Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday Smiles

Hello all you lovely people, I hope you have all had a great week, all my spare time has been taken up with making baby hats, but the thing I enjoy doing even more than the making of the hats is the embellishing.

While sitting out in the sunshine with my cup of coffee some little scraps of leftover yarn and a crochet hook look what I  came up with.  It's lovely when you manage to create something that you can actually use, believe me lots of my little experiments do end up in my scrap jar.  I'm sure these flowers are out there somewhere they are easy enough to make but I have written the how to down as I made them so if anyone would like the pattern let me know and I will make a post just for them.

Lisha Baby Hat
So why so many baby hats? well my cousin Angela is visiting from America and she is the executive director of NWDSA, she has asked if I will make some for her to take back with her, a little hat is given out to new parents along with information about the association. I think it's a great cause and I'm trying to make as many as I can in the time I have got before she goes back.

Can you remember my baby fish from here

Well I released them into the tank this week and thankfully they seem to be doing ok so far, the other fish are leaving them alone but there are some that are still quite tiny so I'm hoping that they will stay hidden away until they are beyond being a tasty mouthful.

Saw this on facebook and had to share. :)

The stars in my garden this week.

Sweet Williams
I love sweet williams and I grow them in honour of my lovely dad William who was a very keen gardener, he always had the best garden in the street, I can remember looking out of my bedroom window when I was a small child so that I could see all the back gardens and the feeling of pride I had when I compared our garden to theirs it was always so neat and perfect full of lovely flowers.  I often wonder what he would think if he could see mine, I'm sure that he would want to tidy it up a bit. 

Have a great week! 

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  1. Love the little flowers - they're very cute and they look very nice on the hat.
    I hope your tiny fishies do well too.
    Have a good day. :)

  2. Hello Linda, very pretty baby hats and of course I love the lovely shades of pink. Your sweet Williams are beautiful. Hugs Judy

  3. I love how you add little finishing touches to your projects, it only takes a few moments but it makes all the difference. Your hats are so yummy and all for such a good cause too, brilliant.
    Your little fish are still so tiny and I hope they enjoy their their new 'big' world in the tank. Ah Sweet Williams, one of my mother's favourite garden blooms, so pretty aren't they, a big and bold splash of colour for your garden.

    Great Smile at the Run Forest Run pic, giggle, giggle :-)

  4. Just curious is your cousin is Angela Jarvis-Holland. If so, she's not a "member", she's the executive director! I had no idea they were based in Portland, OR - my hometown. Sometimes the world shrinks a bit when you least expect it. Of course, maybe she's another Angela. But the world is still smaller than we know.

    1. Yes one and the same Karla, I wasn't sure what her title was I will change it now, if it's in your hometown you should pop along and meet her she's a lovely lady. :)

  5. The little flowers with the flower buttons are so adorable! The perfect little touch to that cute hat. I love the hat pattern as well :-)

  6. Lovely crochet ! Beautiful flowers !
    Have a great week !

  7. I hope that the little fishies do well!! They must still be very small. Love the hat and flowers too!! xx

  8. Love your Sweet Williams Linda....and your beautiful floral embellishments! Fab cause to support too!
    You are so amazingly generous with all your charity wooliness - keep up the great work!
    Ali x

  9. Preciosas esas flores. Quedan muy muy bien en ese sombrero también precioso.
    Un besito muy fuerte para tí.

  10. I love sweet Williams too, they come in so many nice colors. The hat is beautiful, nice work.

  11. I love that you grow Sweet William in honor of your Father, and I love the little flowers you have crocheted. Have you crocheted a Sweet William yet? Hope those tiny baby fish stay far away from the other fish who think they might make a good lunch.
    Hugs to you Linda,

  12. Those are so cute!

  13. I'm hoping your little fish do well Linda, they are so tiny aren't they - very sweet - and so are your little flowers and hat. Your Sweet Williams are lovely too and that particular colour is very attractive - I'm sure your Dad would be very proud of you, not only because of your garden but for all the lovely work you do for others'. Have yourself a happy week, xoJoy

  14. Beautiful baby hat and flowers!!
    I love sweet williams! I have it in all colors.:)
    Happy week,greeting.:*

  15. Hi Linda, love the teeny flowers and the sweet hats for such a great cause. And I love an English cottage garden where things do not have to be so carefully maintained. My home is sort of like that ... organized chaos. :) Best wishes for the week, Tammy

  16. Love the crochet flowers. I often use them for embellishment too.
    Jacqui x

  17. A little baby hat looks even more adorable with a flower embellishment. Is your cousin sitting with you helping with the crochet? I'll bet your garden is still the prettiest on the street, and those sweet Williams are such a beautiful shade of deep raspberry. Your fish are so sweet, and that reminds me I could do a post on our pond as my son finally got his fish in there last week. Have a great day Linda. Wendy x

  18. happy week Mrs. Linda!....beautiful flowers for a hat .....lovely ....also like the hat.Fish in the tank , remind me when I used to have 1 too.....but with the large Golfishes.....I remember having a chybby black one and gorgeous !

  19. I love the baby hat and the flowers they are a pretty colour. Hope the fish thrive and sweet williams always make me think of my grandmother, she use to a whole border along her drive with every imaginable colour.


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