Sunday, 26 June 2022

A Mosaic Crochet Cushion and a Loveliness of Ladybirds

 Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, it's good to know that it's ok to have a lazy day now and then, I did get dressed by the way but I have to admit crochet was still pretty much the order of the day, I didn't manage to finish the ladybirds that day but I have now and here they are ta daa....

The Ladybirds..

 Aren't they cute! 😊  I know that I'm always saying mosaic crochet is easy and it is, however if you try to work with more than two colours at a time it can be more tricky, but I was determined that the ladybirds would look like ladybirds making a whole lot of extra work for myself. Never mind I'm happy with the result and I won't be as pedantic with the rest of the blanket or I'll try not to be.

Did you know that A group of ladybirds is called a Loveliness - I didn't but how perfect!

The Cushion..

Here it is the long awaited cushion. It didn't take me long at all to crochet the tiles, the beauty of this pattern is it's in one piece so no sewing of squares. Although there are 72 tiles to choose from I only selected two for this cushion and I'm happy with how it turned out.

The blanket at the back is this one here

I used fabric for the back which I found in my linen cupboard, I cut it from the back of a cushion cover which  I'd bought years ago and had never used because it was too big. 

I had intended to insert a zip, but the zip I ordered from Amazon arrived broken, I didn't want to delay so I just used good old fashioned press studs for the closure

I used just over 200 grams of Hayfield Sundance Dk in shades Cherry pop and Whitesands which I had left over from making the blanket above.

The Pattern Is Azul and you can find it here.

My garden at dusk

I just love this beautiful climber, I took a cutting from my garden in my previous home and I'm so glad it took. It blooms practically all summer

and the beautiful David Austin Charlotte Rose another cutting from my previous garden,  this year is the first one it has done so well😊

I hope you are all having a great Sunday, I will be going for a long walk with my friend Barrie and there will be a Sunday Lunch at the end of it, I'm watching the weather and hoping that it doesn't decide to rain.  When I get back my son, DIL and little grandson Mikey are coming to visit, then this evening I'm hoping to continue with Mikey's blanket, this week is part two of the CAL and I have already started

can you see the snails starting to emerge?

Take care care until next time.😘😘

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Sunday, 19 June 2022

A Lazy Sunday - Three things

 Can you believe it's 11 am and I'm still not dressed. I have been up since 7 30 but I picked up my crochet hook whilst watching the news and got quite carried away.


The new CAL Flora's Fauna began on Friday and I couldn't get started on it till late last night. I get so excited when starting a new piece of work don't you? 

The little creatures in the first part of the blanket are ladybirds and I just love to see the picture develop row by row.

I must admit there's not much to see so far but if I just sit here in my sunny conservatory and do nothing else but crochet I could have a row of little ladybirds before the end of the day.

I have no idea how this little Mikey blanket will turn out because I have to be led by the yarn I have in my stash, the little creatures could turn out to be any colour and that's part of the fun of it.


I have progressed a little on the Bohemian blanket I showed you last week, I have now tried all the shapes that are needed to complete the blanket, they need blocking but you get the idea.

I'm thinking about making it into a bed runner to send to NHAP for someone with dementia but I'm in no hurry, this is an easy pick it up and put it down project that I can do between other things.


As if that wasn't enough I have something else I'm itching to start, NHAP, have asked for bright happy cardigans or sweaters for children aged one to teens, it's ages since I made a cardigan and I've found a fabulous pattern which I will share once I get started. I have the colours all ready although they could change depending on my mood, lots of stash yarn fighting to come forward and be part of the design πŸ˜‚

Now I think I had better get dressed and do something other than crochet for a while, they say it's not good for you to sit for long periods, something about exercise is good for you, what a drag🀦🏻‍♀️

As always we have blustery winds and intermittent sunshine so my exercise will be out in the garden with brief periods of rest with crochet hook in hand. (View from Summerhouse)

What are your plans today? Whatever they are have a lovely Sunday and a very happy Father's Day to all those Dad's that are celebrating 😊

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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Something a Bit Different

 It's still crochet but a different technique ..

