about the dishcloths. Do they use it to wash the dishes? (I am learning a lot from reading the comments!) Let us know how it works out...and maybe I will try one too.
    The doily is looking beautiful. If it does not match your daughter's home, you can always keep it for yourself ;-)

  17. I don't have any advice, I've really not tried making cloths yet. Just one so far, which I sent away as a gift, and never heard about it again, so I'm assuming it didn't really please its recipient! Oh well. I hope you get the information you need. The doily is looking great so far, it's really nice that you're making it just for your daughter. I'm sure she'll love it.

  18. I think the more you use them the more you will like them. I have had mine a long time and yes they fade a bit but nothing crazy. I throw them in the washer, the dryer and new even think about it. Love yours Linda.


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