Sunday 19 October 2014

Sunday Smiles

The first thing to make me smile is all your great dishcloth feedback, thank you so much it has clarified the dishcloth making process so much for me and made me eager to make more, so much so I have gone and bought these,,,,

They are Aran weight but not quite as thick as the Lily sugar n cream and because of reassurances about the colour's running I'm quite happy to make them bright and cheerful. In fact although the colour did initially run from my green dishcloth it has stopped now and I do love it now that I'm getting used to it so I hope my friends and family will like them too I have one on the hook as we speak a facecloth in fact for a birthday gift, will show you once it's done. :)

I love poppies be they real

or handmade...
I have been making these for a sea of poppies project.
Some in crochet and

a knitted one..

I much preferred making the crochet ones they took me no time at all, I found the knitted one a bit fiddly and there was sewing involved that's why there is only one and why there are only four petals when there are five in the pattern.
There are loads of poppy patterns for free if you fancy making some yourself or just click on the pictures to find the patterns I've used although I did play around with them a bit I just can't help myself :) 

Doily Progress

This is where I am now, round 19 and there are 34 rounds! I really am a slow coach I think everyone else has finished theirs but I did pause for a while to see if daughter was going to buy a fuchsia rug,well she didn't but all wasn't lost because she did buy some fuschia cushions yay!! 

I'm loving making this doily because it's something I don't usually do, some of the rounds are quite challenging and it takes forever to finish a round, the bigger it gets the longer it takes but of course but theres no hurry, it will get done one day.

Visit Pammy Sue to see how beautiful hers has turned out and there are pictures others finished doilies too.

Have a great week!

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  1. Don't sweat it, Linda! There are several others who are still working on their doilies too. There is no hurry. The only rule is you have to remember to enjoy this booger of a pattern. :) Love the dishcloth yarn!

  2. Your poppies look great, I really like the buttons which you used as the centres.

  3. Glad that you worked things out with the dishcloths! The poppies will be a very contribution to this project. xx

  4. The colours of cotton are nice and cheery! The dishcloths are going to look great with these colours. I love the doily too. Wendy x

  5. Great yarn for dishcloths! You have been up top a lot of fun Linda!

  6. Your crochet poppies are looking lovely:) I have never been successful in growing poppies in my pots ...too delicate and they die out soon as we have hot weather. Your doily is growing nicely . Looking forward to see colorful dishcloths in those yummy Colored yarns.

  7. Love the colours you have chosen for your dishcloths x

  8. The yarn you've chosen for the dishclothes is so cute! I love the poppies xx

  9. Lovely yarns, puppies and doily !
    Have a great weekend !

  10. Yummy cotton yarns to make those dishcloths from. Love the doily, the color is fantastic and would look great anywhere.

  11. Lovely colours for the dishcloths, The doily is coming along a treat! I love the poppies and think that the crochet ones are the best(but then I am biased towards crochet, lol!) Have a great week.

  12. Hi Linda, your poppies are really adorable!!! The doily has a terrific color!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  13. You are busy! Love the crochet poppies.


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