Wednesday 11 June 2014

A Bag in a Hurry

When we were planning our trip to see my son in Cambridge he called me on the Friday to tell me that we were booked in for a meal on the Sunday evening at his college and that it was formal wear.

Panic stations nothing like having plenty of notice! what to wear? I'm a jeans, sports wear type of person and formal wear doesn't really figure in my wardrobe..but wait what about that navy and white dress that my friend gave me last year the one she had never worn and had been hanging in her wardrobe for ages, the one that has now been hanging in mine for ages.

Out came the dress and I tried it on, it didn't look too bad but what about accessories I had no navy or white bag to go with it,  too late to shop for one I had too much to do on the Saturday, too late to make one or was it??

There ensued a manic search for a pattern for a nice easy quick crochet purse and a mad hunt amongst my stash for navy yarn.  Cotton would have been preferable but I didn't have any but I did find some acrylic, was there enough? yes! just enough with not a scrap left over after making this....

I loved it and I was so lucky to find that diamante button amongst my button stash.  I needed a strap for it just in case I wanted to put it over my shoulder.

I found this necklace in my mums jewelry box it was just the thing, I'm sure my mum would be happy for me to use it in this way.

I even lined it!

First I cut two pieces of foam to put into the bag to give some firmness and definition and then another mad scramble in my fabric stash box.

Please excuse the really bad stitching but I was in a hurry.

All done! 
it was at this point my daughter phoned me to ask what I was taking with me, I told her I had made a purse to go with my dress, oh can you make me one in cream please! will you have time?

Well I did have time but only just!

 Using one of my charity shop finds for a strap

Scrap fabric for lining

I finished her bag late on Saturday evening just in time!

We crocheters are very lucky people we can knock up something lovely in no time, now you know why we always need a stash of yarn, fabric, buttons and beads at the ready, you never know when you will need to make something in a hurry for a special occasion.

You can find the very easy pattern for this lovely purse here, it's one to have at the ready just in case. :)

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  1. You clever thing.....and managing to make 2 against an impossible deadline is amazing.

  2. You are amazing Linda!!! To have created one bag at such short notice is so very clever, but to make two!! Your fingers must crochet at lightning speed. Both your bag and the one for your daughter are lovely and just right to take with a few things to dinner. I hope that you get some more use out of it! xx

  3. They are really beautiful !!! You did a great job !!!!
    Have a shinny day !

  4. A beautiful bag and a clever idea. I hope the meal was as good as your bag.


  5. Amazing how quickly you knocked these out Linda, now I know how useful charity shop beads can be I will never pass them by in future. They look perfect for your special occasion, have a fabulous time dear friend xx

  6. They are lovely! Well done for getting them both made in such a hurry xx

  7. That's amazing Linda, you did so well - my lovely Mum used to say "Use what you have and you'll never want" and what a true saying it is; and you've just proved it! Well done! xoJoy

  8. You're right: we must have a stash of yarn ready to crochet/knit. your bags are very beautiful and original, too. Have a great evening. Tina

  9. Linda - you are so creative. I love the idea of putting pieces of foam in for the shape - and I especially love the idea of using one of your Mom's necklaces for the strap. Both bags look very pretty. :)

  10. Wow, girl, you're good! Two gorgeous bags that fast, with lining and everything. I'm sure you and your daughter looked wonderful.

  11. That's absolutely brilliant Linda! Very well done!

  12. It came together beautifully, Linda! I really love it. I'm so impressed with your quick thinking and super skills.

  13. What a great gift! Well done, Linda! Anyone would love to have one of those. The linings look so nice and neat.

  14. wow.......Im very impressed whipping up two bags like that in no you have any photos of you in the navy and white dress carrying your lovely bag?

  15. pero que lindo Blog! bellisimos lugares para recorrer con la vista, hermosas ambas carteras! todo motivación!

    see you later...

    Ariadna desde Argentina

  16. Beautiful bags,great idea!!

  17. Incredible.....that was quick thinking!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  18. I love the bags Linda, well done. I never thought about the foam in between the liner and the bag, brilliant. I am a jeans, or simple skirt with a white t-shirt kind of gal. I am totally perplexed when I have to dress up, even for a simple occasion.

  19. I can't believe what gorgeous bags these are made so quickly Linda! They both look fabulous and would look great with so many outfits, Hope you all have a lovely time! xx

  20. Your bags are just beautiful and you did a great job!

  21. What lovely bags and amazing given the timescale. I'm in awe.

  22. Great job Linda!!! I am amazed how fast you whip up not only one, but two!!
    xx Shari

  23. Seriously?! You whipped up TWO beautiful little bags in a day? You're an amazing woman Linda, and I just love these fancy little bags. They're perfect for a formal occasion, and I can see you making these up now for gifts. Great idea with the necklace as a strap, and of course your mother would be pleased at your resourcefulness. Next bag you'll have to add some beads (which I just read about in your next post!). Have a great weekend. Wendy x

  24. Wow! two very impressive bags in one day! Amazing talent Linda - love the idea of using foam to stiffen them!
    Would love to see a photo of you both accessorised?
    Ali x

  25. Love the bags, great idea about the foam!

  26. This brings my favourite saying to mind... 'where there's a will, there's a way'! They are both wonderful and now I'm going to download the pattern! Thanks Linda :-)
    Tracey xxx

  27. Your bags are just lovely. Pretty & practical too!
    I think you did a great job with them Linda - and I hope you enjoyed your visit to your son.


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