Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Last Three Circles

The last three circles I'm making for the Challenge

Motif #24

Motif #23

Motif #4

All made at different times hence the big variation in colour.  These motifs have been made with Dk yarn giving a bulkier texture, I think the top one looks like an iced cake. :)

Progress 96 out of 100


  1. Beautiful circles you've made! I especially like the first one, and yes, it really looks like an iced cake :-). Have a great 2013!!

  2. After taking a second look, the top one does look like a iced cake!
    My favorite out of all three is the middle one....I see a blanket out of many colors like it!

  3. Nice and beautiful motifs.Happy New Year !

  4. That is did it! Happy New Year to ou Linda!

  5. That top one makes me hungry! Yummmmmmmm!!!

    Congrats Linda!

  6. They are all so pretty, but I really like the middle one best!


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