Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Yarn Along.

I have a feeling that there won't be a lot of finishes this month because most of the projects I'm working on are long term works in progress or new starts, however I'm sure I will complete these quite quickly...

Mittens for me made in lovely thick chunky yarn so they are working up quite quickly.  I find it quite hard to work with thicker yarns there seems to be more wear and tear on your hands. I'm hoping they will be ready soon my poor hands are freezing!

I had another trip to the library last week and borrowed these..

There are some really sweet projects in this book and a couple I wouldn't mind making.

Delicious socks I love those on the front cover but I fear they are way beyond me, well put it this way I know I could make them if I really put my mind to it but it would take me forever and I mean months! I'm quite happy to make plain socks and let the yarn do the talking, but it's lovely just to browse through this book and see all the sock possibilities.

Now this is more like it you can see how deep my reading goes, I'm really enjoying this book, it's about two married women who are looking for something different in their lives, they are thinking there has to be more to life than this and they leave home for a week to attend a  tai chi course. As you can imagine there is temptation aplenty when they arrive and I'm now wondering will they or won't they added to which one of them has left a very beautiful au pair at home to look after her husband and children and the usually straight laced steeped in routine hubby is finding it very hard to resist the very beautiful fun loving au pair so will he or won't he.??? I think he will myself. :)

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along

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  1. Ha your reading style matches mine, I enjoy Carol Matthews so will look out for this book. I do like the sock book too xx

  2. I bet he doesn't!!!
    Gorgeous mittens X

  3. It is good to have some quicker projects to work on amongst the longer term ones isn't it! xx

  4. That socks book looks very interesting. Your mittens are looking warm and cosy already. I hear snow might be on the way, so you'll have to knit faster!

  5. Linda, seems you've got a very busy month ahead :) I never knitted anything more than a tiny bit of Please suggest an easy knitting project to start with?I know how to cast on and make basic right and wrong side stitches.I would like to learn knitting properly :)

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. Your mittens are looking nice, Linda!! Can you knit with mittens on hands?
    You got some interesting reads there. Enjoy:)

  7. I am sure your mittens are going to be really snug and cozy. Glad you are enjoying your book, a colleague at work has recommended Carole Matthews to me so they have been added to my wish list. xx

  8. I bet he does, but maybe his wife won't even care because she wants something different herself.


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