Monday 30 March 2015

All Joined Up

Mystery Afghan Crochet Along

Clues six and seven  gave instructions for joining all the squares together using a twisted braided technique, we were given two weeks to do this which was just as well because I procrastinated quite a bit, should I go along with the way they were suggesting or use the much simpler flat braided join which I have used and liked before.

The pattern also stated  that different colours should be used for joining different area's of the Afghan.  I wasn't happy with this either I felt that it made the whole thing look too busy, so...

In the end this is what I came up with, I used only two colours to join the squares together and I started to use the braided join as suggested, this involved making lots of small balls of each joining colour and pulling it through each three chain space as you joined the squares here is the video which shows what I mean if you would like to take a look.

After joining only two rows of squares I had had enough! it was far too fiddly and time consuming for me and so I resorted to the flat twisted braid join which I know and like.  I honestly don't think that there is that much difference.

The top join is the one suggested and the bottom join is the one I preferred.

What do you think ? 

I bet you are thinking I should have pulled it out and done it all the same! and I would have done, but I put it to the test and took it to work where I asked several people if they could tell the difference and most said, only once I had pointed it out AND they all said the flat join was neater and not as bulky as the one suggested.

I'm happy with it and I am relieved that the loopy bits have been caught up with the border I think it gives a lovely effect. 

The next clues are for making the border which disappoints me a little because I'm still not sure about those middle bits I have a feeling I may change them or add to them in some way, any suggestions? 

What does this tell you about me probably something you have already realised..I'm a very lazy crocheter and will take short cuts if I can find them, that's why I love crochet so much it's very forgiving any changes or mistakes can easily be blended in so that they are hardly noticed. :)

Have a great week! 

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Friday 27 March 2015

Five on Friday

Hello and a very good morning to you, I hope that you have all had a great week, I would just like to thank you all for all the lovely comments I received for the Mini rings of change rug and the for the Easter Chicks, this simple little pattern has been so popular and it's one I always come back to time and time again and I will be making lots more this weekend.

For this Five on Friday post I would like to talk about gardening things, although it's supposed to be Spring it's still very cold here and as I'm very much a fair weather gardener I usually won't venture out there until the weather is a few degrees warmer.  

However this year I have been kind of forced into it because of the council imposing a garden bin emptying charge, yes you heard it! now if we want our garden bin emptied we have to pay for it.  Well because I have a huge garden I had to comply and the first collection was today which of course necessitated the need for me to get out there last week and fill that bin.

1. Pampas Grass cut Down

 This is what I was faced with, luckily all of the plumes had gone so I'm hoping that the birds have gathered those for their nests.

2.Pampass grass clear up

 So this is what it's looks like after having had it's haircut, can you see all the surrounding mess!

 After a tidy up, one very full bin and...

one overflowing bag which I will be taking to the skip this weekend.

3. The hidden jungle

After having been brave enough to venture out there and actually get started on the clear up I decided have a look at the bottom of my garden because I know that I sometimes find hidden treasures down there

 I got quite a shock because It was really bad this is a poor photo but what a mess! we have had a lot of gale force winds this year and their aftermath is very much in evidence but.....

4. Crocuses in hiding

 Amongst the mess these beauties have  immerged bravely pushing their heads up through the rubble and the gravel

and there wedged in the corner, plant pots upturned I found...

5. Lovely finds

This clematis which I thought had died, it had no blooms last year but I'm hoping that this year it will have a least a few, I have placed it on my patio where I can watch it's every move and also keep and eye on these..

hyacinths, they were bent over in one direction but seem to have righted themselves, I'm not expecting too much their growth has been quite severely stunted but I love them just the same. :)

Leaving you with....

Some pretty sunshiney daffodils to brighten up your day.:)

Have a great weekend each and every one of you xxx

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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Easter Chicks

It's that time of year again when we all go crazy at work making chicks to boost the Day Unit funds.

 It's always good to have a few made for the little ones in your life but....

grown ups love them too! cute little chicks hiding a yummy surprise....

find the easy pattern and tutorial here in both knit and crochet.

pdf... here

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Friday 20 March 2015

Five on Friday

Hello all you lovely people I hope that you have all had a great week, we had lovely Spring sunshine yesterday what a difference a bit of sunshine makes I quite felt my spirits lifting.  
Another thing that has lifted my spirits this week is the completion of the Mini Rings of Change and I can't wait to share my pictures with you so for this weeks Five on Friday I thought I would show you nine pictures haha I'm not cheating honest that is one picture and 4 pairs of pictures....


 Outside soaking up a bit of that lovely sunshine

 Close up's of the middle and the edging

 Where it's destined right next to my bed to match the violet meadow blanket.

This week I worked rounds...

41 - Stylecraft Special Chunky in shade Emperor 1425
42 -  Sirdar Bonus Chunky in neon 884

For this project I have used a 5.5 mm hook and the following five colours of
Stylecraft Special chunky in shades 
1425 Emperor -100 grams
1064 meadow - 100 grams
1061 Plum - 150 grams
1023 Raspberry - 125 grams
1241 Fondant - 120 grams
Two colours of Sirdar bonus chunky in shades 
884 neon - 100 grams
742 Leaf Green - 120 grams

The finished rug measures 115cm across 

I really love my rug it has turned out just as nice as I thought it would and I will make another one of these one day in maybe a different yarn, it would look lovely in cotton don't you think? 

I really enjoyed doing this CAL it was mostly very easy and the pattern is well written.

A huge thanks to Kate for hosting do pop along to her blog and see more lovely versions of this lovely design.

Kate will be hosting another CAL at the start of April and this time she will be making The Mini Spirals of Change another beautiful design by Frank O'Randle.

Have a great weekend! :)

Joining Amy for her 5 on Friday

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Tuesday 17 March 2015

Sneak Peek Reveal

Thank you for all your lovely comments and guesses for my mystery sneak peek picture last week and yes it's a Poncho so well done to Gillian, Crystal, Linda and Jennifer for guessing correctly.

crochet, poncho, easy,

I had fun designing this little poncho and trying to decide which blocks would work.

Bach view

Assembly Point


Finished off with a very simple edging

Made with 16 Blocks from 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton

Block 6 textures bluebells x 5
Block 65 Patriotic Sunburst x 1
Block 15 Red White and Blue x 2
Block 76 Granny Stripes x 8

I have had this variegated yarn in my stash for 3 years I was so glad to find a use for it I've been waiting for just the right project and I think I found it it looks just right. 

This little poncho will be going into the box destined for Operation Orphan

250 grams of yarn happily busted :)

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