Friday 25 September 2020

Totally Absorbed!

I am not kidding you this crochet along has had me totally absorbed since the first part was published last Thursday evening.  I thought it was going to be pretty straight forward how wrong could I be! 

You have the option of making a basic straightforward version if you like which would have been the easiest thing to do but there are so many ways you can steer from basic to make it your own unique blanket.  The basic design is simple diamond shapes but the designer has included inserts for the diamonds so that you have the option of varying the design to your own taste.

Therein lies the problem because there are so many options the most sensible thing to do would be to sit back and let others produce their versions and then just copy one that you like the look of but I'm not sensible! 

The blanket comes in large and small versions but I decided I wanted a medium sized blanket which meant I had to figure out the stitch count and then the length, no easy task when only the first part has been published, I won't show you my page of scribbles and crossings out, or the pattern charts that have been altered over and over again.

Anyway I'm pleased to say I managed to complete the first part ready for the release of part two today.  From this part on I will be following the actual pattern so it should be more straightforward and I will settle down to a nice rhythm of a few rows a day, my aim is to get it finished by Christmas but I have a feeling the person it's intended for won't be able to get here for Christmas anyway due to Covid so really there's no rush at all.

If you fancy making this it's the Queen CAL by designer Tinna Thórudóttir Thorvaldsdóttir and you can find it here the pattern is still discounted and will be until the end of the CAL 

Blackberrying with a View...

The weather was beautiful at the beginning of the week and I did manage to do a spot of blackberry picking with a friend, there are lots of blackberry bushes along the coastal path and it's a joy to wander along and take in the beautiful scenery while picking blackberries at the same time.


 So many people use these paths and many will stop to have a chat or just say hello while standing at a safe distance of course.

Nearly all of them have a tale to tell about their childhood memories of blackberry picking and some will give advice about what to do with them.

We gathered a small containerful each, I wanted  just enough to freeze for sprinkling onto my cereal in the mornings, 
 After our very tiring labours we felt it only right that we rest at a picnic bench and enjoy a flask of coffee and a little sweet treat while taking in the beautiful sea view.

Thank you for all your comments and suggestions about the new blogger interface in my last post, it seems that I'm not alone when it comes to having problems. 

I have found while writing this post that once you have uploaded your photos you have to put them into your post all at once or they disappear! before you uploaded them and they stayed there until you had finished your post and you could add them into your post where you wanted, the only way to do that now is to upload them one by one what a pain! You can cut and copy but then they copy to the left and not the middle.

I suppose that we will get used to it in time I'm hoping that I have found all your comments and I appologise if they haven't appeared.

The weather here has changed for the worse with a drop in temperatures, torrential rain and strong winds, it seems like Autumn has arrived with a vengance, I'm hoping that the remaining flowers in my little garden will survive a little while longer. This is the view I see out of my conservatory and it puts a smile on my face even on a rainy day. 😊 

Have a great weekend. 😘

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Friday 18 September 2020

Am I Missing Something.?

 I'm talking about the new blogger interface, it seems we have no choice now we have to use it whether we like it or not.  I thought that I had cracked it and got my last two posts published without much problem, however I'm finding each time is different I never know what to expect...

Posting pictures can be a pain because trying to centre them unless you post them as extra large images is virtually impossible in some cases but sometimes it works fine!

I'm finding the font is tiny when writing a post, I'm having to change it to medium just so that I can see it and then other times the font is huge but it's not consistent throughout the post, but other times I have no problem!

Comments... now this is the biggest issue for me and I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing here.  After my last post I went to the comments section and above the comments which had previously been published there were two comments which needed moderation all good so far I published those and then that was it, the days went on and I had no new comments. Now you all know how much we love receiving comments and I was a little sad because I had only received two.  I decided to revert back to the legacy blogger and I clicked on the comments needing moderation and lo and behold there were ten comments waiting for moderation!

I was so happy to see those and published them right away but I was also worried because they hadn't appeared on the new blogger interface, am I missing something? There is no labelling anywhere for comment moderation, does this mean that I will have to turn it off just so that I can see your comments, I hope not because there is a lot of spam I would rather not see! But sometimes I can see the new comments without problem!

I notice that this morning there is no tab to revert back to the old blogger interface so it appears that we are stuck with this now, so if you find that you sent me a comment and it's not here on my blog it's because I just haven't found it.  Perhaps that explains why I sometimes don't see the comments which I have left on some of your blogs.. they just disappear!

