Thursday 28 February 2019

The Other Sweater.

Regular readers of my blog will remember I started the year with two works in progress, I was actually indulging myself by making not one but two sweaters all for me, one knitted which I finally finished and showed you here and the other was a crochet sweater.

Now this was a definite first for me, I have made almost everything there is to make in crochet but I have never made a sweater for myself, I made a sleeveless top which you can see here and I also made this cardigan, I can show you the pattern only as the actual cardigan was frogged, now maybe I'm a peculiar shape but that cardigan just didn't sit well on my frame, it looked quite hideous to be honest but strangely enough I wasn't sad when I pulled it all out, all those hours of work you may think were for nothing but I enjoyed making it so it really didn't matter and the yarn was put to better use in the form of many charity makes. 

So what about the sleeveless top I can hear you asking well yes I wore that.... once! and that was really just to try it on, it eventually went into the charity bag where I hope that someone liked it better than I did. 

Now you would think that after that I would have learnt my lesson but oh no not me I wanted to make a crochet sweater and that's what I did....

I have to say the fit is loose but I can stand that, a big blowsy sweater like the knitted one but the problem is the yarn, it's so heavy I need a crane to lift it and once it's on, it brings me to my knees, Eskimo's could wear this sweater it's so heavy and warm but they would probably sink in the snow,😮 it weighs in at 850 grams!. Now that it's made up I don't like the colour or the way that the variegated colours have come together it hurts your eyes to look at it😵 I wont be using this particular type of yarn for sweaters again.

So lets find some positives.. I made it without a pattern and it does actually fit! I know, I know I wont wear it but I'm quite proud that I was able to do that.  The yarn was in a sale and very cheap so I don't feel too bad about it not working out.

So what shall I do with it? shall I pass it on to a charity for the homeless perhaps or one that supplies clothing to countries with sub zero temperatures or should I frog it and use the yarn for hats and scarves. All suggestions gratefully received. 

Have a great weekend.😊

Thursday 21 February 2019

Aimee Baby Hat Pattern

Aimee Baby Hat

A cute little baby hat in newborn and preemie sizes I made this little baby hat to match the Aimee Baby Jacket for Preemies 

This hat is worked in the round from the crown down.

Newborn, large and medium Preemie.

Approximately 18 grams of Double Knit soft baby yarn for Newborn size and 15 grams for Preemie.
4.5 mm crochet hook

This pattern is written in UK crochet terms.
dc =  UK double crochet (sc single crochet in US)

pgrp = pattern group, one pgrp = 2dc, 2ch, 2dc all worked in one stitch or 2ch space. 

Make a Magic ring

The 1ch at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch. 
Round one - 1ch, 6dc into the ring, ss to 1st dc, = 6sts.

Place marker to mark the beginning of each new round as it's so easy to pass it without realising.
Round Two - 1ch, 2 dc in same space as ss and in each st round = 12sts

Round three –1ch, 1dc in same space as ss, 2dc in next st, *1dc in next st, 2dc in next st rep from* to end of round. ss to 1st dc of previous round = 18sts.

Round four -1ch, 1dc in same space as ss, 1dc in next st, 2dc in next st, *1dc in next 2sts, 2dc in next st rep from *to the end of  round, ss to 1st dc of previous round = 24sts. 

Round five -1ch, 1dc in same space as ss, 1dc in next 2sts, 2dc in next st, *1dc in next 3 sts, 2dc in next st rep from * to the end of  round, ss to 1st dc of previous round = 30sts

Round six -1ch, 1dc in same space as ss, 1dc in next 3sts, 2dc in next st, *1dc in next 4sts, 2dc in next st rep from * to the end of  round, ss to 1st dc of previous round = 36sts

Round seven -1ch, 1dc in same space as ss, 1dc in next 4sts, 2dc in next st,*1dc in next 5sts, 2dc in next st rep from * to the end of  round, ss to 1st dc of previous round = 42sts

Round eight -1ch, 1dc in same space as ss, 1dc in next 5sts, 2dc in next st, *1dc in next 6sts, rep from *to the end of  round, ss to 1st dc of previous round  = 48sts

NB amended on 25/2/19 to remove superfluous asterisk on rounds 5 and 6  

Body of hat

Round nine - ch1, pgrp ( see abbreviations) in same space as ss, *skip 2dc, pgrp in next st rep from * to end of round. = 16 pgrps

Round ten - ss into 1st dc of previous row (see picture below) 1ch, pgrp in 2ch space of 1st pgrp of previous round, pgrp into each 2ch space to end of round.

