Sunday 25 November 2012

Christmas Coasters.

I try not to think about Christmas until my birthday is over, well it is and so it's time to think about gifts for friends and family.  Not everyone appreciates a hand made gift but it's lovely making things for those that do.  Even better when you can kill two birds with one stone as it were as I have done here. 

I love these I have made them to put onto my coffee table and I'm going to make some for friends too.  All I need is a pretty box to display them and I'm sure my friends will love them.

Do you recognise it ? it's Motif #13 from Beyond the Square, that's where the killing of birds comes in haha

Progress 74 out of 100

Wednesday 21 November 2012

It's just a Number!

I have been dreading this birthday for ages, I know what you are going to say, it's just a number and yes I suppose you are right but I have been dreading it all the same.  I have been saying I am still 59 for the past week but unfortunately I can say that no more.  I feel just the same, it's funny you never seen to age in your mind, I'm still 16 in there, certainly don't look it though and all the aches and pains let me know yes Linda you are 60!
I opened the kitchen door to find my lovely son Barry standing there, with a bunch of flowers and a birthday card in his hand, I am going to make you breakfast mum what would you like, bless him he was standing there apron on and all ready to start cooking breakfast for me.  Then a friend dropped by on her way to work to give me a big hug and a  card, I have had countless texts and lots of lovely messages on Facebook. Then in the evening I went out for a meal in a beautiful old hotel with family and friends, got lots of cards and beautiful gifts so all in all it has been a lovely day, I still don't want to be 60 though ha ha.

Lovely flowers from my son. :)

Thank you to AnnMarie for this...

I think it's beautiful and I'm sure it will take me ages to fill it because I'm only going to put £2 coins into it,  then I will have find a way of getting into it without smashing it, I think it's too pretty to smash.
I can't wait to try some of the patterns in the Crochet baby clothes book either, there are some lovely patterns in there and they all seem to be easy to make. 
This is just a few of the lovely gifts I got, thank you to everyone who made this day so special. :)

Thursday 15 November 2012

Something Different

It makes a change making something other than motifs, actually I made this at the same I was making the motifs, you know me I can never do one thing at a time. 
Please excuse the  photo's the lighting is so bad at this time of year.

what do you think this is then?

slowly unfurling

halfway there

haha bet you guessed right away

A lovely baby blanket made with Aldi magic yarn it took about 300 grams of yarn and you can find the pattern for this blanket is no longer available but you can find a similar one here
Lovely and easy to make and it turned out flat without any pinning, I will be making more of these lovely ripply blankets, there's something hypnotic about rippling don't you think? and I found rippling in a circle so much fun :)

Saturday 10 November 2012

Flower Motif Collection Complete

As promised but a little late, here are the last 3 flower motifs in my Flower Motif Collection.

Motif #9
Motif #41
Motif #89

My favourite out of this group is motif #89, I can imagine you could make all sorts of beautiful projects using this motif it's so pretty.

So that concludes my flower motif collection, there are lots more flower motifs in the Beyond The square motifs book and I think I have just about covered them all, and so for the grand finale.....

Or if you prefer a more random approach

Progress 73 out of 100.... just 27 more to go! can I do it??

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Flower Motif Collection 3

These flower Motifs just keep coming which is good news I think, we all love flower motifs they can be used for all kinds of things and they look just as pretty all on their own.

Motif #26
Motif #47
Motif #55
Progress 70 out of 100

My favourite out of this group is number 47. 
Final flower collection coming in a couple of days, I hope everyone is having a great week :)

Sunday 4 November 2012

Flower Motif Collection 2

The next little flower motif collection for the Beyond the Square Challenge

Motif  #114

Motif #45
Motif #116

Progress 67 out of 100

My favourite out of this group is Motif #114 which one is yours :)

Thursday 1 November 2012

Flower Motif Collection 1

If I am to complete the Beyond the Square Challenge I am going to have to get a move on.  At this point I can't honestly say if I will be able to, I still have a way to go and November is here already.  I was so determined at the beginning of the year but things happen and life gets in the way. How is everyone else doing with this challenge? Congratulations to all of you who have managed to finish it already, I know Barbara has but she has decided to make all of the motifs in the book, the whole 144! If I can manage to finish 100 I will be happy.
The next collection I have made are the flower motifs and because there are quite a few, I will show you a small collection at a time.
So here are the first three

motif #35

motif #49

motif #1
Progress 64 of 100
My favourite out of this group is Motif #35

Collection 2
Collection 3
Collection 4