Tuesday 16 February 2016

February Sweater

I have challenged myself to make a monthly sweater for the boys, this is what I have made this month...

 I was e-mailed by the charity concerned and asked if I could make a sweater for a five year old boy who was living in squalid living conditions here in England, it's hard to think that there are people living almost on your doorstep who can't even afford to cloth their children in warm clothing.

 I was told that he was small for his age because he was recovering from cancer bless him it breaks your heart.  I have never reached so quickly for hook and yarn and I had this little sweater made and sent off in a matter of days, I added a little T shirt for added warmth.

I hope that it will help to keep him just that little bit Warmer this winter.

Made with Dk yarn from my stash using a 4 mm sized hook.
It took 184 grams.
The pattern was easy to follow and worked up very quickly and can be found here

I hope that you are all having a great week so far, it's absolutely freezing here and snow is forecast it's a perfect day for staying cosy and warm inside and working on the border of my Cheerful Child Blanket.  What was that? did I hear you say something about the decorating, yes well I have washed the walls down and everything is ready I just need to buy the paint and I THINK I have decided on the colour too so soon very soon. :) 

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  1. A lovely sweater indeed !!!
    Have a cosy day !

  2. Aww Linda, that made me tear up. Poor lile lad :-(
    I hope he feels warm and hugged in your gift xx

  3. What a wonderful and kind person you are. I'm sure the sweater with be greatly appreciated.

  4. What a pretty linda. I'm sure he will enjoy it.


  5. That poor little boy. I hope he will be alright. This is a very nice sweater. You're so kind to do something to help him.

  6. That jumper will be perfect and you made it so quickly. The t-shirt is a good finishing touch. I wear jumpers and t-shirts at this time of year.

  7. How kind of you to whip a jumper up so quickly. I hope the little boy will be ok. It is unbelievable isn't it to think in this day and age there are still children living in squalid conditions. xx

  8. Cute sweater, Linda!! So kind of you to quickly provide the much needed warmth for the little boy :) He sure will be happy to get a new sweater.

  9. Poor little chap. Smashing jumper he will look so smart in it!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  10. I felt a little sad reading this post, a lovely kind lady you are making him a sweater xx

  11. That is a beautiful sweater Linda, and I'm sure it will make the little boy a little happier and much warmer this winter. It is sad to realize there are people in great need living everywhere.

  12. A wonderful thing for you to have done. I am sure that it will bring great warmth and comfort! xx

  13. Such a lovely jumper, Linda. I haven't tried to crochet jumpers before, so thank you for the pattern link, I will have a go at that.

  14. Poor little boy, how sad :-(. But your sweater is really great, Linda, he will be very happy about it. And I'm sure that the love you weaved in while crocheting will magically help in bringing him back to health ♥. Hugs, Nata

  15. Love your 'February Sweater' - so practical. well done for making a difference in a little boy's life. x


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