Monday, 2 June 2014

Please Let me Moan!

It's all well and good having all these happy smiley posts it makes everyone feel good just to see them, they are uplifting and make everyone feel good too BUT what about when things go wrong, I'm sorry but I need to let off a bit of steam here.

I have just had what you would call the weekend from hell, do you ever feel as if someone is playing tricks on you? well that's how it felt for me, it has been just been one thing after another it started when....

I bought a new picture for above the fireplace in my lounge, I have been looking for a new one for ages the one I have has been up for years so when I saw this lovely calming picture I thought to myself, now that's just the thing.  i took it home and took it out of it's packaging and look what happened.

It's very heavy, I was lucky that it didn't drop onto my foot glass and all, it's going back!

The weather has been lovely this weekend so I took advantage and put my washing out to dry, two loads and then put a third into the machine.  I then went out the front where I cut the grass, weeded the flower beds, potted up my bedding making sure that
I had put slug pellets in the pots.
Had put canes in the pots to stop the neighbours cats sleeping in them...yes they actually do that and ruin all my plants!
I decided to sprinkle some food granules in there for good measure only to find that water had gotten into the jar and they were a sodden mess, I will need to buy more.

No slugs or pussy cats please!

I then washed and swilled the path and as the water swelled around my ankles (slight exaggeration) I realised that the water was going nowhere, yes you've guessed it... a blocked drain!

I could have cried but I said 'no Linda you sit down now have a nice cup of coffee, you can deal with the drain later'. ( yes I do talk to myself

So one coffee later I went to take the third load of washing out of the machine only to be met with a drum half full of water, after a lot of pushing of buttons and experimentation, I drew the obvious conclusion the machine was knackered, caput, broken. 

I had to get them sopping wet clothes out of broken machine which meant that the water needed to be drained and because the machine refused to do this itself I was going to have to do it manually, that meant putting the draining hose down close to the ground...easier said than done as draining hose was screwed in place with bracket at the back far end of the machine.  I must explain that the machine is tucked neatly under a bench and refused to move, so I had to crawl into the confined space behind to unscrew the bracket, ( I knew those gym sessions would pay off)

Offending Washing Machine
So with machine drained of water I was able to remove sopping clothes and after a lot of squeezing, grunting and wringing I hung them on the line to dry, then went back to mop up soaking floor and prod a stick down the drain, the water eventually went down but it does need cleaning out.

Offending Drain looking deceptively innocent!

I then went back into back garden only to find that the washing line had broken because of exceptionally heavy clothes and they were all lying on the ground.  I took the line down tied it together and hung them back up but they will need to be washed again when machine is mended or replaced.

 Washing line duly repaired
I then cut grass and partially weeded back garden that is until aching back could stand no more and went for a sit down in the summer house for a little reading relaxation you understand, I placed reading glasses on my nose and they promptly fell off.... the arm had broken!
Broken glasses

It was at this point when I received a text from daughter...shall we go to gym? .....I DON'T THINK SO!

So I am starting the week with...
One jar of ruined plant food granules.
One blocked drain.
One broken washing machine.
One load of dirty laundry.
One pair of broken reading glasses

Happy Days! 

I hope that your weekend was better than mine! have a great week everyone. :)

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  1. Oh Linda! This is so unfair to have so many things go wrong all in one day to one person! I truly hope that today is better and that June turns out to be a great month. Perhaps you were just getting all of your months go wrongs done on the first day so that the rest of the month will be all wonderful! I hope that you get everything sorted out. xx

  2. Oh, you poor dear! I'm so sorry you had such a rough weekend. I have days like that where everything breaks or goes wrong. I hope the rest of your week is better. Hugs :-)

  3. As I read this, I couldn't believe so much bad luck could happen in one day. What a terrible weekend. I've heard that going out and buying yarn is very therapeutic!

  4. Hilarious! Sorry but it did make me's called life, and these things always come at once. You should have a good few weeks now they are out of the way!

  5. Oh, dear Linda! What a horror all the last days for you! I wish you the best for the next week, it HAS TO become better - I keep my fingers crossed! Greetings from Germany - Sabine.

  6. Oh, Lordie! What a terrible day. I would have given up very early on, I'm afraid. Maybe you got it all over with in one fail swoop and you will have perfect days for a long stretch now. I hope so! Seems like you still got a lot accomplished.

  7. Oh my goodness Linda - sorry that all that happened. I hope you're having a much better day today. :)

  8. Sorry to read about all the problems at one time Linda. Hopefully all the problems were over in one weekend.


  9. Oh no Linda - what a day!
    Hope the rest of the week is much better (though the weather looks a bit up and down!)...and you get chance to relax in your summer house soon!
    Ali x

  10. Oh my goodness. I'm sorry you had so many bad things happen all at once. Is this an extension of Murphy's Law? Every single thing that can go wrong will do so, at exactly the same time? :) Once, when I was a kid, my twin sisters who needed glasses from very young broke each of their own pairs as well as my mother's pair in the space of a few hours. I think my mother was about to lose her mind that day. :)

  11. Hugs Linda and wishing you much better days ahead :-)
    Tracey xxx

  12. It never rains but it pours!!! Oh dear.
    Hope all the dramas and traumas are behind you now, and calmer times ahead..........

  13. Hello Linda, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I would say you had a very challenging day and you did much better with dealing with it than I would of. I would of stopped at the confined space bit LOL but I do have to admit that my heart was going out to you until you discovered your broken clothes line and all those clothes on the ground. I did have a bit of a giggle. I wish you a merry week. Hugs Judy

  14. Moan away, sounds like a terrible weekend. i always find that when one thing goes wrong, it's usally followed by at least two more. Hope things improove this week and the sun shines. It always helps.
    Jacqui xx

  15. Ah nightmare. Don't worry, we all have bad days/weekends. Start again and things will look up! Or just go and have another coffee and some cake! That always cheers me up!

  16. Oh my goodness what a horrible weekend. You must be exhausted and you have every right to moan all you want. Blogs that are all full of flowers and pretty colors are lovely but not all that real, give me a real blog where thing happen (not all of the happy things) any day.
    Sending you a big hug,

  17. Oh, one of those days..... poor Linda! I hope this week is a compensation for that and wonderful, happy and radiant with luck :-). Hugs, Nata

  18. Cheers to a better week! thank you for linking up to Fishtail Cottage's Garden Party this week! xoox, tracie


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