Please keep the comments coming and let me know if any of you are having any problems with this new interface and let me know if you know the solution to my problems  Perhaps we can help each other because Google or blogger is no help 😐

Gosh that was a bit long winded, sorry but I had to get it off my chest but onto nicer things..

I mentioned the Twelve days of Christmas Sampler in my last post, I am happy to say that I  found that I had all the materials that I needed to make this languishing in my sewing stash.  I used to love doing cross stitch but had to stop because of my eyesight, that of course hasn't improved it's much worse truth be told but I have found that if I use this.. and please don't laugh ( I'm pleased that there's no one about when I use it haha) 

I can manage quite nicely for maybe an hour or so then I have to stop because my eyes are sore so it's going to take a while, shall I aim for Christmas 2021? I wonder if I can manage it because along with that there's the crochet and the decoupage and anything else that may take my fancy you know what I'm like 😂

Other News..

The Queen CAL has started today and I'm beside myself with excitement! I'm going to spend a lot of today trying to decide which version of the Queen to make.  I'm quite sad about having to put my hooked and locked blanket to one side there is still quite a lot of work to do on it and I'm loving the process but I'm thinking maybe I will work on that one too but honestly there's just not enough hours in the day.

I have actually got an appointment for a scan this Saturday remember this post the GP said the referral  would probably bounce back as they were just seeing emergencies so I was pleased and surprised to have got the appointment. 

Covid cases in my area are up so strict measures are in place from today, I had a few things planned over the next few days including a little get together for my daughters birthday but unfortunately everything will have to be cancelled 😞but better to be safe and it will mean more crochet time.😊

Have a safe weekend.😘

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Friday 11 September 2020

September Projects, Biscuits and a Posy of Flowers

September Projects

Work on my embroidery seems to have taken a back seat while I try and get as much of my blanket finished as I can, this is where I am so far....

I'm determined to get it finished soon in the hope that I'll have time to make a small Christmas stitchery, there are some beautiful free designs on the Love and Hugs from Australia group on Facebook and I'm hoping that I haven't left it too late to try at least one of them for this year. 

Have you seen the beautiful Twelve Days of Christmas cross stitch sampler Jo from Through the Keyhole is starting?  I think it's lovely and I would love to join her in making this and I may try but it will be a very slow process for me as my eyesight isn't really good enough for cross stitch anymore but watch this space you never know.

Thank you for all the lovely comments about my mosaic blanket in my last post, work on the blanket continues slowly, I don't think I'll get it finished before the Queen CAL starts  on the 18th September but it doesn't matter because I will just continue with it later.   I'm getting very excited about the start of the CAL most of the yarn for it arrived today, there are two balls of gold to add to the pile, I decided to make the Ruby Queen...

Look at those delicious colours! I can't wait to dive in and get started!

I have heard about yet another lovely CAL Mosaic Christmas the actual CAL has already started ...

Isn't it lovely I want to make that one too! the designer is Bebablanket and you can find the pattern and details about the CAL on her Ravelry page here  its available at a very reasonable price and is discounted until the 18th September. It's a very versatile pattern and could be made into a lovely cushion cover, throw, table runner, wall hanging, bag, in fact into whatever takes your fancy.  I intend making a start on this one when I've finished the Queen, I would quite like to make a table runner and some place mats but one has to be realistic Christmas will be here before we know it so just slow yourself down Linda and do one thing at a time haha there is far too much temptation out there! 


I have discovered this fabulous recipe for Wholemeal Digestive Biscuits, since my last reflux flare up I've been ever so careful about what I've been eating and I have decided that these are ok as long as I only have one or two, I only add 35 grams of brown sugar not the recommended 50 grams and I find that they are quite sweet enough. The chocolate covering is 70% cocoa which is good for you (just read this if you don't believe me)

This is the third batch I have made, ( I promise I didn't eat them all myself)  I didn't put chocolate on the first lot and they were still yummy.  

I know what you are saying why make them when you can buy them? well because they taste better and I know exactly what's in them.  😊

A Posy Of Flowers 

My late Summer garden is looking lovely at the moment with beautiful Asters which I grew from seed, Dahlias and Rudbeckia.  

Not huge amounts but just enough for me to gather a little posy and place in a vase for me to admire at every opportunity... have a closer look...

aren't they beautiful 😍

Simple but sweet

I hope you all have a great weekend, stay safe numbers of cases are rising! 😘