Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Trip To Cambrige.

Thank you for all your sweet comments about my awful weekend, you are all so lovely, but there was even more to car started playing up too but I'm pleased to report..

My lovely brother has unblocked the drain, and he is now looking at the car.
The fella has just been to see the washing machine, he took the top off pushed and pulled a bit here and there, couldn't really find anything wrong with it but thinks it could have been a loose connection, anyway it's working now so fingers crossed it will be ok. 

If you can remember my daughter and I went to Cambridge last week, it really is a beautiful place and my son went out of his way to make it extra special for us. 

Cambridge University is made up of many Colleges and usually the public are not allowed to actually go into the college grounds but my son was able to take us around his own Magdalene College and arranged for friends to take us around St John's and Trinity.  They are all beautiful some more so than others but each has it's own unique architectural  features and all the gardens are beautiful.

My lovely son dutifully posing for his proud mother outside and inside Magdalene College grounds.

The chapel

Samuel Pepys Library at Magdalene 

St Johns College

Trinity College 

I loved this tree

The gardens were stunning but I felt  sad because no one seemed to be making use of them all of this beauty hidden away it was like a secret garden.

My son also arranged for us to have a lovely meal at his college in the evening and attend the choral evensong service at Kings college which was so beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures I took dozens before the weather changed and it poured with rain or there would have been many more. 

Hope everyone's having a great week. :)

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  1. Wow! You must be really proud of your son. My neighbours' daughter started at Cambridge in September and they are over the moon. The special tree in your photo is amazing.

  2. What fabulous pictures Linda-looks like you had such a wonderful visit to Cambridge. You must be so proud of your son being at Magdelene, what an experience. I took some of my students to Merton, Oxford for a stay some years ago, that was an amazing experience too. I would love to visit Cambridge-the punting looks divine! xx

  3. It sounds like a wonderful visit Linda! What a great tour your son gave you, it is all very beautiful indeed. xx

  4. How lucky your son is to study there..........what is he studying? Beautiful photos

    1. He is very lucky Ali, it's a great experience for him, he is doing some Law related Phd :)

  5. Beautiful place and pictures ! Thanks for sharing !
    Have a nice day !

  6. I have always wished I could visit these schools so I am glad you were able to go and take photos to share. They're beautiful. I can't believe how old the buildings must be. It so fascinating to think about. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh what a fantastic trip!

  8. That is AMAZING, Linda!!! Your son is very lucky to study there...and you to visit. Just the sight of the campus make me dream :-)

  9. Fantastic pictures, Linda, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Oh my goodness what a beautiful place to attend school. The architecture and the gardens are stunning.
    So glad you had a wonderful visit.

  11. The grounds and buildings are spectacular!! What a wonderful treat to be able to go behind the scenes and view all of this. I like the river shots, and can imagine that area is bustling on a Saturday night. My dad took me to Oxford when I was very young, and I only remember peeking in a doorway from the street into what looked like beautiful castle grounds ... that first shot of looking through the doorway is exactly how I remember it! I'm sorry I haven't been visiting lately, but I'm trying to catch up with everyone (all rather sporadic I'm afraid). Our good weather arrived and I loathe being indoors this spring. I'm glad your washing machine smartened up and that your car is going to be fixed up. That last weekend sounded horrendous, and I'm sure you were wondering what the heck was happening. I like how you took photos of all the offending characters in your story ;) This weekend can only be better!! Wendy x


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