I saw this on Instagram ages ago and really wanted to try it but haven't had the time, now I'm between projects I thought this was a good time to give it a try.

I wasn't sure at first it's very much like the c2c technique but it forms a diamond, you have to make half diamonds to get the square shape which I haven't tried yet.  It's very much in it's initial stages and I have no idea how this is going to turn out but it's a great stash buster and I'm enjoying the process thus far. 

It's called the Modern Bohemian blanket and you can find tutorials on YouTube none of which are in English but the videos are easy enough to follow they can be found here and here the pattern can be bought on Ravelry here

Have any of you tried it?

I say I'm between projects because I'm looking forward to starting a new CAL it's called Flora's Fauna and it's hosted by the designer Rosina Pane....

Ladybirds, snails, hedgehogs, acorns, squirrels, leaves and butterflies, what's not to love 😊 
It's made in Mosaic Crochet of which I am a great fan, did I mention that before haha, I'm trying to use stash yarn for this but I will have to probably buy the odd ball here and there and it starts on the 17th June, the pattern is discounted now so it's a great time to buy it if you don't have the time to make it now but intend to later.
All details can be found here

I hope that Summer is going well for all of you and although you must be sick of me going on about the weather it has not been great here, I'm not a great fan of  blustery winds and showers that appear from nowhere it makes it hard to plan anything constructive.

The predominant flower in my garden is the foxglove at the moment, they have self seeded around my garden, I'm amazed that they can remain upright in the winds. I love foxgloves, they can scatter their seeds all over my garden and I will be delighted as will the bees they love them.

My Cordyline has sent out two more flower spikes this year the scent is filling the garden, the flowers soon fade, I find them very strange but quite beautiful and the bees love these too.  The Cordyline always looks very tired after flowering I think it must put most of it's energy into producing these flower spikes and I'm always afraid that it won't recover but this must be the third year that it has flowered so hopefully it will build up enough strength to recover and go on to produce more next year. I always cut the spikes down once they have flowered so that the tree doesn't put even more energy into producing seeds.

I have finished my cushion which I'm delighted with and will show you soon and I intend to do some embroidery this afternoon I'm trying a stitch I haven't tried before the bullion stitch so that should keep me busy.

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday, take care until next time.😘😘

Friday, 3 June 2022

A Quick Chat

 Hello all you lovely people, I thought I would just pop in and have a quick chat.

I have been trying to do some gardening but the weather continues to disappoint. I'm pleased to report that I managed to paint my fence posts yesterday morning. The weather was beautiful and then dark clouds moved in and we had torrential rainfall for most of the afternoon, it still needs a second coat which I hope to do just as soon as I have finished writing this.

I bought a raised flower bed and have filled it with, celery, purple sprouting broccoli and I've planted beetroot, spinach and rocket seeds, I'm going to leave a portion to plant some flowers to pick for the house, probably cosmos.

I assembled it in the pouring rain a couple of days ago, wearing boots and a raincoat, there was mud everywhere but at least it's done.😊

We put up the bunting at our railway station to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, the wind was blowing a gale and it was difficult to get any decent photos but it did look nice when we had finished, we could have done with a lot more but there's only so much bunting one can make without getting terribly bored with it.

There's lots of celebrations going on in our little town for the jubilee but the weather does spoil it, a lot of things had to be cancelled because of the rain yesterday afternoon.

Our u3a organised an afternoon tea on Wednesday, if you remember I have been following a sugar free diet for the whole of May and I thought I would be able to indulge at the tea party because it was the 1st June. I have been very good throughout May and I can tell a difference, my clothes aren't nearly as tight and I feel much better for it.

I even wore a dress for the occasion, I'm usually a jeans or black trousers and a top kind of gal so for me to wear a dress was a big thing.

So there I was all dressed up and ready to eat a huge tea and cake for the first time in a month, well what a disappointment you can see what was offered below ...

I could have eaten three times as much and still had room for moreπŸ˜‚ everyone was disappointed with the food but a good time was still had, it was a lovely atmosphere and a good bit of dancing went on.

A quick photo of my May embroidery Lily of the valley

The flowers for June are honeysuckle and rose so I think it may be rose for me as it's my favourite flower, I'm hunting out a pattern as we speak but I may just make my own.

