Friday 12 February 2016

Five on Friday

Decisions have been made!

But not all I hasten to add, thank you for all your suggestions and idea's last week I really enjoyed reading them and I considered each and every one of them very seriously indeed.

It's funny how when you decide to do something it quickly escalates, believe you me just because I'm getting new sofa's the entire living room has been under scrutiny, I considered new carpeting, then perhaps a new door from the hallway to the lounge because the present door is quite shabby but that would mean buying two because I would have to change the kitchen one to match.  Then should I get new curtains? so...

I have decided to paint the walls in a shade of white at the moment Jasmine white is out front, I have dado rails and have yet to decide on their colour should they be the same as the walls, pure white, green, a coffee type colour?
I have decided to keep the door and am just going to paint it, but what colour?  pure white or whatever I decide for the dado rails??

I have decided I am keeping the carpet if I do stay in this house I will change it later but I will buy a rug in a colour/colours to tie the whole colour scheme together whatever colour that may turn out to be.
I want new curtains in a neutral colour along with a fleck of the same colour as the dado rails whatever colour they turn out to be.
As always all your idea's and suggestions gratefully received the decisions need to be made pretty quickly because everything needs to be done before the arrival of new sofa's in approximately 3-4 weeks.
So far I have taken the pictures down from the walls haha well it's a start!

After lots of research and careful consideration about the tracker bracelets I have decided not to go for a bracelet at all I wouldn't be able to wear it for work anyway but a fob type device which can be placed in your pocket or pinned about your person somewhere. The winner was the fit-bit one, I like the look of it and it has great reviews.  I had an Amazon gift voucher so it has only cost me £10 so I can't wait for it to arrive.

I have finished my mittens or Split mittens, they were designed by Christine (Winwick Mum) 

They fit great, are lovely and warm and of course are very practical too. I made them over two evenings super quick to make in chunky yarn I used Style-craft special chunky and Bonus chunky out of my chunky stash left over from my mini rings of change last year. You can find the pattern here

I decided to go into town last Sunday to look at curtains and things and on the way my car began to wobble alarmingly, bear in mind I was driving at about 45 mph at the time, there were cars in front and behind me and no where to stop. I slowed right down to 20 mph my heart was thumping  because I could hardly control the car, I managed to drive around the next roundabout and pull into a side road and as the car came to a halt my tyre flew off.....

Have you ever seen anything like it! Anyway I called out the RAC and they put my temporary tyre on and I had  all my tyres changed the next day. I'm still shaking when I think about it! from now on I will check my tyres everyday before I get into the car.

Car now resplendent with new tyres, has had a good check up and now has a clean bill of health.

When I went to visit my boyfriend the other night he told me that he has started reading Shakespeare loves it and has just bought the complete works, he spends nearly all his spare time reading and his spare room is like a library, it's shelved from floor to ceiling and every conceivable place is filled with books which spill over into his living room and bedroom too.  The next day when my car had been newly tyred I made that journey into town and while I was browsing came across this picture..

I couldn't believe it what a coincidence, I though that's just the thing for Kevin to put on his wall if he can find any wall space between the books that is, it's his birthday at the end of the month so I will give it to him then along with the socks I made him for Christmas but weren't gifted then because I decided to give him them for his birthday instead.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the living room. It's like when you have to do a spot clean on the carpet. You then notice another bit, then another and by the time you've finished, you might as well have just cleaned the whole carpet!!

  2. What a lovely present that Shakespeare poster! Have a Happy Valentine's Day Linda ♥

  3. Wow so much in this post. Glad all ok after the puncture scare. That's was scary but luckily ok. Glad you've made decisions re decorating. Think neutral was a good choice esp if you do try to sell. Love the mittens keep meaning to make that same pair myself!

  4. What an awful thing to happen, I'm so glad you didn't have an accident and that your tyres have all been checked. :-)

  5. Oh, what a scary moment you must have had when your tyre flew off. We had something similar happen to us and luckily were close to a tyre depot when it happened. Glad you were ok. Enjoy using your Fitbit, I love mine. xx

  6. Oh poor you with the tyre. I had something similar with my brakes a couple of weeks ago. It's very scary! Take care and give yourself some time to get over it.
    Nice mittens, by the way!

  7. You have had a productive week! I love your two-tone mittens, they look fantastic! It's been really lovely to see how they've been turning out with different yarns. Hope you have an equally productive week next week and that Kevin loves his picture - I'm sure he will! xx

  8. Good luck with the living room. I have a hard time making those types of decisions. So glad you were going slow when the tire flew off. Never know what could happen in that type of situation. Great birthday gifts for Kevin. happy weekend, Tammy

  9. Lovely mittens !!! The two colors match perfectly !!!
    Hope you'll have a relax weekend ! You certainly need it after this week...

  10. Love the mittens they look very cosy. Glad you are sorting out your colour schemes. Hope you enjoy Shakespeare as well ! Have a good weekend. Barbara X

  11. Happy to hear you have made some decisions. Love the mittens and the picture is perfect.


  12. Oh gosh, that is terrifying about your car, I am glad that you came to a safe stop and got sorted out alright. The mittens are fab aren't they and that picture will be wonderful for your boyfriend! Enjoy your new fitbit and let me know how you get on with it. Hope the decorating goes well. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, Happy Valentines! xx

  13. Oh Linda how scary, I am so glad you were not hurt when that tire blew off. I love that your boyfriend has books spilling out all over and you have yarn spilling out all over, you are a lovely pair.

  14. Wow, what a scary thing to happen with your care tires. I'm glad you are OK. The mittens you made are so nice. I may have to find some yarn and make a pair. Enjoy your weekend :) Pat

  15. Glad you've made some decisions about the colour scheme. The tyre incident must have been awful. Hope you've got over the scare. The picture is perfect and I'm sure your boyfriend will be pleased with it. Thank you for the helpful info about the sort of yarn you use in your craftwork which you left on my blog. I hope you have a very relaxing weekend.

  16. That was so close. Good that you timely parked it. I get so scared when anything is out of control that I stop in the middle of the road with all indicators on and ready to face traffic police to pay penalty. I just can't manage any trouble. The mittens are lovely and the poster is apt for a book lover. He will definitely love it :) Good luck with your house work, I hope you get perfect combination for everything :)

  17. That tyre looks seriously scary. You were very lucky to stop when you did. As for the mittens, they look really practical and you made them so quickly!

  18. If you can find a print called "The Bookworm", it would make a perfect gift. I have one framed in my office (which is full of bookshelves). The cute guy on the ladder is supposed to be dusting the books, but instead, he has one between his knees, one under his left elbow, one in his right hand, and his nose stuck in another. Reading is much more fun than dusting.

    Just Google it, and you'll be able to take a look.

  19. Glad you made a safe stop with the destroyed tire! I panic when things go wrong when I'm driving alone, and have turned back home a couple of times because something didn't seem right. Each time I was correct as things had broken and we just hadn't realized yet.
    Lots of decisions with the living room. I painted all the things that aren't walls (ie. door frames, baseboards, railing spindles) the same ... white. My walls are taupe, and I like the crisp look of the white sort of framing everything. Good luck with all your choices. Are you showing before & after shots?
    I love split mittens, and they are so handy in the deep freeze of winter when you can't take your mittens completely off for more than a minute without frostbite ... like today at -30C!
    Happy Valentine's Day Linda :)

  20. I love your split mittens Linda.
    Thanks so much for joining and sharing at our Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

  21. Such cute mittens! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!


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