Sunday, 2 October 2022


 Time seems to fly and at the same time it drags if that makes sense, I suppose it depends on how you look at things, when you are waiting for something to happen then it seems to drag but when you look at the date, October already you think here we are nearly at the end of another year, where has it gone?

Things have moved on a bit since my last post but there is still a lot of stuff up in the air which could take sometime but thank goodness for the things that keep us sane like this...

This is the Festive Forest SAL from Stitchdoodles I had so much fun embroidering this little cabin and I think for the first time ever I managed to complete it in time for part two where we sew the candy canes and the little birds that sit on the top.  The candy canes are done but I'm having a bit of a hard time with the owl, it's not easy for me to embroider small things without them looking a bit of a mess I have already unpicked the owls face once and will have to try again.

After visiting Linda at Crafty Gardener I see yet another SAL has started from Stitchdoodles Stitch a Leaf a Day what fun!  it's a free template too, do I have time to do this too do you think? I'll certainly have a try but I'll have to play catch up it's day two already.

My builder knocked on my door at 7pm the other night and said I'm going to start on your bathroom he gutted it and this is how it looks now..

He said he would come back and continue the next day but he's been nowhere near since so this is the third day it has been left like this, to say I'm angry is an understatement. Why do these builders take on so many jobs at once instead of finishing them one job or even two at a time. 
Let's see what tomorrow brings.đŸ€ž

I'm linking with Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday I love to see what everyone has been up to there's so much inspiration.

Have a great Sunday 😊


  1. What a cute embroidery!!! At first glance, I thought you were doing some rug hooking. We are in the midst of a reno too. Hope yours moves along soon.

    Gail at the Cozy Quilter

  2. Lovely embroidery ! Beautiful bright colors !
    Builders are the same everywhere...unfortunately...Why don't they finish what they start ? They would be pay promptly and we would be happy quickly...
    Have a nice week !

  3. I saw the stitch along at Stitchdoodles, and did think about joining. Thanks for the shout out, did you join the October stitch along there. I think I'll have a hard time doing just one leaf a day. Good to see you at Slow Stitching Sunday.

  4. Hoping your contracter comes back soon to finish the job! Your stitching is beautiful!

  5. Hi Linda, I almost bought this pattern so I'm delighted to see your lovely work on it. Nice covering stitching. Hope the worker comes back...very annoying if he doesn't.

  6. Yours embroidery is looking good Linda and I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes along next time we meet. I'm glad to hear that Dirk finally made an appearance - but he started at 7pm??? What time did he finish? It's disgraceful to leave you in that situation - I hope he left you with a working toilet? Let's hope he turns up again tomorrow. Babs xxx

  7. Pretty embroidery, Stitch Doodles has some wonderful designs. Such a wonderful picture in your header too!

  8. That is a terrible state to leave your washroom in! I do hope it is repaired quickly this week! In the meantime, you can stitch your frustrations out... it does keep us sane!
    Thanks for linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching!

  9. Your embroidery is very pretty. I am looking forward to seeing those candy canes. So sorry about the contractor.

  10. Cute little cabin, you did a wonderful embroidery, Linda. Hope the work come back to finish the job soon.

  11. Your embroidery looks lovely.
    Hope the workman come back to do more on your bathroom soon.

    All the best Jan

  12. Oh no! I do hope your builder has since returned. I'm not surprised you're angry.
    Your embroidery is beautiful. Such a cute little cabin. Xx

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  14. I love your little cabin! The different stitches give it a wonderful texture. Looking forward to the candy cane.

  15. I totally get the time dragging thing/time flying thing. Summer seemed to drag as I awaited my hand surgery, then all of a sudden I was in the surgery center in a hospital gown - wondering if I was really ready to do this! Now time is dragging as I feel hampered in doing the things I want to do, but I know a few months from now I'll be dazed and amazed at what I can do (I hope, anyway). I love that Festive Forest SAL. And I considered (for about two seconds) participating in the Leaf a Day SAL - 'till I remembered my splinted hand. I will enjoy stitching and crocheting vicariously through you, Linda. I look forward to all your pretty, often whimsical creations.

  16. I understand exactly what you mean about time, I can't believe we're into October already, but at the same time, things that happened at the start of the year seem long ago now. I can't believe the builder left your bathroom in that state, well I can, it's par for the course with tradesmen I'm afraid. It's so annoying. I hope he's been back to get on with the job.


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