Tuesday 23 December 2014

All wrapped up.

How are you all doing? the big day is almost upon us, I hope you are all ready with the Christmas shopping and wrapping out of the way so that you can all relax and enjoy the festivities.

My sons girlfriend arrived safely from Hong Kong yesterday and she spent the whole day and night sleeping and is now sitting eating breakfast.  She's so tiny and sweet and is already asking how she can help me with the Christmas preparations :)

I am almost done just a few last minute details to care of I was going to make cookies and trifle but Emily and Barry have said they will do that for me, I have a few last minute gifts to wrap but Emily has jumped in and said that she would do that for me too so maybe I can begin to relax now, it's so strange to have people do things for me and it's a great feeling.

Can you remember Emilys shawl, well I called her family and asked if they could pass by the Day Unit and collect it for her, they said they would but as yet no one has so that is upsetting me a little, I put a lot of work into the shawl and I would have liked Emily to have it for Christmas but it doesn't look like it's going to happen.

I have been waiting for the weather to brighten so that I could show you some of the gifts I have been making it's raining and cloudy again today but I have taken these photo's anyway so please excuse the poor quality.

An assortment of dishcloths, I had so much fun making these but I should have started earlier I would have liked to have made more. 

This pattern was one of the patterns in Drops advent calendar this year, I had to quickly hook up a few...

to tie around the dishcloths for a pretty final touch.

I have collected lots of great Christmas gift ideas from the Drops calendar this year unfortunately I haven't had the time to use many of them but I have pinned them for next year and I will be organised much earlier, of course I say this every year haha.

Meredith has got me hooked on making these, so quick and easy and very cosy to wear too. Pattern here. I want to make one for myself in the same shades I really love it. I hope my friend will too... see those buttons they cost more than the yarn for the cowl but I saw them loved them and just had to have them. :)
 Then I knit this neck warmer using the same technique as block 10 in the 200 hundred knitted blocks, it was made in no time, I can't decide which brooch looks best the flower or the snowflake what do you think?

Look what the lovely postman brought for me today presented in a lovely sack and tied with a bow from the woolwarehouse 

I will open it the 26th because that's when I will be joining in with Kate for the mini rings of change CAL you can read all about it here 

That just leaves me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas I hope you all have a fabulous and peaceful time with your loved ones and try not to eat too much...now where did I put those chocolates :) xxx

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  1. You've been very busy, Linda. Lots of lovely gifts. I especially love the cowls. Might try to make one myself. Have a very Happy Christmas with your family.
    Jacqui xx

  2. Your fireplace and mantel look so pretty and Christmasy. Love the cowls you have made! Merry Christmas to you too, Linda!

  3. Well I certainly hope you are able to relax a bit now that Christmas is just around the corner. Lovely to know that you have visitors who are willing to lend a hand. You have been busy making so many wonderful gifts. I wish I had more time for everything. So much inspiration, so much I want to do. Happy holidays, Tammy

  4. So glad you're enjoying visiting with your son and his girlfriend :-) I hope your friend's able to get her shawl in time.Terrific washcloths; I love the poinsettias you made to wrap them. So glad your yarn arrived in time. Merry Christmas!

  5. My favourite brooch is the snowflake and I love that purple variegated yarn. Fingers crossed that the relatives remember to collect the shawl. I remember how lovely it is.

  6. Your mantlepiece looks so lovely and festive! I do hope that someone swings by and picks up Emily's shawl. As always, you have knitted/crocheted some lovely pretties. I love the multi-coloured neck warmer. It would be hard to be anything but happy with this pretty wrapped around one's neck. Wishing you and yours the most joyous of Christmases!

  7. Love your knitting. The snowflake brooch is fab.
    Sending your Christmas Wishes.

  8. Enjoy all the help from your little Christmas elves Linda. That is so nice of them to give a helping hand. All your shawls and cowls are so nice, I love them all.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Much love....Shari
    p.s. Enjoy those chocolates!!!!

  9. Mrs . Linda
    During this time of faith and family may the true meaning of Christmas provide you with joy. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    Wow ...great gift ,yarns,nice colors,love your scarf and the neck warmers ..brooches are both cute.


  10. Lovely creations!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  11. Merry Christmas to you and your family !! Your gifts are beautiful :) I think both the brooches are looking great!! Just close your eyes and pick any one ;)

  12. Merry Christmas !!!!
    Big hug !

  13. Hoping Emily gets her Shawl by today. Love everything you have made.
    Wishing you the very best Holiday Linda,

  14. Merry Christmas Linda, how lovely to have your family near to help with your last minute preparations. Your fireplace looks lovely and festive this year.
    Great for you that your son's girlfriend arrived safe and well and now that's she rested you can both spend time getting know one another better.
    What a shame Emily's shawl wasn't picked up, of course she will receive it in the end but I share your feelings that it is still sitting and waiting to get where it is supposed to be.
    I am glad you have pinned the drops calendar patterns as I didn't get chance to keep up with them this year, thank you for that sweetie.
    Yes we always say we will start earlier with the gift making, this year I plan to make one/gift box one throughout the year. That's my plan anyway, I will let you know if that works for me.
    Those neck warmers are beautiful and although I like both brooches I am leaning towards the flower one as my favourite.
    bye for now xx

  15. So pretty neckwarmers, potholders and flowers!! Very lovely yarn, too, I like this color combination. *** Merry Christmas!! ***


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