Wednesday 30 December 2015

Yarn Along

I am trying very hard to finish off some of my wips before I start anything new which I have to say is absolutely killing me.  It's so hard to ignore these urges to begin something new especially when you have new yarn

These beauties just jumped right into my basket when I was shopping in Aldi today, I only went in for bread! 
One of the wips I am determined to finish are these socks which I began so long ago I can't even remember.....

I have half finished the other sock too so I'm well on the way.  I have discovered I really love making socks but I'm very slow, these were supposed to be for a friends birthday which is tomorrow, clearly that's not going to happen and so I'm going to try and make a pair a month in 2016 then I'll have lots to gift at the end of the year.

I borrowed this book from the library...

I don't usually buy knitting/crochet books so I was thrilled to borrow this, it's a great book there are lots of lovely easy children's things in there which I'm thinking will be great for charity knits.  In fact I like the book so much I may buy a copy for myself after all you can only borrow the book for so long and it may not be available if I need it again. 

I'm joining in with Ginny's yarn along

before I go...

Amanda from Crafty in the Med is having a great giveaway! Why don't you check it out. 

Wishing you all the very best for 2016! 

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Monday 28 December 2015

The Last Four

I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas! I wonder how many of you managed to get any crafting done.  I'm using the time to try and get caught up on my wips and I'm so happy to announce that my Moogly blanket is finished, but before I reveal it I want show you the final four squares ...

More V's Please designed by Melinda Miller

 I made this one in place of  block 21.  I really enjoyed making this and I found it quite easy.  I needed just one more in one colour to balance out the blanket.  You can find the pattern here

SmoothFox's Amethyst Square

I made this one in place of block 22  which was one of the alternatives.  It looks so much nicer in real life the colours go so well together, This one was designed by  Donna Mason-Svara  and you can find the pattern here

Picot flowers 

This was block 23 and I really didn't enjoy making it that much, it seemed to take an awful long time to finish, probably because of all the picots, it didn't grow very much either and I needed to work four extra rounds to get the desired size.  You can find the pattern here

Larksfoot Inspired.

Made instead of block 24 this one is from an entirely different CAL (Keep calm and crochet) but I love it and it was an easy square to make.  As usual my tension must have been way off because it twisted quite a bit but thank goodness it was fine after blocking. The colours I've chosen don't really show off the design but I had to use what I had left in my stash.
You can find the pattern here

I will show you the finished blanket once I've sorted the photo's. :)

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Tuesday 22 December 2015

Never Again!!

So the Moogly Blanket is done all sewn up and bordered but that will have to come later just in case a certain person decides to pay me a visit and sees it on here, but I can show you the socks I know they don't look very exciting but believe you me I literally did a little dance when I finished them yesterday.

I know that I am still very much a sock novice but I have to say I usually enjoy the sock making process that is until I made these. They have taken me nearly two weeks! The colour did not inspire me but these are man socks and the man in question likes dark colours namely black there was no way I was going to make black socks so he's getting these and he had better appreciate them after all the hard work that has gone into them.  

I have dropped loops countless times and had to sit right under the daylight lamp to find those loops and painstakingly coax them back up the ladder and onto the needle using a fine steel crochet hook. They nearly had me in tears I can to tell you AND these socks are so big my goodness no wonder it took me so long and while I'm moaning I didn't like the yarn either, it was super fine in places and quite thick in others, it has a mohair like fibre and when the yarn twists which it did quite a lot, those long fibres decided to stick to one another and had to be gently prised apart.

So my dears I can say quite emphatically I won't be using this yarn again and it will be a long time if ever before I make man socks again so there! 

I used Rico superba poems in shade granite.

I did enjoy making these little Christmas puddings with a ferrero rocher chocolate hidden inside I think they are so cute! I have made lots to give to friends and of course I had to keep some for me too.

The cute little Christmas pudding pattern is one of Marianas and you can find it here.

So I have still to finish a beanie hat and that will conclude my Christmas  makes, that will give me a whole week to make a pair of ladies socks for a friends birthday but the good news is she has tiny feet and the yarn is yummy.

The presents are bought and nearly all wrapped.
The house is still a mess!
My tree is up but it's just a small one this year and it looks cute.
The house is still a mess!
Most of the shopping is done, just a few veggies to buy
but...the house is still a mess! (I don't care anymore)

I hope you are all ready and full of festive cheer and have the best Christmas ever!

lots of love

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Monday 14 December 2015

Just Jumping off the Wheel for a second!

