Sunday 8 June 2014

Sunday Smiles

I hope you have all had a great week, thankfully after last weeks disastrous weekend things have settled down here and the things that could be put right have been..
Washing machine fixed.
Drain unblocked.
I can still use my glasses it's just a matter of a careful balancing technique until they can be replaced.
No cats, slugs or snails have invaded my annuals as yet, food pellets yet to be bought.
Car is going for now but I will need a new one my old banger is breathing its last. :(

So apart from the above what's been making me smile this week.....

This week I have made this Mandala, I really love this one and it was a very easy pattern to follow and make.  I'm always tempted to make more of the same pattern but I have to stop myself because I want to try every lovely mandala and doily pattern I see.  You can find the pattern for this one here

Some of you have been asking what I'm going to be doing with my mandala's.  I am going to use them as wall art, this one is destined for my bedroom to hang near my heart collection because of the red hearts and the colours will compliment my pale lemon wallpaper.

Ms Sunshine
Another one of my son's girlfriends cats remember the other here.  I just had to laugh out loud when I saw this, what an expression. :)

I looked out of my bedroom window and saw a splash of colour far in the distance.  I grabbed my camera and went to investigate,  there is a bit of waste ground with back gardens  facing onto it, I was able to walk up the pathway and take some photo's. 

it's so pretty but I haven't a clue what it is do you?

Things that are making me smile in my garden this week.

The promise of yummy blackberries

I love lupins
Lots of buds on my roses

Charity shop finds

This bag which is nearly new inside and out for £3 50

These necklaces the whole lot for £2, I did have something in mind for them and I will show you later. 

Hope your week has been a good one, have a great Sunday and I will see you soon :)

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. Hola Linda:
    Espero que todo haya vuelto a la normalidad.
    Es un "mandala" precioso y adornan cualquier rincón de la casa. Te va a quedar precioso en tu dormitorio.
    El gato divino, qué animal más bonito.
    Un besito

  2. Your pictures made me smile too !
    Have a great Sunday !

  3. I love your new mandala - the colors and pattern is very pretty. That cute little cat looks like he's saying "I've had enough - I'll just sit here and wait for the weekend". Great charity shop finds - love that purse. Have a great day. :)

  4. Sounds like things are getting back on track which is good. Love the po faced cat, they do wonderful expressions. I love your mandala but have been dithering about as none of the patterns on offer really grabbled me....until I saw this one that is. Thanks so much.

  5. Love the mandala! I don't have a clue about the pretty pink blooms. I'm not too good with names of plants and flowers, but those sure are pretty. Great finds at the charity shop!

  6. I'm glad things are looking up now, Linda. These are all lovely things to smile about! I hope you have a great week.

  7. So glad your weekend is better and all of those things have been fixed up. Love the mandala, love the colors and the pattern.
    Great finds I love the beads.

  8. Happy Sunday Mrs Linda....beautiful Mandala and green makes look different ,The trees and flower are looking so lovely....beautiful yard.

  9. Great to hear you had a better week Linda. The cat photo is so funny it should have a caption! You have found some great bargains too. Hope you have a happy week, Alison xx

  10. Hi Linda, I have been a little absent from blogland of late for two very good reasons. First I am currently on holiday in Sunny Crete for 2 weeks, I am enjoying my time here, relaxing and of course I do have myyarny goodness here with me. The second reason is that I purchased a new gift for myself, a new Nexus 10 tablet and it's all a little foreign to me. I am slowly getting to grips with it and just to show how difficult this has been for me, my new post (thanks for the visit and the lovely comment) took me many days to compose haha!
    I love your Mandala and what a lovely idea to use them as wall art, fantastic. That picture of the cat is great, cat's expressions make me smile too.
    I wonder what delights will become of the necklaces, I look forward to following your progress with that idea.
    Take care and keep smiling xxxx

  11. Beautiful mandala!!!
    Flowers <3!!
    Happy week,greeting.:)

  12. How pretty! and I love the kitty! That's a very nice offer to send me pink bags, I'd love them! :) Thank you so much for offering, as I've not found any here yet.

  13. Lovely mandala, that cat certainly is a character, such an expression of disdain! The garden looks great and the finds wonderful, I love the beads.

  14. Glad triumph has come from your disaster's last weekend. That mandala, is absolutely gorgeous. Love the colour combination. Will have to give the pattern a go. Have a good week.
    Jacqui xx

  15. I am so glad that things are getting better Linda! Let's hope that you have seen the last of the difficulties! I am afraid that I have no idea what your shrub is, but it is beautiful isn't it. Your garden looks lovely, lots of flowers and more to come I am sure. Hope that you have a good week. xx

  16. So happy to know you enjoyed making my Maybelle Flower Mandala pattern up .. it looks just beautiful
    Pat xxx

  17. So sorry you had a bad week of mishaps and problems. It goes that way for all of us, brings the thought that "when it rains, it pours". Hope this week is better. That silly cat, I laughed too at it's expression. They are truly independent and funny creatures. Give it a box and I'm sure it will find all sorts of positions to lay in it. Your mandala is lovely. I have been seeing a lot of those posted lately on blogs. It must be the "in" thing right now. They would all look pretty as a blanket. I'm sure the ideas are endless.
    Have a good week, Susanne :)

  18. I'm so glad things are shaping up better for you Linda, sounds like you've been really tested of late and I'm sorry to hear it! Love that cat - that particular 'pedigree' have such a bad-tempered expression but I'm sure they're not that way at all! I also love your mandala and see that you can expect some lovely blooms in your garden very soon. I hope your week is a wonderful one, xoJoy

  19. Love your mandala especially the color combination. I am going to try the pattern, Thanks. Could the flowers be Bougainvillea? Love the cat's "I am queen of all I see" expression!! Your garden is doing well.:) Last week I was facing some technical difficulties with my blog. Hopefully things are set right now.
    Have a lovely week! :)

  20. Such a beautiful mandala with lovely colours.
    Marianne x

  21. So pleased things are improving for you Linda :-) Your mandala is beautiful.
    Tracey xxx

  22. could the tree be a crepe Myrtle? same colours....but not sure!
    always look out for your lovely patterns have a good week now that the weekend is over!

  23. Appreciate you linking up this post to Fishtail Cottage's garden party this week! Love lupine in the garden too, but so do aphids...not sure why they love this plant so much! I'm so curious what that pink shrub is that you photographed? Just a gorgeous and prolific bloomer! oxox


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