Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Field of flowers blanket

Now this was a challenge, again it only took me four weeks which I think is good because the motifs are so small.  I found it very challenging to join them all together all 220 of them but I did enjoy making them.  Once I had  put each motif in place I had to stitch them, I found it easiest to join them seven at a time into circle type shapes then join five across and five down and fill in the gaps.  I  tacked them all together gently turned the blanket over and then stitched it up, it seemed to take forever,  I then edged it with two rows of dc but didn't have enough green to do the final crab stitch row so finished it with the lilac.  I love this little blanket, it was so much work and I may have difficulty parting with it.
The motif for the blanket was taken from Melody Griffiths 201 crochet motifs, blocks, projects and ideas.

From this 

 to this

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  1. Beautiful, love al the little flowers!

  2. What a stunning blanket! Really beautiful x

  3. So pretty! Like little stars in a green sky :-)

    And I totally recognize what you say about the fun of making the hexagons, and the not-so-fun of joining them. Although looking at the end result is extremely rewarding!

    Enjoy your weekend,

    love Maaike

  4. I love the colors! This is just incredible. Thanks for sharing.


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