I'm still making my mosaic cushion using the AZUL pattern and it's nearly finished but apart from that there's not much crafting going on, I like to be outside between the showers making the most of this very fickle British weather, there are clouds a gathering as I speak.πŸ˜’

I hope you are all doing well and if you are celebrating having a lovely jubilee weekend. 😊

Take care until next time. 😘😘

Friday, 20 May 2022

A Baby Blanket a Garland and Other News

 Things seem to be quietening down in blogland at the moment which is to be expected when many of us are enjoying Spring and the better weather, who wants to sit indoors writing a blogpost when the outside beckons.  With this in mind you will have to excuse me if I seem to disappear for long stretches of time I want to make the most of the Spring/Summer for as long as it lasts.

Even my crocheting has slowed down, there's just not enough hours in the day, the last thing I made was this corner2corner rainbow blanket.

A rainbow blanket is given to parents who have had a live healthy baby(rainbow baby) following a previous pregnancy loss.

I totally forgot to show you my Spring garland so here it is..

It looks so pretty hanging up in my hallway, I intend to make a similar one for Summer.  I found the pattern for this in a magazine but Lucy from Attic24 has one that is nearly the same and you can find that pattern here.

I have nothing on my hook at the moment can you believe it! I have lots of idea's spinning in my mind but haven't quite settled on any one particular thing.  I have lots of patterns that are mere scribbles in a notebook waiting to be written up too but that will need lots of time and concentration both of which are in very short supply at the moment.

Other news

The embroidery continues and should be finished soon.

My fence is finished at last, he appeared yesterday evening and put the screws in from the neighbours side and neatened the tops of the posts, now I can paint the fence and tidy the poor neglected border.

I loved my red composite front door when it was installed but now its fading after just four years, luckily its still under guarantee, I have informed the company who installed it and am waiting to see what happens next, has anyone else had this problem? 

I'm still waiting for my new garage door to be installed, they now say it will be next week, we shall see. 

My daughter-in-law has just informed me that little Mikey my grandson has Scarlett fever and so has she which means of course my son will probably get it too. They are taking antibiotics so hopefully it will clear up without any complications.

You will be pleased to know that's the end of my ramblings for now but I will be back when I can, even if the posts are short or just to say a quick hi.😊

Take care until next time.😘😘

Friday, 13 May 2022

A few Grumbles, Crochet and A Lovely Walk

The Weather

The weather in my part of the world continues to disappoint, yes it is a little warmer but for the past few days we have had strong winds which makes it feel decidedly cooler. It always seems to be windy these days, I prefer the rain to wind any day. 

The Fence

My fence which was damaged during the storms earlier this year has been repaired at last, it has taken over five months to find someone to repair it and although he has inserted the posts he hasn't been back to finish it off, he has left planks of wood and his spirit level! wedged against the fence to prevent it moving while the concrete sets.

 It also needs screws inserted from my neighbours side. It seems like you have to chase everything up these days, I know how it'll go I'll call him to remind him to come and finish off, he'll give me a day then I'll have to text or call him the day before and on the actual day to remind him and still there will be no guarantee that he'll return. On the bright side at least the posts are in and if he doesn't turn up I'm sure my neighbour will be able to insert a few screws.

The Garage Door

I have an up and over type of garage door and I find it very hard to open, I've had problems ever since I moved into this house, either it jams half way or it just won't open at all. I have cleaned it and oiled it several times but it makes no difference. One day it will open no bother and the next it just sticks, added to which it needs painting again. So I decided to get a new electric garage door with a remote, out came the fella that supplies these doors,  he was charm itself very friendly and never stopped chatting, he took ages measuring up and said it will take three to four weeks. Now two months later there's still no sign of the door, I have called him several times and he always says it'll be at the end of next week, well here we are at the end of yet another next week and still no sign of the door. πŸ€¦

That's it no more grumbles and thank you for letting me get that lot off my chest now onto nicer things.

