Monday 8 December 2014

New Shawl beginnings and a room transformation.

Last week was a very busy one for me, I took a week off work to catch up on some jobs that really needed doing but more about that later long last I have started making Emilys shawl, Emily is an elderly lady who used to attend Day Unit she asked me to make it for her months ago.

I'm using Lucys cosy blanket pattern and it's coming highly recommended it's a great pattern to work when you just need to pick something up and get on with it without much effort, it was just the thing to work on between jobs, it won't take me long to get this finished and hopefully Emily will have it in time for Christmas.

Life has been pretty much in a muddle this past week and so has my house, every room was packed with bits and pieces I have taken out of the small room so that I can get it ready for another Emily, this time my sons girlfriend.  She is arriving from Hong Kong on the 22nd I know I have mentioned it several times before can you tell I'm excited to meet her, I'm hoping she will let me put a photo of her on here so that you can meet her too.

Please don't faint when I show you these next pictures but be warned they are pretty bad and I do feel ashamed of myself but I must show you the before or you won't appreciate the after, I'm saying nothing I will just let you gasp in horror this is the small bedroom which also doubles as a study and a dumping ground.....

As you can see I wasn't exaggerating

It took a lot of clearing out and wall preparation especially under the window, a few months ago workmen repaired the outside windowsill and all the plaster fell of the wall on the inside, he did plaster it up again but it was a makeshift job and the wall was and still is quite bumpy in places but I did my best and covered it with lining paper.

and yes I'm a messy worker too! I painted the walls with pink harmony a lovely shade of pink, painted the door and the skirting boards then pulled up the old carpet..

and laid a new one then...

hung up the new curtains, aren't they pretty :)

So here it is all finished.....

Emily is a great cat lover so I have placed this little friend on the bed to greet her when she comes :)

So what do you think, do you like it? I love it it's so cosy and warm, I hope Emily will like it too.

Apart from readying the bedroom last week, I also tried to repair the wall under the bay window in the sitting room it had crumbling plaster too! it looks better but certainly not perfect and of course I had to find a home for all the junk I took out of the small bedroom, a lot of it ended up at the skip it feels great to have a huge clear out don't you think?

Now I'm sure I heard something about Christmas coming soon perhaps I had better start thinking about that now. 

Have a great week all of you and enjoy your Christmas preparations. :) xx 

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  1. Wow! What a busy week Linda - all your hard work has paid off though what a beautiful and welcoming room! Love the duvet cover...we've got one like that too!!
    Emily's shawl looks fab - great colours!
    Hope you have a great time when t'other Emily arrives!
    Ali x

  2. Isn't it satisfying when you renovate a room and make it liveable again? When I sorted out my daughter's old room in September I was definitely too embarrassed to take "before" photos. The little cat is a nice touch.

  3. What a very welcoming room! I think it is just lovely and that Emily will love it!

  4. It looks very Cosy and I love that bedding, such a great idea to use Lucy's Cosy blanket pattern for a shawl.
    Clare x

  5. Oh what a busy week you have had! But it is has been so worthwhile. You have created a lovely room for your special guest. (I wasn't shocked, by the way, at the 'before' photos. We have such busy lives that spaces that are not needed tend to get used as storerooms! ) Anyway - what a great transformation! Well done Linda. Lovely job. :) x

  6. Forgot to say..... Emily's shawl looks really lovely - the green and the bright colours make me think of a summer garden. I am sure she will love it! x

  7. Shawl will be beautiful!
    Great transformation, looks beautiful, floral, cheerful room!!
    Happy week.:*

  8. Emily's shawl is coming up nicely Linda, and it looks lovely and warm. But WOW! what a lot of work in the small bedroom! The transformation has made it into a very welcoming and pretty room, and you must feel so satisfied with it! Such pretty curtains and duvet :) Great job on it, and I'm amazed (still!) at the speed with which you got this finished. Now you can relax back at work this week ;) Wendy x

  9. You have been busy! The shawl is coming along nicely and the room is beautiful. I'm sure she'll feel very welcome, Linda :-)

  10. Your shawl is looking pretty!! And the bedroom makeover is lovely :) You did so much of work, bravo!!

  11. The room looks amazing! Love the colours you have chosen for the shawl.
    Jacqui x

  12. It looks like you've been busy and your results look terrific! The new shawl is going to be very pretty. Hope you have a great day. Heather

  13. My goodness what a lot of work you have done!! The room looks so different and will now be a lovely guest bedroom for any visitors that may come to stay! Love your shawl too! xx

  14. Hi Linda, ok I'm so happy that I'm not the only one who uses a spare bedroom to dump everything! LOL! Wow you did a great job with transformation! The bedroom looks lovely. I wish you luck with the Christmas preparations.

  15. Your shawl is lovely !!! And the bedroom makeover perfect !!!!
    Have a great day !

  16. So lovely, fresh and cheerful - Emily will love that room, and the older Emily can't be anything but delighted, with that beautiful shawl - perfect for miserable, wet, wintry days. x

  17. The room looks fantastic! I love it and I know it was a lot of work but it was worth it and your son's girlfriend is going to feel so at home staying in this lovely room. Love the shawl.

  18. What a transformation after all your hard work to get this room ready for your special guest. The guest bedroom is looking so warm and inviting and the little finishing touches show how much you care about your son's girlfriend coming to visit. I am sure Emily is just as excited about meeting you too, blimey I'm excited for you haha! Well done on your clear out, it always feels so nice afterwards to have your living space just how you want it. It's not easy to decorate at this time of year but you did it ... yes Christmas planning now dear Linda and here's wishing you have lots of fun with that xx

  19. That's a lovely room. The curtains are adorable! And I like the shawl you are making!
    Enjoy the Holiday Season!

  20. You did a great job on the room!! I love all of it...the curtains, white shelves, and printed comforter and pillow case. It looks great. She will love it. The kitty is a sweet touch. Pammy Sue

  21. The cozy blanket is the next blanket on my hook! I just love the pattern. Your (Emily's) shawl is going to be comforting, warm and beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.
    Crochet A Day In The Life


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