Tuesday 22 March 2011

Field of flowers blanket

Now this was a challenge, again it only took me four weeks which I think is good because the motifs are so small.  I found it very challenging to join them all together all 220 of them but I did enjoy making them.  Once I had  put each motif in place I had to stitch them, I found it easiest to join them seven at a time into circle type shapes then join five across and five down and fill in the gaps.  I  tacked them all together gently turned the blanket over and then stitched it up, it seemed to take forever,  I then edged it with two rows of dc but didn't have enough green to do the final crab stitch row so finished it with the lilac.  I love this little blanket, it was so much work and I may have difficulty parting with it.
The motif for the blanket was taken from Melody Griffiths 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas.

From this 

 to this

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Angel Hearts

Everyone seems to be making little Teds and toys so I wanted to do something different for the angels.  I have been trying various heart patterns and it is still an ongoing project really.  I will add to this post as it progresses but for the moment I am satisfied with these made with DK yarn,  I found it difficult getting the top of the hearts to match but I think I have cracked it now.  I have made some in four ply and will add those later.

These hearts could be filled with lavender or your favourite herb and given as a gift for someone special in your life or just as they are for Valentines day. :)

Pink Hearts made with 4ply wool then edged with dc and crab stitch, finished off with a little white crochet flower in 2 ply wool with a tiny purl bead in the centre

Blue hearts again made with 4ply wool and edged with dc in a wavy pattern and finished off with a white crochet flower.

Lilac heart made with crochet cotton in 4ply and edged with white fine crochet cotton.  Three little flowers made in the fine cotton centred with pearl beads complete the story.


Bringing them all together, I enjoyed making these little hearts and I think they are very effective and pretty I find it hard to choose a favourite.