Thursday, 31 March 2016

Teddy Puppet Appeal

As you know I am aiming to make at least Two Teddy Puppets each month to help OCC Barton upon Humber reach their target....

Teddy Bear Challenge 2016
By request we are running our Teddy Bear Challenge again this year! With your talent and help (and a little more time than last year!!!) we are hoping to break the World Record. We need more than 15534 teddy bear puppets to achieve our goal... a huge challenge, but not impossible.
Can you help us to spread the word and drum up support - we need your help to make this possible! 

Latest Count   22nd September........                                               


July Teds
Made by Maureen
June Teds
May Teds
April Teds
March Teds
February Teds

January Teds

These little puppets are so easy to make and are great for using up those little bits of stash yarn that you don't know what to do with.

if you would like to help here are the patterns..


and you can find the crochet pattern here

details of where to get the address to send your puppets on their Facebook page here

A great weekend project have Fun! :) 

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  1. So cute! Goodness, they sure do need a lot. I'll check out the pattern.

  2. Thanks for blooging about this....I will knit up a few teddies for their appeal

  3. Linda, I have just blogged about the teddy appeal as well. I have put links to your blog and also to your teddy crochet pattern. Hope this is ok.


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