Wednesday 18 June 2014

NewBorn Ripple Poncho

This little baby poncho has been on my to do list for years in fact ever since I made this one here the little preemie poncho has been ever so popular and has had 5011 views! 

 because I  really enjoyed making the preemie version I was determined to try and make  one for a newborn.  The preemie poncho was made using 4ply yarn, so all I did was change to DK yarn and a larger hook.

I think it's turned out really cute and it will be just the right size for a newborn baby and should last until the baby is six months old or even older.

This version is made with Dk variegated baby yarn and a 4mm hook, you could make it even bigger by using worsted weight or Aran, I may try that next time.

You can find the pattern here

Another great stash-buster!

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What are you making this Summer? does the warmer weather put you off crocheting or knitting?
I'm in the mood for making baby hats and I feel a preemie baby jacket making urge coming on. :)

Hope you week is going well! 

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  1. That is stunning! I never see anything like this in babywear shops. I only have one WIP at the moment....a colourful lap blanket. I can't remember the last time I had only 1 WIP.

  2. Very stunning in those colours!!! I think it could be one of my next makes although I will need it bigger for an 8 month old babe. I'll take your advice and try it out with Aran wool and a bigger hook. It is adorable though so small.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. so cute....I would never have thought of knitting a poncho for a easy to slip on rather than struggle with sleeves

  4. Ah it's so gorgeously sweet Linda, well done you, and I love the pinks with the white! xoJoy

  5. So cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ooooo...I love this! It's great in the pinks and you've done such a nice, neat job of it. I've printed the pattern. I do want to make it some day. I have several other little dresses and sweaters to give away too. They start to pile up after awhile.

  7. Hi Linda, what a beautiful poncho and I love the colors of the yarn! Happy crocheting!

  8. Beautiful Linda, and a great idea for a newborn or preemie!! No wonder the pattern is so popular. xx

  9. super cute! Found you through oombawka design crochet's link party!

  10. Beautiful,so cute <3!!!

  11. It's very pretty, Linda :-) I may have to make one for my Bean; if I make it with the thicker yarn and a larger hook, she can wear it this fall. It's too hot for a poncho right now. I'm working on mostly little things right now because of the heat. Take care :-)

  12. Linda this looks great in the variegated yarn, just beautiful and I would think for newborns and preemies this pattern is unisex too. What a great baby shower gift this would make. Thanks for sharing xxx

  13. Lovely, very cute and sweet!

  14. Hi Linda, I love your ripple poncho :) Thank you for linking up at Link & Share Wednesday last week :) and Congratulations! You had one of the most clicked projects! Rhondda

  15. Wow, that's so darling!! Thanks for the link, Linda :-)

  16. Love love love this poncho! Am I allowed to use this pattern as a gift to my daughter and for baby shower presents?


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