The Walk

I go to a Lip reading class every Tuesday morning and now that the weather is better (apart from the wind) I walk to the Town Hall where it's held.  It's about a 30 - 40 minute walk depending on which route you take and just lately I have taken the longer route through the woods.

It's beautiful seeing the bright green lushness of the new Spring growth, I try to drink it in because I know the colours will soon change and that bright green will fade.  The walk takes me past the area where they felled the tree's back in 2020.  I'm pleased to see that they haven't as yet built anything on the land although holiday lodges were predicted, time will tell if that does happen but for now it's lovely to see the wild flower meadow instead of this...

Comfrey in abundance, red campion and bluebells....

Rapeseed in the distance

The English bluebells are beautiful this year

Through the woods and onto the road, past the field of the rapeseed shining bright yellow in the sunshine...

Past the rail crossing

It's lovely to see the trees have come back to life and are showing off their new green foliage'

You must admit it's a very pleasant walk indeed.

I have finished the bunting which is being made to commemorate the queens platinum jubilee.  Both the knitting and the crochet u3a groups are making some and it will eventually adorn the train station.  This is my contribution it's 15 triangles wide and I quite enjoyed making it, I used Lucy's bunting pattern which you can find here, it's super quick and easy. I will show more photos once it's in situ at the station.

Remember the pattern Azul I showed you in my last post well I did succumb as you knew I would and I bought it.  I have made a swatch with one of the tiles just to get an idea of size and tension...

There are 72 different tiles in the pattern so you can pick and choose which ones you would like to use for your project. They are very easy and straight forward and I would say that this is the perfect pattern for anyone wishing to try out Mosaic Crochet.  These tiles are very much in vogue at the moment and I love the fantastic choice of designs that are available in the pattern. 
Click below for the pattern
There is also some embroidery going on, a bit of a late start for the birth flower of the month Lily of The Valley

I will be sewing this and deciding on which project to make with the Azul pattern, I have a baby blanket to finish off too so lots to keep me busy. 

Have a great weekend and take care until next time.😘😘


Friday, 29 April 2022

A Finish And What's Growing.

 My latest mosaic finish, I really enjoyed making this it was like coming home again as it's been a while since I made a mosaic blanket. They do have their negatives as in taking ages to grow and lots of ends to deal with but I always like the result so it's worth it.

I wove in all the ends as I worked so I wasn't left with a whole load to deal with at the end. It also meant that I didn't have to make a double border to hide the ends in.

Because the actual blanket is quite busy I chose to make a simple hdc border with a final row of crab stitch to finish it off.

The blanket measures 34"x 34" which I think is a decent sized baby blanket and I will be sending it to NHAP 

I used dk yarn for this which I already had in my stash and it used 450 grams.

The pattern can be found here

I have a few ideas about what to make now that this is done, I have a couple of things on the go at the moment, I must finish the spring garland I don't think it will take too long once I get going and I'm making bunting to adorn our train station for the Queens Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

As for embroidery I have downloaded the May birth flower lily of the valley  I'll enjoy transferring the design and selecting my colours and I'll start sewing it this weekend.

It's another Stitchdoodles design and you can find the free download here.

Another month draws to it's close and I have to say I'm a little disappointed I was hoping that the weather would have warmed up by now but it's absolutely freezing. I have done very little in the garden because of the weather and because my fence still needs repairing after it was damaged by the storms earlier in the year, I'm hoping that I have found someone to repair it at last, but it won't be until, next next weekend, I have been let down time and time again, fingers crossed this time it will actually get done.

Things are growing despite my neglect, the bleeding hearts have awoken and are giving a magnificent display, I have had these plants for more years than I can remember and they always put on a stunning performance every spring, they are growing in pots and it doesn't seem to bother them at all.

There is an abundance of blossom on my little apple tree, I do hope that it doesn't get spoilt with the frosts there is one forecast for tonight.

Lovely cowslips and ..

I have tulips at last, not as many as usual I will have to plant more this Autumn.

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself because I haven't had any chocolate for nearly a week, I am still committed to observing my sugar fee May, I'm so pleased that some of you are going to join me lets hope that we can keep it up, think positive we can do it!😊

Have a great weekend and take care until next time.😘😘

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