Repeat round ten until the hat measures 6 inches from top to bottom.

Break yarn and weave in ends.

Large Preemie 
free pattern,crochet baby hat, easy, simple, free preemie hat pattern

work crown as above to round seven = 42sts 

Body of hat = 14 pgrps  work until it measures 5 inches

Medium Preemie

work crown to round 6 = 36sts continue as same.

Body of hat = 12 pgrps  work until it measures 4 inches.

Optional Flower
Work all the following into a Magic Ring  2ch,1tr,2ch, five times, tighten the ring to close the centre. 
Just change hook size to make it smaller or larger.

Copyright © 2019 Linda Solaiman  All Rights Reserved.

Friday 15 February 2019

Month of the Baby Hat

I decided that February has got to be the month of the baby hat, it's great to put everything else to one side and just concentrate on hats and in particular baby hats, why? well sometimes you just need a quick finish making large projects can be boring they seem to go on for ever and dare I say it after the initial excitement of starting a new project wears off it can sometimes get a little tedious. 

baby hats, crochet easy simple free pattern

I love playing around with my hook and coming up with new hat designs some of them work and some don't but it doesn't really matter as long as you have a wearable hat you can always find a home for it.

These particular hats were my attempt at designing an Aimee baby hat to go with my Aimee Preemie Jacket. I did start this last year but didn't have the time to put the pattern on here so I have pulled out my notes and have started again, there are so many different ways to make this hat, I have tried it this way and that until I came up with the most simple way of making it because I know that those of you who make baby hats for charity want something that is quick and easy so that you can make a few and I have made quite a few as you can see by the photo's. These were made last year I have made even more this time it does get a bit addictive I can't seem to stop.

Baby hats are a great way of using up those little scraps of baby yarn that you have stuffed in plastic bags, drag them all out, combine the colours and see how many variations you can make it's great fun.😊

Watch out for the Aimee Baby Hat Pattern coming next week.

Have a great weekend.

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Thursday 14 February 2019

Happy Valentines day

Wishing you all a day of love and peace, for all of you who are alone treat yourself to something nice, a lovely bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, love yourself.  Think about someone you know who is alone maybe they would appreciate a little token of love too. 😊💕💕

Tell me what you are doing to make this day special for you. 😊

Thursday 7 February 2019

Blanket Round Up Four

Just recently a CAL came to my attention for a blanket that was quite different to anything I had ever made before.  At the time I wasn't able to follow the CAL as it was happening because I was busy with other things.

Then I had to think about the yarn that I was going to use, the correct balance of colours was important to achieve the right effect. I wasn't going to buy any yarn, I wanted to use what I had already in my stash.  Luckily I had quite a lot left over from the Spicier life blanket,  I started to get quite excited about the prospect of starting this blanket but quite apprehensive too for two reasons the first being I wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to follow the pattern and secondly I wasn't sure if I had enough of all the colours to make the blanket as I had it pictured in my mind.

As far as following the pattern was concerned I needn't have worried at all, in fact it was one of the easiest blankets I have ever made, who would have thought that such a simple stitch could create such an intricate looking design.

The yarn was another issue however, I did run out of some of the colours which meant some of the sections aren't as wide as I would have liked them to be and the blanket is not as long, but I love it anyway it's just the right size to put over your knees on a cold winters night.

This was the Havana CAL Pattern  which unfortunately was only free for the duration of the CAL but the pattern is available to buy here on Ravelry

Some of the colour combinations I have seen are quite striking.  Another great thing about this blanket is the double border no weaving in of pesky ends as they are enclosed in the border.

Did anyone else make this blanket? I would love to see it if you did.😊

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