This is me...

at least that's how it feels right now do you feel it too?? no don't tell me all your Christmas shopping is done and presents wrapped and sorted into neat piles and labelled. Your home is clean and tidy and even newly decorated, Christmas tree is up and all decorations beautifully displayed.  You have finished all your Christmas makes, the food shopping apart from the fresh stuff is all bought and put away.  You have your Christmas menu finely tuned and now you can now just sit back relax and let it all happen.
What about me? well no none of the above apply BUT! I have a finish she proudly presents.......

Spice of life blanket is finally done, the pictures are dark I waited so long to try and get brighter lighting but it's not going to happen. 

Although I did start with the Spice of life pattern I did change a few pattern repeats for the second half of the blanket

I loved this CAL and the making of this blanket, my biggest problem is I over extend myself instead of following one CAL at a time I follow them all, get myself in a muddle and nothing gets finished for a long time but I do get there in the end just well behind everyone else.

It measures six feet four inches by four feet 6 inches
It used 1324 grams of Aran stash yarn
I used a 5.50 mm hook
The Spice of Life CAL was hosted by Sandra at Cherry Heart
You can find all parts of the Spice of Life CAL here

To be gifted to a family member not saying who just in case she peeks. :)

So what next ? I must finish the Moogly blanket and I'm really trying hard to finish a pair of man socks (it may not happen if it doesn't he can have them for his birthday in February instead) 
and then? I will make a start on the Christmas shopping wrapping.. in fact all of the above wish me luck! 
Hope you all have a peaceful stress free week. :)

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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Yarn Along and Winter Project Link Party

Now that I have sent off my charity boxes I have been able to get back to some the unfinished projects I have lying around. 

The Crochet Alongs I've been following have been sadly neglected but although I'm behind with the Greg CAL it's not by much.  The CAL has finished already and there are lots of beautiful finished Gregs about but it's going to be a while before I can show you my completed blanket.

We had to make four of Bob the big brother, the pattern was released in four parts, I have managed to finish two of them and have only a couple of rounds left on the other two.  Then he will have to  be joined with his four brothers Tom, Joe Tim and Ian, I have done a little joining already but there's still quite a bit to do before I can add the border which thankfully is just two rows.

I have enjoyed following this CAL, the patterns are all really well written and Shelly has been a fantastic host, my aim at the moment is to complete all the crocheting and blocking, then join it all up after Christmas but if I have a bit of extra time you never know I might get it done before then.

I have other things I am trying to get finished in time for Christmas and everything else has been put aside so that they have priority. One of which is the Moogly blanket which I would love to finish in time for my daughter for Christmas, I still have three blocks to make! I always seem to be setting myself impossible targets if only there was more time, I'm always determined to be more organised at Christmas time but it never happens.

I even managed a trip to the library the other day, it's ages since I have been to my local library and it's just a few minutes walk away..

as usual I was pushed for time and went to the 'quick choice' stand, picked this one up read the back liked the sound of the story borrowed it and came straight out, I think that that's been my fastest library visit ever.  I have only read the first few chapters but it's an interesting read so far, a bit of a mystery, a handsome rugged guy and an old mansion filled with old books what more could you ask for. :)

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Tuesday 1 December 2015

December Stash Party Link Up and your October/November favourites

Welcome to the December Stash-buster link Party I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  I would like to give a huge thank you to all you lovely people who have linked up with me this year and shared your stash-busting makes.

If you still have stash that needs to be busted and would like the link party to continue into 2016 please leave me a comment in the comment section and I will make a decision based on the amount of interest that's generated. 

You can see all of your 2015 makes right here it's fun to look back and be inspired by what others have created. 

So here is your chance to fill the page with all your December stash-busting makes and any other creations you have forgotten to link up during the year, but first here are your October/November Favourites...


2. Baby set made by Hazel Mary from Loving Hands

Congratulations ladies and thank you for linking up your lovely creations. 


  • Please grab the stash-buster link party button.
  • Everyone is welcome to join in but Stash-buster projects only please.
  • All crafts are welcome either complete or works in progress.
  • Link the picture from your actual post and not your blog address.
  • Be polite and click on at least 2 links and leave some nice comments
  • Please mention the link party in your post or display the party button in your sidebar.

Happy linking! </

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